Falseness of Maya

Q: The Guru Masters took up swords when the ill-minded people didn’t stop their merciless ways.  What has happened now? Half of the Sikhs I see are lost.  Lost in money, women, drugs, alcohol and so on.  A few good ones are lost in Simran.  But, who then will rise to make us into better humans, just as our Guru Gobind Singh Ji was? Who will fight against the atrocities?


A: You are going through a stage of awareness of the false of Maya, but you are also lost in your own worldly knowledge.   You need to recognize that all is a process of the moment.  Understand that as dire the situation has become in the world, all is in perfect harmony to what the world deserves. Hukam calls on all the Brahmgyani’s to remain compliant to the Hukam and keep delivering the Puran Sat until He (God) decides to shift the approach of delivering Truth. 


Q:  A sikh colleague of mine went to the UK and lived a playboy lifestyle.  He came back a few weeks ago and I talked to him for a while in explicit details about his sexual encounters.  I came back home and spent the whole day with lust caught up on my mind.  I sexualised almost every woman in my mind while going to sleep, even with “waheguru” on my lips.   In my dreams too I was just lost in sex.   I didn’t say I am good.  I have been very evil and I still am.  Being evil is being Manmukh.


A:  There are many negative forces around you and your playboy colleague.  Much weight is upon you both.  That is why you have come to detest society.  What you detest about society is correct, you detest the falsehood.  So you have started realising the Truth –  this is Gurparsaadi awareness.   However, you must also rise above the falsehood you detest by not lowering yourself, please give up your worldly wisdom for the True Wisdom of Gyan.  This will be earned through the medicine of Naam, Naam Ki Seva and Bandgi (Salutations of God through all actions).


Live Truth, Speak Truth, Serve Truth, Deliver Truth, Die Truth. 


Brahmgyan is a gift from beyond.  Your whole mind set must evolve before you can earn the Gurparsaad (Eternal Blessings).