Final Words

Thank you for committing yourselves to the complete Eternal Truth, Puran Bandgi, Puran Seva, Puran Braham Gyan.   It is very hard to do that as Maya will attack you in some form or the other at every step.  The GurParsaad will take you out of every such situation and take you all forward with full commitment, belief, faith and trust in Guru-Gur and GurBani. 

Keep on praying for the GurParsaad on a continuous basis and keep moving on this Bandgi path that is sharper than a double-edged sword and finer than a hair.  Sooner or later, you all are destined to become Sant Hirda and help turn around the entire universe to SAT YUG and make the words of Sukhmani and the SatGur an Eternal Truth.