Experiences: God Speaks – Welcome to the Mansarovar

Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Sada Sada Satnaam


Satnaam Ji Ka Khalsa Satnaam Ji Ki Fateh


To Guru Satnaam, Guru Pita Ji


We read your email before retiring for the night, in our sleep we heard the voice.


We was sitting within the stars beyond time & space.

The voice: "You have been recognized in the mansarovar by all the Sants."


We turned to look at the stars of the mansarovar, to take the gyan that all these stars were infact the Jyot of the countless bhagats from all ages of time in constant smadhi.


We was blessed with this simple vision by the lord God himself. And we thank him a zillion times.


To clarify:

This wasn’t a merger, this was a message of Puran Sat.


Your Student Son & Slave for all ages to come


Tanraj Singh