Wandering Mind

Q:  When we are not doing simran our mind is all over the place, then fills us with thoughts of being unfulfilled at work, being far from God and basically makes us feel crap, so we feel like giving up and without realising slip away from doing even ardas for God to save us.  We slip back into the dark well and unwittingly accept that we will never get out, even though now and again we scale the slippery walls of the mind, get a glimpse of the Light and feel our forehead buried in guru ji’s feet.


A: Every second is an accounted process of bhagti, use your seconds wisely while you remain in awareness.  99% of the Truth Seekers don’t surrender.  Many believe they have surrendered, where actually they have lowered title of self to their own comfort levels. – We was once like this, we had grasped the meaning of surrender, the simple realization of the Perfect Hukam evolved our thinking to actually commit the True Surrender.


You have finally awoken from the Deep Sleep of being Lost in the World of Self. The negativity you speak of is our own creation of how we choose to see the Karam. Do we see the Dukh or the Sukh? Just accept the Gyan as Truth from the depth of your being and the Surrender will become Truth.


When the Surrender becomes Truth, we become Truth, when we become Truth we can recognize all that is not (High State of Awareness- Gurparsaad).


God Bless you with the Greatest Surrender