Spiritual Experiences

Kotan bar dandot bandana satguru pitaji at aapji satcharanji always ji. Kotan shukrana for so much kirpa on us pitaji. Your grace can do wonders on paapi like us ji.

Pitaji yesterday evening when we were doing kirtan, beautiful rainbow entered our house. Gurunanak ji were sitting with in us. Dat before we were reading Dimple jis wisdom in her experience about doors inside our head and aapji advise to go deeper inside the doors.

Suddenly during kirtan we were shown four doors which opened and inside the door there was bright light. Gurunanakji in original Gurunanak ji form appeared inside the doors and showed us Sukhmani book. We started doing kirtan and Gurunanak ji started writing something and we started singing same lyrics what Gurunanakji were writing. During while kirtan we kept on singing what Gurunanakji were unfolding ju. Gurunanakji said you keep on writing and sometime you forget what to write but now you won’t forget because it is captured in the time and space in the form of recording and you can write this later. That was amazing experience pitaji. Pitaji Paarbrahamji enters inside us through light form and balance our energies. Sudden entry brings so much high energy inside us and we can’t explain the feeling what happens at that time. That blissful feeling has no word in the dictionary yet pitaji. Only aapji can understand ji. Dhan dhan Paarbraham parmeshwar ji.

Pitaji during zoom sangat we were shown Kiran ji took us to join same arti which Gurunanakji were were doing..Bhavkhandna tera arta..Gagan main thaal… Gurunanakji had bell in the hands and were stating that the bells ring inside which we could hear. Many times we are shown a long flute like instrument and we are asked to hear this with aapji kirpa pitaji.

Pitaji Gurunanakji and Paarbrahamji keep on talking to us ji. Pitaji we were also shown our two neighbour’s family had negative energies in their house which were driven away from their house and their house became clean. Pitaji we were also given wisdom that visions are not important , speak ,hear see do and deliver truth is more important. We were also told that visions help to understand the process of bandgi.
Kotan shukrana pitaji for dhan dhan kirpa ji. No words pitaji.