Experiences: Vision – Test of the Brahmgyanis

Satnaam Ji Ka Khalsa Satnaam Ji Ki Fateh


To Guru Satnaam, Guru Pita Ji,


You are a beautiful father and we accept any seva that comes forth. May they realize the Puran Sat as Hukam will’s it.


In the last 48 hours Guru Ji we are experiencing differences, we can’t explain a single experience- only that balance has derived from the great weight of amrit pushed onto our body. 


We are in the Sat – it sounds immature – but it is the closest we have ever felt to being ONE. Beautiful peace. Our meditation is a simple laugh, a simple nothingness expression, it doesn’t matter what we do the realization has reached a level of divine bliss.


Furthermore we had another vision


We saw our-self and the other Brahmgyani Hirdas of Baba Ji’s sangat, (yourself including), no more than 7 were sent on horseback all wearing the Akali Bana to a certain location by Satnaam Baba- to reach the point of interest was the test in itself
The road was busy but we had no problem passing through at speed out of the Urban world we sprinted through the countryside into the jungle and then finally reaching the dark tunnel (the test), we realized this was the hardship of the road ahead/journey we had raced to the front of the pack, we (Tanraj) closed our eyes absorbed deep in the Sat and saw that no test could affect us (Blessings of Gyan brought us to such a level with PURAN SAT that we saw through the Gurparsaadi Khel).


On reaching the tunnel we never passed through it, we closed our eyes and smiled- we just appeared out of nothingness on the other side in deep peace waiting for the other Akali Brahmgyanis to arrive from the tunnel exit.


Only one Akali made it (a teenager), his horse tried to Kick him off (as it was heavily irritated by the forces of the tunnel) but he managed to complete the test. 


We found out after that our Master Dassan Das Ji did not make it and died during the test with the others. 


Without our Master we are nothing, but Satnaam had recalled you home. Hukam Prevails and we accepted that he (God) loves you in a way we could never understand, we sent our blessings and rejoice for the Dassan Dass has been blessed residence in Par Brahm. 


GOD SPOKE (two hours later): 


As we feel different energy during the Amrit Vela- measures of heat, cool, strength, lightness etc we was laying on our back in peace God spoke to us using Satnaam Babas voice, he said there are 3 shifts of Sunn energy that occur during the Amrit Vela. We experienced the words, and when we responded he already left.


Please respond as you wish, God Bless you Master, God Bless you infinitely


Your Student Son & Slave
Tanraj Singh



Satnaam Singh Jee,

The education here is that we will be leaving the physical  body before you and after that you are one of those who have to carry the  mission of Puran Sat on this earth, there is no competition between us, we are same, there is no difference, all is Him. Vision was wonderful, tells what will happen in future.

We are so glad to have you so young at this level of Bandgi, we wish and pray your Bandgi go much higher than ours and you do so much seva that no body at the present time is doing or will do in future. God bless you.


Dassan Dass