Experiences: Beyond the Image of Truth is the Reality of Nothingess

Satnaam Ji Ka Khalsa Satnaam Ji Ki Fateh


To Guru Satnaam, Guru Pita Ji


Men can argue that we (Tanraj) have all the treasures and all the abilities- 


We lay on our bed looking up at the ceiling in the darkness of the night, watching the theatrical entertainment that Satnaam Ji has gifted us with, there we look up to see the Mansarovar – infinite in mass and life. We see all this and yet we can respond back and say that truly we have nothing.


A bank account somewhere in Dargah is taking precious stones, jewels & Gold in our name, they won’t stop, not even for a second, it is infinite.


Gyan/Shakti comes as Amrit, it rains from beyond within us into the infinite pools, it won’t stop raining, it is infinite. 


What is treasure? What is ability? Neither have an allocated place in realizing the Truth. 


The Masters stress repeatedly this is a Khel/Play/Pantomime system. So how far can treasures and abilities take you? Answer: as far as you want to live in falsehood.


We hear the thoughts of others from different places who have witnessed us climbing this path- for some too quickly. 


We can enjoy the Divine Pleasures, but all can be destroyed and re-written. All is temporary bliss, we recognize this, witness it, feel it, understand it. 


It can sound like spoilt words. It is not the title of the achievement we should seek glory in. The focus should be of coming out of anything that has a name, how else do we return to the Nameless Origin. 


We see Bhagats who are focusing to enhance there earning potential as a means to buy his love (Currency of Naam).  The dedication is there in time & effort for these souls, but they are still following a system of Maya, as they need to go beyond, away from sound, motion & sight.

It is there in the abyss of nothing, out of the illusion the Truth resides


These words can upset many, and to others bring infinite Joy, Baba Nanak Ji, Baba Nand Singh, Satgur Tarlok Singh Ji have accepted these words with a simple nod and smile.


This is why when you (Guru Dassan Das Ji) merged with Satnaam Ji the transition was Ever Simple. Out of the Pretence of the Khel, the Truth derived as the True Formless Truth.


Feel free to comment on these words Master, even forward them to Satnaam Baba Ji


Your Student, Son & Slave
Tanraj Singh


Satnaam Singh Jee,

Whatever you are saying is all divine truth, Puran Sat, and nothing else but Puran Sat – there is no limit to bandgi, it is infinite, there are no boundaries, it just keeps on getting deeper and deeper with the second, yet not seeing any depth, this nothingness has everything contained in it, this nothingness is infinite, you are right who cares for eternal treasures anymore, when merged in infinite then where remains the question for eternal treasures, or for that matter anything, when there is no self identity left then where is the question of duality, when there is a single vision then where is a question of anything else except nothingness. You are not you anymore, you are nothing anymore, you have no identity anymore, and what else remains to say – please continue to serve the truth and deliver the truth – keep on disseminating this braham gyan to the masses, keep on helping this earth become a better place to live, keep on fighting the kood every second.

Dassan Dass