Do Dandauth Bandhna

Whenever we start Naam Simran we should first bow before Akal Purakh and greet Him with Namaskaar (pressed palms).  An even more complete way is to do Dandauth Bandhna  to Him.   Dandauth means lying flat as a stick.  Bandhna means greeting.  Dandauth Bandhna literally means to lie face down with folded hands on the Charan (feet) of the Guru.  Sat Guru Arjun Dev Ji has written on page SGGS 820, “Prabh ji thoo maerae praan adhhaarai. Namaskaar dandauth bandhna anik baar jaao baarai.”  Dandauth Bandhna has been recognized as an act of great goodness for us, “Kar dandauth punn wadda hai.”

In the deepest sense, Dandauth Bandhna means to surrender our self completely at the feet of the Guru.  By doing so we move forward spiritually.   By offering everything we have to the Guru we start to kill our Haumai.  This is our worst enemy and by doing Dandauth Bandhna in full Sangat at the Gurdwara we win over Haumai.  Do it time and again in front of the Guru and in front of the Sangat.  The more we do it the more we are cleaned from inside.  We become more humble every time we do it. 

He is the One who is the complete Truth, everything else is perishable.  Whatever we see is perishable.  Only Akal Purakh is the Truth that lives forever.  He is never born and  He never dies.  He is the Truth from the beginning, has remained Truth throughout the Ages and remains the Truth for all Ages to come.  So the first Namaskaar and Dandauth Bandhna should go to Akal Purakh.  The next Namaskaar and Dandauth Bandhna should be performed to the Sat Guru. 
We also request the Sangat to Namaskaar and do Dandauth Bandhna to Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji (divine Guru scriptures), to the ten Gurus, to all Sants (divine souls) and Bhagats (lovers of God) and to all of the Braham Gyanis (knowers of God) and Maha Purakhs (great beings) of the past and present.  The best thing to do is to bow before everybody who is connected with Naam.  This will bring humbleness to this soul of ours, and extreme humbleness is the key to the Dargah (divine court) of Akal Purakh.  So, before we start Naam Simran it is of paramount importance that we perform our Namaskaar as described above.