Experiences: Vision of Nirvair Realizes Weightlessness

Satnaam Ji Ka Khalsa Satnaam Ji Ki Fateh


To Guru Satnaam, Guru Pita Ji


In the vision with the Chinese Sant after he cleaned us, we was sent to the top of the mountains to take on the False World.


We live in the Hills (present) and make habit to look across the earth and listen for any message the wind may carry. Before it was to discover the Truth, now the nothingness speaks to walk into the world


We keep feeling this everyday, yet we wouldn’t elaborate on this as we felt it wasn’t the right time. 


We was explaining to a member of the Sangat that if any action is to be taken in life, it should be taken with:
 Ik Drisht, that if we must Slap Truth Action to their Karam then so be it, as long as we are doing it to Glorify the Truth and not our own issues of revenge/ego etc. 


We are derived Sat as Karam is derived Sat- any action we seek in the Glorification of Truth is Bandgi.


Last night we had a Vision to maybe Test and Enhance the requirement of us in the world. We was Healthy in Image (body had been repaired) and gifted much Material Wealth, we went to the Gurudwara there was a strange silence, the air tasted of the calm we found in the hospitals. 

 We walked inside, police were all over, blood puddles on the floor, children crying with deep wounds, whatever had happened had taken place long before we got there. We were in absolute calm our face was emotionless- a sangat member who was curious of us asked us if we knew what had transpired. We replied "Yes many have been murdered", she didn’t know how to respond to our calm and was too distraught to shout at us. We carried on walking through, to find many had been killed. 


We was shown this, and we recognized that our being is needed for the same words we spoke to the Sangat Member, to Glorify Truth with Truth Action with Ik Drisht (Voice of Nirvair).


We have been blessed the sight of Ik Drisht, very few others have such a gift, we should utilize it for the Betterment of the World.


Please share this with Satnaam Baba Ji, as we said we had been avoiding speaking on the issue but the vision now states the strength and core of message.


Your Student Son & Slave
Tanraj Singh



Satnaam Singh Jee,

Your suksham dehi have totally been cured, that is what you see in these visions now, as you have said earlier it has become weightless, it has become spiritually healthy, no mental sicknesses of panj doots and desires, that is dhan dhan. You are right Ik Drisht is what is supreme divine power inside you – Ik Drisht is Nirvair – so you are absolutely right when you say for glorifying the Sat – all the actions are under Hukam now.

What a wonderful transformation, it is incredible divine blessing. The bloodshed in Gurdwara is the reality of all such places, they are places of business, the business of cheating and deceiving masses every where, there is no truth delivered by these places around the Globe, they are a part of the society, the modern day society, but a Sant is not a part of the society, Sant is above and beyond the shackles of the society, that is why a Sant can see all this what is happening around and in the society.

But at the same time the Sant lives on this earth to serve the God by way of delivering truth to the society and the masses around the world and by doing so helping those who are destined to be so to realize the truth.


God bless you, Dassan Dass