Gurleen – Visions

Kotton kot dandaut bandana pitaji aap ji de Sat charana vich always ji

Zoom satsangat was going on pitaji I saw a jyot it was so big then my hand started moving here and their then appji came i did dandaut appji was wearing kurta pajama then sat parbharam ji bless us with naam seva bandagi i said shukrana parbharam ji after that i saw some sangat member were kiranji and anoopji, sarbhjit auntyji they were blessings some satgant members which i don’t remember. After that i saw some black souls and white souls sat parbharam ji was giving mukti to black souls were thanking to sat parbharam ji then i felt that in my room appji was sitting fornt of me and similing. Kotton kot shukrana pitaji for everything which appji had given us keep this fool under your feet always thank you pitaji baksh deo ji satnaam satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam ji

Yesterday i was doing amritvela pitaji i saw appji i did dandaut bandana to appji then kiranji , sarbhjit auntyji and other satsangat members which i don’t remember they were blessing new satsangat members. After that i saw two golden gates when i entered second gate there were Dargahi souls they had come in my room dargahi souls was giving blessings to us then Sat parbharam ji came and showering flower in our room then there was prakash everywhere. Then i started singing Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam ji

Kotton kot shukrana pitaji for everything which aapji given to us keep this dog under your feet always ji 🙏🙏