Love And Relationships

Q: Aunty Ji has never had any love in her life, been abused physically (violence rather than sexual I think) and mentally.  She is getting quite ill now and been praying to die. It made her family quite sad, please pray for her, to send her love.


A: Aunti Ji has our love, may her suffering be gifted to us.




Q: I’m deeply in love with a Sikh boy . We both love each other a lot. The only problem is that he is a Sikh and I am a Sindhi and his parents would not agree for our marriage in future.  Please suggest me some pray or something that could work.


A:  We are speakers of Puran Sat- (Pious Complete Truth), we are here to educate Truth to evolve the mind of the Child God to overcome the false of Maya and return back to the Truth.


You wrote “The only problem is that he is a Sikh and im a Sindhi.”


The problem is the title difference between two hirdas, we were created with no color nor shape, we are a mass of Infinite Nothingness, placed into body’s to overcome the tests of Maya and realize the Truth in all its Glory. 

 These titles of faith is the Maya, the Bhagats/Saints/Prophets come to glorify Truth, they do not come to sell ideals of separation.

Whatever message gifted by such Super-Beings is changed overtime by Man (poor interpretations by Priests, Politicians, Scholars, Worldly Knowledge).  Your Skin may be black, brown or white.  Your religion may be Christianity, Islam or Hinduism, regardless there is only one Truth, all was created out of One Truth.


All that happens in life is our Karam, our Karam is Truth and to Glorify Truth we accept all Karam as perfect regardless the highs and lows.


Our advice for you is to educate this very Truth to your family and the boy with whom you have a relationship, living life in fear holds no merit.


There is no need for foolishness, all is Perfect all is Hukam, discover the Peace and discover the Truth in every moment.


God Bless you with Satnaam Simran, Naam Ki Seva, & Beautiful Bandgi, God Bless your family with Nirvair (Ik Drisht – Single vision to recognize the perfect equality and harmony, to witness God in every Roop (form).