Experiences: Power of Dandouth Bandhna

To Guru Satnaam Ji,

                           Natural vocation has come for your student to speak and spread truth wherever he is, and Baba Nanak’s Smile remains ever strong.

Last night I was back in the Sangat but now there were more members, many singhs and singhniaa young and old had joined the sangat from my previous Visions. I was sitting in the sangat when I appeared. But I felt I must do Dandauth Bandhna to Dhan Dhan Guru Granth Sahib Ji, so I did from where I was sitting, I felt so much Amrit, it was electrifying.


But still felt this wasn’t enough, I had to go closer, so then I went to the front to do Dandauth Bandhna at the feet of Dhan Dhan Guru Granth Sahib Ji, then the amrit poured even heavier, taking over the body. I stayed on the floor for a long time and I laughed to myself because I was so immersed in amrit I couldnt get up. I extended my body up by pushing hard from my elbows now having regained some control of my body, I had to touch the floor one last time, it’s an addiction.
 And when I did, it was gameover I couldn’t get up. Then I said to myself you fool your stopping the sangat from doing Dandauth. I couldn’t help but laugh. But I was gone, lost within a realm of another realm. The Sangat realised I had no ability to get up so they had to carry me (several of them) to put me on my back at the side of the queuing line.


They were saying are u ok? Laying flat on my back surrounded by sevadars, I didn’t want to open my eyes, so I raised my hand (as you see in Baba Nanak’s pictures), showing them only good has come from this and amrit was at infinite power in the body.


I awoke from this at 5 am this morning and then I went straight back to sleep, with naam deep in my body. I awoke in another Gurudwara, but I was very, very, very, very deep in meditation, Akal Purakh had given blessings of such a deep meditation. I knew someone was there, so I opened my eyes a fraction. And saw Baba Nanak taking a seat on the window ledge outside the Gurudwara and watching me like a voyeur. I had a good look within that split second and then fell back into deep meditation. 


Looking back now as I am back in the conscious realm, he was examining me, he sat to watch me meditate. So surreal Guru Ji, so beautiful. Anand, Anand, Anand, it was Dhan Dhan. I want to go back into meditation, but I have to go work. Joh Satnaam Di Hukam


Please Guru Ji, Pita Ji bless me with your Gyan and translate these dreams, I wouldn’t dare to translate them. I am only a student. You should see Baba Nanaks photo now, its melting me, his look has changed again, he is looking at me in such a new beautiful way, a soft smile and his eyes are so happy. There is such a strong connection with this being and Guru Ji’s expression. Purely Dhan Dhan, Dhan Dhan.


Blessings of Baba Ji and Dassan Ji, and the simple pious words of Harjit have brought me home. You are all Dhan Dhan.


Dandauth Bandhna Ji


Your Student, Son and Slave


Tanraj Singh



Satnaam Singh Jee

 As we have said earlier, these are visions and not dreams, your soul travelling to higher and higher realms of SatnaaM, God has shown you how humility and humbleness is so important in Bandgi, doing Dandaut is “Punn Wadda”, is a Sat Karam of very high order in spirituality, doing Dandaut brings humility inside your Hirda and kills your Haumai, when Haumai dies then God appears and Jivan Mukti is blessed.

You have now seen how powerful is the rewards of doing Dandaut Bandhna. You are now in a constant state of Simran going on inside you, so everything you see and feel is the reality, the divine reality, the divine truth, this is what Gurbani says, and whatever Gurbani says is happening to you, you are now by yourself becoming Gurbani. Dhan Dhan Satgur Nanak Dev Ji have given you the gift of your life on His birth day celeberations going around the world.

Next time when you see Him just go and kiss His feet, anybody you see in your visions are Mukt Atmas, so please go and kiss their feet. Whenever anybody goes in to Satnaam meditation then Satguru Sahibans, Braham Gyanis, Sants and Bhagats come in to bless these souls, they come as a mark of respect to Satnaam, their blessings show that you are on the right track and keep moving on this track, never look back, always keep on trusting your Satguru, always keep on enhancing your trust on the Satguru, always keep on enhancing your devotion to the Satguru, always keep on enhancing your surrender to the Satguru.
You are doing great, please stay focused on Satnaam and continue moving on this divine path forever, for all ages to come, never ending, never stopping, continuous Sat Chit Anand.
Dassan Dass