God and Guru

Q: Who is God?  Who is the Guru?


A: Who?


God is the Ever-Prevailing Truth.


Ever-Prevailing because no matter the outcome it is Truth derived.


All is Truth derived for all is derived from the Truth Source.

The Truth is Omnipresent, it is all around- everywhere, in everything and everyone. Nothing exists on their own Peril, no action is committed purely on the whim.


The Truth is running through the whole system and is the fuel to the whole system. If the Truth ceases then we all end.


On Realizing Self: The Mass of No Proportion and Infinite Capacity discovered a Gyan of Infinite Dimensions.


His recognition:  " I am Truth", it wasn’t spoken for there was no tongue, it wasn’t heard for there was no sound, it wasn’t seen for there was no vision, it was recognized within.


The God whoever men claim him to be, is a Self Realized Being of Intellect that is beyond any description, even beyond any of the words we have given. Discovering Self from nothingness was a process that took 36 ages (100s of millions of years), on discovering the Divine did the Hukam (command) derive for the Truth (realized) to be Served to another.



And the Creation took Birth within an instant. Billions of images of God (Hirdas) were sent to climb the life forms, to reach the height of Man, for then they may begin the search of Self Discovery. To Discover Truth in all its Glory, those who do earn such blessings reach the State of Brahmgyan- Atal Awastha.  (That One is known as the  BrahmGyani – the Guru).


Q:  God never gives pain or sorrow to any of the living beings.


A: Read what we just wrote about that God is everything, therefore he is also every derived situation.  Your words are that of Worldly Knowledge. This System is a Test System, you are blessed to discover the unimaginable in a millionth of the time that God did. The catch is; you must face the Khel of Maya to prove worth of the blessings in such a short time frame.


The System is running Perfectly, even when it appears to be falling apart, whatever happens is deserved and is justified. Hukam derives the Karam derived by Karni. God is Truth, God is Perfect hence Truth is Perfect, hence Hukam is Perfect, hence Karam is Perfect. 


If you feel our words are beyond you, that is only because you haven’t grasped our Vision (Gurparsaad).   So go and grasp it, and earn the Brahmgyan. Discover the Truth of God, call on the Truth Name- SATNAAM to discover the reality.


If you have been taught his name to be different then call on him in whatever tongue you are comfortable with, regardless Search to Discover the Truth of God.


God Bless you with Satnaam Simran, Naam Ki Seva & Bandgi