Experiences: Dealing with a Pret (Evil Spirit)

Satnaam Ji Ka Khalsa Satnaam Ji Ki Fateh


To Guru Satnaam, Guru Pita Ji


As concluded from our last conversation, we would take the blessing of Naam to give a Pret (evil spirit) mukti (liberation). 


As the day went on, hukam derived much conversation of prets between members of the household, linked to a debate of tv programme that aired earlier. – it was like satnaam was testing us, hearing the worst case scenario of what prets are capable of- Would we take to the seva? 


We ended the debate by concluding they are God in another roop, and they exist for a reason, nothing occurs without Hukam. 


We waited till Amritvela, and begun, going deeper and deeper, the smadhi came tantric ( fast movement/ vibration). We took to the infinite pool of amrit and the electric shocks got stronger & more powerful, they spread beyond our back taking the whole body, we could feel the current, it was as sharp as a knife, spreading into the head, hands, feet even lips. 
– the body had become pure light, the air was fogged with electric blue. It has never been this strong.


We remember our old masters words, trust your mind to take you. So we focused our mind on the house, walking up stairs as soon as we got to the 3rd floor a huge blast of negative energy spread across our being – cold strong shimmer. 
We spoke: Dandouth Pret Ji, we have come to offer Naam, you have been lost here long enough, it is time to return to the truth, will you accept this seva?


The Pret returned an answer of anger. 


We asked kindly again, speaking we are all of One Creator, God is as much you as he is us, will you accept this final offer. 


Again he remained disturbed & angry. 


He tried to attack us, and we took him by his neck, and the slapped his face repeatedly. Satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam!


We had no anger only love, all the Gyan came to us, of how hukam derives the truth regardless of the extent of the temporary pains we feel. We did Ardaas for his return to human form and further bless him with Satnaam Simran, Naam Ki Seva & Bandgi. We appeared back in our bedroom again, it seems he used his shakti to send us back there as a defence measure.

We went back to the house again, feeling his being, there was many to witness the event. Much Kal (Spirits of Darkness) had come to witness the event, around a hundred spirits with a fire in between us. Our appearance changed to an Akali of no similarity of our current appearance- maybe it was a previous face we once wore. Our body multiplied to 47 beings, we became a small army. 

The Roar of Kal was returned with the Jap of Satnaam. It was very intimidating in appearance & very loud. We continued the seva, remaining heavy-handed. Electricity was flying everywhere, it escalated & the jaap was over. All went dead silent. Our hands were open and an exterior force pushed them to a pressed position our body became a Rock, we did ardaas repeatedly for this being and his counterparts. We stayed in up most silence for 10minutes. Everything ended, the electric calmed, we felt peace. 


We looked within, Satnaam please give us a sign, is it over?

A blast of electric energy went back into our raised right hand. All energy that was consumed during the seva was returned infinite fold. We found a new balance of shakti and a new level of anand.


Master it was beyond, we swear by it, it was Oneness, an orb of energy came over our head, much energy came into our forehead, a huge weight. 

When we became detached (months ago) we shed the bond of maya assuming this is what the Brahmgyan refers to as Oneness – but this is just a stage of Oneness.


Last night, we become so intertwined with the creation, that if we moved to the left the universe would move to the left. It was so new to us, much of the other experiences we feel we have experienced before in some or another, but this is different. 


Speaking now of what transpired has placed a huge orb/sun of energy around our head, its presence has awoken just speaking of it, it strong and vibrant, we feel it, electric runs to the nail of our fingers and toes, it is everywhere.


Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam, Sada Sada Satnaam.


This fool has said too much, please Master bless the Reality of Truth with your blessed Brahmgyan. We humbly await your response.


Your Student, Son & Slave


Tanraj Singh


Satnaam Singh Jee.

This is great, everything you said is 100% pure truth, divine truth, there is nothing to  educate you, this itself is an incredible divine experience a deep divine blessing.

The pret was angry because you went there to destroy his kingdom, which is fine, a lot of the time these souls are transformed peacefully but sometimes they have to be faught back, so that was expected to happen.

He would have been transformed instantaneously  if he would have accepted your offer to take Satnaam, but that didn’t happen, but your slaps should help him, your presence over there in front of him should help him, and above all the infinite divine power that brought you this hukam and seva will help him for sure. It looks like he has already been relieved, but you can go back again and see if you can find anything in there.

Thank all those divine souls who are with you and who went with you to fight this 1000 years old pret. The whole area should benefit from this.

God bless you, Dassan Dass