Experiences: We have taken Hold of Maya

To Guru Satnaam Ji,
I felt so much shanti in the hospital today where in the past we would feel rather uncomfortable. Birth and Death, this was the house of transition, the portal mouth from one world to another. 


Meeting the family and extending our love to the mother and her new born, as we was leaving I had to turn around, my right hand filled with amrit again at the depth of the palm. I put my fingers on the newborns head and said Satnaam Satnaam. The mother and her mother-in-law were a little bemused but they accepted the blessings. I left talking to myself Dhan Dhan repeatedly.


Waiting for my mother we was at such peace, the air fuzzed and shimmered intensely I started pushing down from the lower spine as I did for when I walked out my body (with Satnaams Blessing). Maya began talking, and I began laughing. Completely dazed by the Anand of Amrit I kept half hearing what Maya had to say, she asked me several questions. I answered and she couldn’t answer back. I see the root now behind Maya. I see the depth. I told Maya I have you and I laughed again. I told Ego I have you too, Your in my right hand, I will raise my voice regardless to glorify Satnaam’s Name. I am an Egotistical being, who will run wild telling all His name.

Focusing the mind we showed Ego the inner Hukam that thrives within. I will repeat his name over and over all will hear the same message. Our Brother Ego didn’t know how to respond. Once a thousand voices in the Mind, there wasn’t a sound to be heard all went silent.


Your words are shown again in practice, Amrit offerings, run from this being to the next. It is not forced, it is what it is, a boy raises his hand where God believes it must be raised. Joh Satnaam Di Hukam, Joh Satnaam Di Hukam, Joh Satnaam Di Hukam, Joh Satnaam Di Hukam.


Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam


The heart has begun singing, and you are a witness to the words.


Am I the fake humble ones?, that is for you to decide. I leave on this note, look at the core of this being Master, my heart sinks not knowing how to apprehend the blessing received. The inner hukam is coming true, it is beginning, it is starting, the start of the real start. Do I say thank you a billion times, Do I kiss your feet. Regardless I will thank you and kiss your feet infinite times. I feel no shame to express the love for my Master.


I confess this body to my Master, there is Nothing here but You. Dhan Dhan, Dhan Dhan.


Satnaam Satnaam.


Your Slave, Son & Student for all ages to come


Tanraj Singh – the Egotistical and One with Maya