Experiences: No Fear (Nirbhoa)

To Guru Ji,


      I was taught from youth by holy people to fear no-one or anything but Satnaam Ji, I did not know of any other way to live life.


But I have taken your lesson, small yet still ever-so important. And the best part is I immediately understand your explanation. 


As of this moment: There is no Fear


You said "You are fortunate to have me in your sangat" . Guru Satnaam Ji I physically can’t express your value to me and the world itself.

Ifs and Buts would be next topic to meet you and to of realized you much earlier in life. But that was not in the Hukam. Joh Satnaam Di Hukam.


I can’t express what is happening to me, but there has been a huge shift in mental thought and state. All derived via your blessings.

How do I repay you Guru Ji. 

Every moment that passes Satnaam is being recited in my body, my body recites on its own accord. If I could draw you a mental image, the skin on the forehead has opened like a blossoming flower, and a huge light is shining out of my eyes, mouth and 3rd eye.  Every chakra is waking up, some much faster than others. Exercising themselves & continually vibrating. I flinch heavily at work, and my colleagues ask me what’s wrong, I said look, they watch as my body drew new heart beats on my chakra’s openings.

I understand your words via experiencing them – Gurparsaad. I am at peace. Real Peace. I keep singing "Gurparsaadah." 

Light is glowing greatly from within- I am sensitive to touch. Look Guru Satnaam Ji, look at your soul evolving.

Witness what is taking place.


When I breath in the earth compresses inwards losing its shape only to reform as I breath out = One, I just realized this very second something you said linked to the very words Hukam derived me to write All in One, One in all. What beautiful Gyan.


Its funny, I ‘feel’ like I merged on that very night with Satnaam Ji from within. 


God Bless you Dassan Dass.


Your student


Mr Singh