Experiences: Sant Dhadrianwale Kirtan

To Guru Ji, 

              Oh teacher, what blessings I have received once again. Thank you thank you thank you, how can one thank for all eternity?

After my naam jaap, I went to sleep, with my new understandings. To find Sant Dhadrianwale walk into my house, he sat down and looked around. He told me he had just finished performing for the sangat (by visual message of the mind), somewhere across the world. Then a few minutes later his sat sang arrived, and then 3 women. The women didnt look to be part of the sangat. They said they came to see the sant. But they was too busy looking at me, they stood out like sore thumbs, dressed western and although showed their respect, I’m not sure why they actually came. I wont make any suggestion as to why, because I am no-one to judge. I accepted them and cleared the area for them to sit. The sant then went into the next room, and began his tantric kirtan. 

Oh Guru Ji, It went straight into my body, and I felt illuminated from within. It was amazing, absolutely amazing. I’ve had darshans and experiences, but this level of euphoria I’ve never felt, I’m so happy. 


Then a hand went into my body through the abdomen, (it didn’t hurt), grabbed my spine, and pulled me across the house very abruptly and threw me against the wall into my bedroom, head first. All the meanwhile, as I was dragged through the air, I was crossed legged in the lotus position, and hands pressed smiling away and said Satnaam. Nothing could take that experience from me. This is what I’ve been chasing. I can’t help but laugh, it was beautiful.


Ajj Man Kosh Kitha (is how the elders would describe this happiness)


Your Student Son & Slave