Divine Amrit Vela Experience

Dhan dhan mera satgur poora Dhan dhan dassan dassji Dhan dhan satnaam di mahima Dhan dhan sare sants bhagats avatars brahmgyanis satgurus gurmukhs khalsa gursikhs Dhan dhan sat paarbrahm parmeshwar
Kottan kot dandout bandana anik baar at your sat charan ji. Pitaji thank you for blessing us throughout the day. We are forever grateful to you for showering blessing on us. There was beyant amrit today which made us intoxicated after a long time.
With aapji kirpa we were reminded today, the first time when we met you at babaji house in 2009. Our kundalini had risen just by having your darshans. We didnot do any dandout to you as we were a non-believer only sitting in the sangat because our husband had told us to. We had no love, trust in what we were seeing or hearing. But aapji had recognized our soul and kept blessing us. We humbly ask for your forgiveness today for not realising this truth then. We also did not have any trust in you when you had given us naam on phone in 2008. We shook our head in disbelief on who gives naam on phone. What a fool we were and still are. You have continued to bless us unconditionally for all these years and given us more than what we deserve.
We had never heard, read about what was kundalini energy. With a mere glance of yours on this fool, the force of kundalini energy had started moving upwards on that day and our hands started to move into asan. As the energy moved our body started to move and we started to dance to some traditional dance which we dont even know. This energy was healing us from inside and corecting our spine. As the energy moved up and reached our mouth our tongue quivered and rolled up seeking the holy nectar. At that time we had no clue what was happening but babaji told us it is looking for ek boondh amrit. It was like how a chatrik/ babiha waits to drink that one rain drop from the sky. Aapji said this is a great blessing and we are veey lucky to have been blessed with it. We never valued it as it just happened like that. Over the days this energy slowed down by itself. We also did not follow and gave our full surrender which we will always regret.You wanted us to finish our bandagi quicky then. But incidences with Namjeevan etc scared us and all we wanted was to.stay at your feet and not rise quicky and fall from grace like many around us. As aapji says when guru kirpa happens it is like a rocket and takes you up very fast and high. If you miss that bus then one has to take a really long route amd work extra hard which is what we are doing but we are very appreciative of it.
Many times over the years again we have looked for that ek boondh but maybe our full surrender wasn’t there.
Today we experienced all our nine doors closed and energy rising. Our tongue again hungrily looking for that one drop of nectar. We felt that our tongue rolled and then froze for some time and drank something. We could not taste it but we gulped something. Our hands after many years went into making pyramid shape like the diamond in the trikuti. After many years we saw a lot of three dimensional crystals( hindu call it the third eye chakra mandalas) and countless suns. Extreme prakash coming out of these suns. We fell in a deep state of sun smadh for many hours. We could feel that the golden temple was now linked to the rest of the body and slowly and slowly the nectar will drip in the whole body.
Pitaji this is not a very easy write up as there are lot of moving parts and unfortunately has to be experienced with apaji grace. We have tried to write whatever best appji made us write however it does not even describe an iota of it.
Pls keep forgiving us as we sin with evey breath. Pls forgive our many stupidities which we have done our vices in past and present. You continue to be our saviour, mentor and our guide who is making us walk forward on this path. Pitaji we request you to never leave our hand as this is a very slippery path.
We love you always. Satnaam bless you always
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