Anu is blessed with these very powerful spiritual experiences

Kottan kot dandaut aapji de satcharana vich satguru parbrahm pita parmeshwar ji

Satguru ji with aapji’s grace aapji gave following experiences to us during Delhi local sangat yesterday. The sangat was extremely dhan dhan satguru ji. Aapji’s infinite grace and blessings were showered throughout in the sangat. All guru patshahis, Baba Nand Singh ji, Baba Deep Singh ji, Mata Gujri ji, Sai baba ji, Sant kabeer ji and many more sants and bhagats and the entire dargah blessed everyone present in the sangat. The Amrit level was really amazing. Krishan Ji were playing their flute and danced along with the entire dargah. All devi devtas were present there enjoying the simran. Aapji showed Narad Muni Ji for the first time. Countless Diamonds, Flowers and infinite Amrit was showered on the sangat. We have never witnessed such amazing level of Amrit in our Delhi local sangat. Whole and sole thanks to only aapji.

When Jatinder aunty were doing simran, Guru Nanak Patshah ji came in their pure while robes/chola and blessed everyone individually and kept their hands on everyone. They showered each and every sangat member with different colours, patterns and sizes flowers and diamonds.

White souls and sants were walking and flying high in the room and all guru patshahis were sitting on one lotus on roof in middle of the room and continuously showered blessings and Amrit.

The flow of simran was taken to another level by dhan dhan Kirandeep ji. All Guru patshahis gave their darshans in their original cholas/robes. Guru Gobind Singh Ji came on the horse in their blue robes. Dhan dhan Guru Amardas ji were sitting next to vaaja and when Kirandeep ji started singing in praise of all Guru patshahis (starting with Guru Amardas Ji), all guru sahibans hugged and embraced Kirandeep ji in their robes. Kirandeep ji also took everyone present in the sangat to harmandir sahib. Initially the kirtan was happening on sarovar of harmandir sahib and everyone present in the sangat was floating on the sarovar. Then in some time, the simran & kirtan was happening inside the harmandir sahib on the ground floor and in place of Guru Granth Sahib ji, aapji were present in aapji’s parbrahm ji’s form and instantaneously aapji’s forms were changing into Guru Nanak Patshah ji, Guru Amardas ji, Guru Harkrishan Sahib ji, Guru Teg bahadur ji, Guru Gobind Singh Ji, Sant Kabeer Ji, Sai baba ji and many more satguru avatars and then to dhan dhan sat parbrahm parmeshwar ji. It was dhan dhan satguru ji. Aapji also showed that all devi devtas who were in sangat couldn’t even reach to harmandir sahib sarovar and were standing far away from even the sarovar.

Aapji’s blessings and grace is infinite satguru ji. Kottan kot Shukarana aapji da satguru ji for everything. We are unworthy of aapji’s infinite love , grace and blessings. Keep us always under aapji’s satcharans. Dhan dhan satguru parmeshwar Dhan dhan parbrahm Parmeshwar Sat parbrahm guru parbrahm
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