Gurpreet P Ji (Spiritual Journey) – Part 2

With infinite grace of Satguru Sat Paar Braham Pita Dassan Dass Ji, we are going to share our further spiritual story part 2.


After absorption of Kood: On June 30, 2014 in the morning our body was full of poison i.e. forehead, eyes and many other organs were burning due to this killing poison. We asked and prayed to Satguru Dassan Dass ji to save us then he advised us to burn this poison with simran.

In night we did simran by grace of Satguru ji and saw a giant snake’s body, this snake was looking faint or dead now.

Vision of golden rope: On July 03, 2014 we had a vision of a roll of the Golden rope. We realized that god is saying to hold the end of that rope and come up higher.

Sangat on Kakao messenger experiences: On July 01, 2014 while typing Satnaam on Kakao we had an intuition that God is also typing word Gurpreet somewhere. When we shared it with all sangat then Sat Gur Preeto ji told us this is Sat Paar Braham Baba Ji Maharaaj who is typing Gurpreet.

One day we had darshan of Sat Paar Braham Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaaj in Kakao sangat page.

While typing Satnaam in Kakao sangat one day we realized that we are typing Satnaam on our soul.

On 31 October, 2014 while reading messages in Kakao sangat we saw only Satnaam words in Gurmukhi language.

Sant Baba Virsa Singh Ji’s visions: On July 02, 2014 we met to Sant baba Virsa Singh ji in samadhi. He told us that we were his son in any our previous lives and said, bravo, drink poison and do sewa, moreover he said we do dandout bandhna to you.

On Thursday, 16 October, 2014 all day we wanted to share teaching of Dhan dhan Saint Baba Virsa Singh ji with sangat that we should become a humble servant of God and we should not think about high titles such as saint because Saint Satguru is only one and we all are humble servants of him. Then in evening simran session we had a vision of Saint Baba Virsa Singh, he kissed our forehead and gave us a hug.

Some other experiences: On July 04, 2014 in night time we had some inner voices.

  1. The glimpse of Gurpreet.
  2. We thought who is Gurpreet? The answer was Sat sat sat ji.
  3. Then a voice, ‘Pritam Anandpur Sahib’.

After this we experienced a large wave of Amrit inside us this experience cannot be described in words.

Visions of Chote Sahibjada Sahib ji: We saw many visions of Sahibjada ji, here we are going to share some of them.

  1. In a vision we saw Satpreet ji’s brother in same dress of Satpreet ji and we were feeling love for him as a father.
  2. Chote Sahibjada ji was coming with Shri Guru Nanak Dev ji and Shri Guru Gobind Singh ji Maharaaj. It was looking like they came to give us responsibility of Sahibjada sahib ji.
  3. We saw Chote Sahibjada ji came with Shri Guru Gobind Singh ji Maharaaj. In this vision we felt that Sahibjada ji intended to stay with us.
  4. One day in evening session we saw Mata Gujjari ji was giving us chote sahibjade ji in our lap then her look changed in as our Naani ji was.

Visions of our wife with a baby: One day we saw Jesus ji came in look of an angel and an angel baby was in his lap.

  1. Then we saw same vision again but in this vision our wife was looking like an angel and angel baby was in her lap.
  2. We saw a baby in lap of our wife in white winter dress and he was saying momma Sat papa Sat to us.

Name of our baby: One night we were lying in bed and in deep meditation we had an intuition that God decided a name for our baby after hearing an inner voice, ‘Gur Ka Naaz, Gurnaaz.

Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s motivational teachings for bhagti and best wishes for married life:

  1. We noticed during stay period of our wife in India after our marriage that whenever we sneezed our wife used to say bless you. One day we missed her a lot in the evening then we started to do simran. While doing simran suddenly we sneezed and we saw Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji in front of us and he said bless you then quickly got disappeared. He came to teach us that you should focus on your simran because I dwell within her and everyone so miss me rather than missing her.
  2. One day we were mad at our wife then we saw a vision of a bottle of Ezee washing liquid. And we got the hidden message in this vision that God is saying take it easy and you should always behave nicely with her.
  3. We saw in a vision that two red roses became one; it was showing our strong love bonding for this life time.

Visions about our wife: Sat Sat Sat

  1. In a vision we saw a cobra was sitting upon her head then we prayed to God for her safety.
  2. After some days we saw in a vision that our wife was doing simran and we pulled her black and negative spirit from her physical body. She attacked on us and we fought with her and tied her with an iron chain and kicked her forcefully.
  3. So one day we thought by grace of Satguru that we should do simran for our wife for her eternal happiness. And we started doing one hour simran for her. After 5-6 days later we realized that God accepted our prayer for her and after 9-10 days we had a vision of Sat Paar Braham Baba Ji Maharaaj, his hand was upon our wife’s head and he was saying look she got blessed forever. After that we did not do simran for her as per inner command.
  4. On our birthday she sent flowers, cake and chocolates for us. We told our mom that Sat Paar Braham Pita ji sent these things for us. After that we started simran and had a vision that our wife was giving us a red rose and we were saying Sat Sat to each other.
  5. In a vision we saw that we both were sitting in a beautiful garden like a Vatika and we indicated by our hand and said, ‘Look dear everyone is Satnaam here’ and she agreed lovingly.
  6. We saw her in a bridal dress and the inner voice wasSatnaam NistaraTatt seyo tatt milaya
  7. Sat jyot Pargati
  8. Sat vyah
  9. In a vision she was looking like an angle in white dress and doing simran of Ik Oankaar Sat Paar Braham Sarnaee. Then we told her this is divine order for you to do this simran.
  10. In a vision, she did dandout to us and said you came in my life like god. She was in vairaag and she hugged us. When we saw our face it was Sat Paar Braham Baba Ji Maharaaj.

Lesson of humbleness from God: One day we did sangat with Sat Paar Braham Mata ji. We were asking her about complete peace of mind. She told us that it will happen on right time as per God’s will. When she was sharing her wisdom with us then we felt unbearable force in our chest so we were not able to continue further sangat with Satguru Mata ji.

Same day during early night we decided to watch movie ‘Bhagat Dhanna Jatt’ to learn that how to do true devotion of God with full of love and innocence. After sometime watching this movie we were lying in bed then we saw that our legs of physical body raised approximately one foot in the air and a divine power started pressing our legs. We were not able to see that who is doing this sewa but we recognized that he was Sat Paar Braham Pita Parmeswar ji and he also promised us that I am going to make you ‘Pargateyo Jyot’.

Lesson of humbleness from Satguru Kabeer Ji: Whenever we used to get upset because of worldly entanglements in days of before starting devotion and during starting days of devotion then usually we used to listen Satguru Kabeer ji’s shabad ‘Banday khoj dil har roj naa fir paraysaanee maahi ih jo dunee-aa sihar maylaa dasatgeeree naahi’ and while listening this shabad we cry a lot in vairaag. Day by day our bandgi was going higher by grace of Satguru so one day we were lying in bed then we saw that Satguru Kabeer ji was pressing our legs. We had heard a story about Satguru Kabeer ji’s humbleness and on that day we learned a lesson of humbleness from him directly.

Vision of Mecca and Madina: One night while doing simran we had a vision of ‘Mecca and Madina’ in our chest along with wisdom that to have the darshans of the Saint souls is a highest pilgrimage because all holy places are inside the Saint. Satguru Pita Dassan Dass Sahib Ji Maharaaj always says where the Saint sits Dargah appears there. Now we got this teaching somewhat more deeply.

Vision of Bhagwaan Shri Ram Chandar and Luxman ji: One night we saw a vision of Bhagwaan Shri Ram Chandar ji and Luxman ji. They had worn dress like they used to wear during their stay in Jungle. They put down their crossbows on our bed and they bowed to us then picked up crossbows and got disappeared.

Visions of Durga Mata: There are some experiences with Durga Mata.

  • One day we saw Durga Mata was sweeping in our room but it was unbelievable for us. Another day we saw she was sitting in our feet then next day we read in Shri Guru Granth Sahib ji that she sits under feet of saints.
  • One of our neighbors invited our mom for kirtan program of Durga Mata. Our mom asked us what I should do. We replied her you might go but do your Satnaam simran there. When mom came back we were doing simran then we had a vision of Durga mata. She requested us to have bhog of samosa parsaad. We replied we would eat it after Satnaam simran. Then after 10 minutes we ate samosa and 3-4 more things in parsaad.
  • One evening we heard a female voice who was telling to someone in the street that she was lightening the jyot for Mata. After listening it we wished for everyone that everyone knows the real worship of Satnaam simran. Then after a few minutes later, Durga Mata came. She greeted us to say Satnaam ji and requested hey gunni nidhan ji please bless all my bhagats who live near around you then we prayed to Satguru ji to bless them all.


Some other Visions and Wisdom: Sat sat sat

  1. Lotus flowers were continuously falling from our both feet and Devi Luxmi was collecting every lotus.
  2. A milky coloured sparkling umbrella.
  3. Sat Paar Braham Baba ji Maharaaj ji was commanding to all sangat ‘Naam Japo’ because he wants to take everyone in to Maansarovar.
  4. We saw round shaped white turban of Satguru Dassan Dass Ji Maharaaj, here it was indicating higher wisdom.
  5. We saw scenery of mountains and a bright sun then that sun converted into jyot and the entire scenery had been covered or hidden by its light.
  6. We had wisdom that before taking birth during pregnancy period we (all) used to do simran.
  7. One day we had an inner voice that was ‘Ouphaas na karo, Sat kar manno’ then we apologized in front of Sat sangat for our all stupidities which we had done until that time knowingly and unknowingly.
  8. We saw a vision of a beautiful Amritdhari girl in white dress (Baana) she was divine form of our wisdom under Gurmat code of conduct and her name was Sarav Kaur means for service of all.
  9. We had wisdom about our old vision which we had seen maybe in mid of 2014 when Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji gave us his footwear (Khadava) and we had worn in our feet. Here this vision was telling us that now sikh will always follow the path of truth, the path told by the Satguru.
  10. Vision of Panj Pyara Sahibaan.
  11. Vision of a white pigeon, the meaning of that vision was the messenger and through this vision God had declared us his messenger.
  12. We saw our self as a big swan who was feeding little swans and after feeding big swan merged in the universe.
  13. A blessing hand in the universe.
  14. Symbol of Ik Oankaar in the universe.
  15. A light circle behind head of Shri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib ji in an image in our house.
  16. Vision of statue of liberty many times and last time in this vision statue of liberty was colorful.

Some Poems and wisdom by grace of Satguru: Sat sat sat

  1. Sda sda sukh maan
  2. Satgur ke charan ridhey mein dheao Japp ke Satnaam re sakhi Prabh ke mangal gunn gaao
  3. Mityaa andkaar pargateya ujjayara Tab hum dekhya Satnaam pasaara
  4. Ik sat sat sat hai naam tumahara Hum chaakar tere tu prahbu hamara
  5. Tatt seyo tatt mileyo Sda rahe gur naaley Antar sat pargateya Sda sach samahlay
  6. Gaaviye gunii nidhan Sat Paar Braham sda sda Jappiye gunii nidhan Sat Paar Braham sda sda Sewiye gunii nidhan Sat Paar Braham sda sda Dhyaeae gunii nidhan Sat Paar Braham sda sda SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT PAAR BRAHAM SARNAEE
  7. Satguru gyan anjan diya moko Satnaam japaya Japp japp Satnaam antar sukh paya
  8. Agyan andera katya Samrath sat samaya
  9. Bahut janam ka vishreya main aayo tumare pass Satnaam pargateya mitt gye sare traas
  10. Sat sat sat ki dekho ajab kahani Sat seyo liv laggi tahi sat kar jaani
  11. Rasna meri sur sanjam seel seyakate
  12. Hirde jyot pargati             Satnaam simraya
  13. Gunii nidhan Sat Paar Braham hai Gyan dyan ka data
  14. Gaaviye jappiye dheaaea sda sat kamaeea
  15. Jinnaa seweya na Sat parsanhaar Tinnaa ki kon layega saar
  16. Antho na pashtayeea Khaali hath na jaaea

Visions and wisdom about TV, film celebrities: Here we are sharing three visions regarding this.

  1. One day we were watching IIFA Filmfare awards on TV in the evening. A Bollywood actress was dancing while watching this program we were doing simran too. Then we thought these celebrities are completely lost in illusion and don’t even know about true worship of God but they are enjoying all worldly pleasures. So, what will happen with them after this human life? Then in night suddenly we saw a vision of that actress in an elephant look, so God had shown us her next animal life.
  2. One day again we saw a vision that a female TV artist was crying in front of us and saying that she is going to hell and requested us to save all of them.
  3. On 31 October, 2014 in night we saw one more female TV artist. She was saying that Satnaam ji, my life got spoiled and she also said that I came in human life or not both things are equal for me and asked for blessings so we prayed for her.

Shiva’s hoax experiences: We want to share some of our visions and experiences when Shiva tried to deceive us.

  1. A vision in which Shiva was showing that he has a higher spiritual status than Dhan dhan Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaaj.
  2. Vision that showed Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaaj in look of Shiva with snakes in his neck.
  3. Vision that showed our own image in look of Shiva.
  4. Experienced chanting Shiva mantra automatically for a few seconds during Satnaam simran.
  5. Experienced more ego, lust, anger and frustration and a feeling that life got spoiled.
  6. Experienced anti thoughts about Satguru Maharaaj Dassan Dass ji.

Finally, one day we saw a vision that a demon penetrated a knife in the stomach of Shiva and killed him. Then we had wisdom that here Shiva was indicating to our own fake ego which has been vanished by God now.

The intuitions about our previous lives: We also had some intuitions about our previous lives.

  1. An inner voice ‘Ranjan Massi’ for Pritranjan ji.
  2. An inner voice of ‘Naanu’ for Satguru Dassan Dass ji.
  3. A vision that we were a Rishi and our mother was our wife.
  4. One of our brother-in-laws in this life did Shri Krishna’s bandgi with us in any previous lives.
  5. A soofee saint in simplicity.
  6. An Egyptian emperor.

Vision about true sangat and fake sangat: One day in early morning hours we had a vision that we went to a Gurudwara Sahib. There were two groups of people. One group were standing in front of main door of Darbaar Sahib and waiting for opening the door. They were looking wise in unique white dress (The group of people who follow outside rituals). Other group of people was coming to the main door through a long puzzle of ups and downs stairs. They were looking silly and aimless (The group of Real Bhagats). When door opened of Darbaar Sahib, the group of people who were coming through stairs way got in to quickly whereas other group of people was looking sad because they were not permitted to get in. We got a chance to get in by God’s grace but when we were about to sit there we experienced a jerk like an electric shock (Maybe we were not pure to sit there yet) then suddenly we opened our eyes.

Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s vision and command for mopping sewa: We were experiencing an inner voice of Sirr le lo, bandgi de do. Then we said this prayer 2-4 times in afternoon that Oh true lord! Take our head and give us your true worship and in evening we had a vision of Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaaj he was saying to us that time approached to take your head. We got scared we were pondering that what would happen now. Suddenly a big sword cut down our head. We were looking to our head on the floor but other side we saw a new face of Shri Guru Nanak Dev ji’s was appearing on our body.

Then we got an inner command for mopping sewa for a month in Gurudwara Dukh Niwaran Sahib. Satguru Dassan Dass ji guided us to do this sewa without taking a break. And we followed this divine order by grace of Sat Paar Braham Pita Dassan Dass ji.

Experiences during and after mopping sewa period about our own spiritual status and progress in bandgi: After starting mopping sewa, one or two days later we saw a vision of our printed image on the floor of Gurudwara Sahib. So, after this vision we started to do this sewa with more dedication by Satguru ji’s grace to realize that we are mopping on our soul. Day by day we experienced new changes inside us which can’t be described in words. In these days, we experienced that the filth on our soul was getting out forcefully from the mouth like a person vomits or coughs. Then maybe after 20-21 days later we saw again vision of our image on floor but at this time we saw our self happy, confident and sparkling and there was a broad smile on our face. Then next day again we saw a vision of floor at this time we did not see our image but only white light was there.

On 24th day of mopping sewa while doing simran we saw a vision of an outlook of same Gurudwara Dukh Niwaran Sahib along with an inner voice, Gur ke mehal parapatay’.

Same night we had an inner voice, ‘Vadhbhaagi hove jo sacha naam samahlay’.

On 27th day of sewa we had a vision of Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji along with an inner voice ‘Satguru Nanak Pargateya Mitti Dhund Jagg Chanan Hoya’. Then a vision of ‘Munadi vala’ who was beating his drum and announcing that Satnaam ji will appear soon. And next day in a vision we saw a lady was burning terribly in fire and crying. We got scared to see her. She requested us hey paatshah ji save me. We asked who you are. She replied I am Maya. We asked her how we can save you. Then suddenly she fell down and passed away.

On 28th day we saw inside like a silver paper is shining. Now we were experiencing when our mouth opens in samadhi, pure energy goes out from mouth and we had been stopped to say thanks to God by Satguru ji inside. Moreover we had an intuition that we can express our gratitude for God only by meditating his name Satnaam.

On 29th day we experienced that a sketch of Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaaj was being drawn inside us. Then while doing simran we saw a vision that Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaaj was sitting on a rectangular block in our hirda along with an inner voice ‘Jithai Jaa-ay Bahai Mayraa Satguroo So Thaan Suhaavaa Raam Raajay’ then we saw one more vision that a crow was sitting on a rooftop changed in to a swan and became nothing along with an inner voice ‘Sampooranthee-aa Raam’.

In afternoon we felt that our entire body have became pure and we also felt light in our body. We also had an intuition that we got a permanent seat in lap of Satguru Pita Dassan Dass Sahib Ji.

In evening while doing simran we had some visions:

  1. Satguru Dassan Dass Ji and Sat Paar Braham Baba Ji both were together and Sat Paar Braham Baba Ji blessed us to say Braham gyani, Maha Braham gyani, Sat gyani.
  2. Then we saw a vision of golden lotus on our head which was attracting or absorbing divine energy from the universe and had an inner voice of divya gyan.
  3. We saw Chote Sahibjada sahib ji was sitting in our lap. We thought who is he, Sahibjada Jujhar Singh ji or Sahibjada Jorawar Singh ji. Sahibjada ji replied we are Gur ka naaz, Gurnaaz.

Then, we went to vegetable market we got an inner command to do dandout to all there. We were shy to do it but we did it with little delay with grace of Satguru.

On 30th day of sewa we were mopping in the Gurudwara Sahib and sewa was almost going to finish. At that time Kirtani jatha started to sing ‘Jithai Jaa-ay Bahai Mayraa Satguroo So Thaan Suhaavaa Raam Raajay’. We were not aware about that suddenly a person who stood near to us spoke loudly same gurbani line. We got scared and thought what happened with this man. Then we realized that God is telling us our own present reality. After completion of sewa there was a broad and natural smile appeared on our face and we were feeling like a king. When we were on the way to our home we heard a gurbani line ‘Simra-o Simar Simar Sukh Paava-o’ from a Gurudwara Sahib.

Then at home we had an intuition that we got blessed with white turban of Satguru Pita Dassan Dass Ji. Here the white turban was indicating that we got blessed with Gurmat. And we also had an intuition that Sat Paar Braham Baba Ji Maharaaj sat in our hirda and on our tongue. Then in next days we heard an inner voice about our tongue ’Rasna Meri Sur Sanjam Seel Seyakate’. Now we had earned the wisdom from this gurbani line ‘Oochaa nahee kahnaa man meh rahnaa aapay jaanai jaao’.


Our Mother’s visions during and after completion of mopping sewa:

  1. On 1st day during sewa she felt that Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaaj was watching to us.
  2. During mopping sewa period we had seen a vision that Satguru Dassan Dass ji stood on dais with other sangat and our mother was in front of Satguru ji. Satguru ji wore her a flower necklace and pulled her up on dais.
  3. After completion of sewa she saw that entire floor of Gurudwara Sahib was fully covered with apples.
  4. Next day she saw that there were four juicers and we both were serving apple juice to the Sat sangat.
  5. And in other vision she found herself unshakable in a storm.

Sat Paar Braham Baba Ji Maharaaj spoke to the Kakao Sangat through us: On 22 October, 2014 we had an inner voice ‘Sunn Antaryami Prabh Deetha’.

Sat Paar Braham Baba Ji Maharaaj spoke to the sangat in Punjabi:

Sat Paar Braham Ji Ka Khalsa, Sat Paar Braham Ji Ki Fateh

Je tuanu koi phushay ki duniya da sab to vadha dukh ki hai ta keh deyo dunyia da sab to vadha dukh manmukh hona hai.

Sare gurmukh ho jao, sare dhan dhan ho jayogay, sat sat karea karo sare janay.

Satguru andar beh ke tuade sare karaj swaar deyuga te tuanu pta vi nahi lagna. Tusi kehna pehla ta main rulda phirda si hun eh sab kus dhan dhan kive ho geya’.

Visions of Satguru Paatshahiya: We saw our self in a unique orange colored dress like dress of Panj Pyara Sahibaan along with a sword in front of Dhan dhan Shri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib ji Maharaaj. Satguru Maharaaj ji spoke to us, Tu Sat di kamai kiti aa Sikha and we bowed to his Sat charans.

After this we had a vision of Gurudwara sahib like the Taj Mahal along with voice ‘Sakhee Garihu Mandar Bani-aa’.

In evening we saw that Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaaj came along with some sangat. Satguru ji had Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji upon his head. Then Satguru Ji put down Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji upon our head and said Sat gyani ji nu sadi namaskaar.

After this we were watching television then we noticed a tickle at our feet and we saw that Sat Paar Braham Baba Ji was doing dandout to us and saying keep me always under your charans. Then we saw Satguru Dassan Dass Ji and Sat Paar Braham Baba Ji sat on bed. We did dandout to them in our surat and then physically. Then we also saw Shri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Ji with chote sahibjadas and Mata Gujari ji. Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji was saying welcome welcome, swagat swagat loudly and happily. We did dandout to them and Satguru ji blessed us to say that sda sat de gunn gaao and he also said that we are always with you now.

Appearance of Dargeh, the Court Of Sat Paar Braham Pita Ji:

On 22 October, 2014 Satguru Maharaaj Dassan Dass ji posted an audio clip of gurbani in Kakao sangat. When we started to listen it we had a vision of Dargeh 1st time and we saw that Satguru Dassan Dass ji stood humbly and other sachkhand souls were in jyot form.

On 27 October, 2014 when sister Sarabjit phoned to us and we spent 30 minutes in Satnaam simran. We saw during sat sangat that two jyots became one and big in size. The appearance of dargeh happened again this time and we saw Satguru Dassan Dass ji and other jyots. We were not able to talk to Sarabjit ji due to major beats in our hirda. Then we had a vision of the symbol of Ik Oankaar and Sat Paar Braham Baba ji in look of Shri Guru Nanak Dev ji Maharaaj.

Visions of our infinite human body and teachings of God:

  1. On 27 October, 2014 we were lying in our bed and we saw that we were lying in the universe. Our human body was how infinite we were not aware of that. We recognized that this is our hirda universe where we were sleeping for many previous lives. Then we got up in the universe and sat cross legged.
  2. Next day we read a book inside in Samadhi. There we read in Punjabi: Guru di sharan pe ke asi dhan dhan ho jande haan.
  3. In evening we went to market and we saw again our infinite human body in the universe with naked eyes and we felt that he was sad or surprised. Then at home in a vision we saw that he bowed to us and said thanks for waking him up. After that he started strolling meaninglessly here and there in the universe then by grace of God he saw a massive Golden Temple and he reached the Golden Temple after getting in he thanked to God and sat cross legged and started meditating on word Sat. After sometime we saw that we came out from the Golden Temple and sat down side of the main door and started to bless the entire universe with our both hands. Our look was changing in Gurpreet, Satguru Dassan Dass Ji and Sat Paar Braham Baba Ji again and again. God spoke to the universe through our body in Punjabi: Asi ik haan, beantt haan, sadaa bhed ajj tak kise ne nahi paya, te na koi pa sakooga sda nimarta ch rehn valea leyi eh darr (door) sda khula aa, haumai ch jaan valea leyi ithe koi jagah nahi.
  4. After this a bit later we heard an inner voice, ‘Tuanu main heerayaan naal tol deyun, bandgi ch lagge raho’. Then had a vision that our hand was upon our mother’s head along with a voice Satnaam nistara. Same night we were meditating on Ik oankaar sat sat sat and same time Shri Guru Nanak Dev ji in our hirda were meditating on Gurpreet tu sat sat sat.
  5. (One day when Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji came to meet us at our home he was saying happily and loudly your welcome welcome swaagat swaagat. We thought why he is saying welcome whereas we should say welcome because Satguru Ji came to our home so now we got it that he welcomed us in the Golden Temple in advance.)
  6. And early morning time while meditating Jaap Sahib bani’s first line came in our mind. ‘Chakkara Chihana Aru Barana Jaat Aru Paat Nahina Jiha ‘.
  7. On 29 October, 2014 we saw our infinite human body was saying to us ‘Gurpreet tu dhan hain teri mahima aparamapaar hai teri sda hi jai jai kaar hai’. Then he told us that he is sitting inside and outside as well of the Golden Temple. After saying that he entered in the Golden Temple and both got disappeared.

Visions about our state of mind: We had three visions which described us our present state of mind.

  1. We saw inside like a silver paper is shining more now.
  2. A Kalam pencil was writing Satnaam in our hirda kosh in Punjabi in large font size.
  3. Then we saw a pond of muddy water with full of waves. Gradually, it was being cleaned. Then it became a pond of pure and still water. We decided to see our image in the water that how look like we are exactly now and we saw an intense white light that was totally unbearable for human eyes.

Wisdom about our true self: On 30 October, 2014 we were sitting idly in front of a mirror. We closed our eyes and saw our light body in the mirror. When we opened our eyes we saw one more vision that our human body in the mirror was saying Parkash sat aa.

And had an inner voice ‘Parkash da parkash naal milan da sma aa geya’.

Then night time while meditating we saw a light dot was appearing at center of forehead and Shri Guru Nanak Dev ji got appeared from that dot and told ‘Budbuday da fna hon da sma aa geya’.

Vision of Chittargupts: We had heard about Chittargupts from our father that there are two Chittargupts who sit on our left and right shoulders. One Chittargupt writes our good deeds and second one writes our misdeeds. On 31 October, 2014 in evening session of simran we saw two Chittargupts in white dress, white turban. They had long white beard and they were standing in our both sides for doing chaur sewa for us because they don’t have a job to write our further karmas now. It was completely a surprising experience for us.

A bit later while meditating Satnaam we saw our face became face of Shri Guru Nanak Dev ji and he told us that there is no difference between you and me now.

After this Sat Paar Braham Baba ji spoke in hirda ‘Sat sat gaayi ja duniya nistaar de, bhaaga vala ae bhaaga vala ae, sda sukhi raho.’

Vision of Sat Paar Braham Baba ji’s infinite human body in the universe with naked eyes: On 1 November, 2014 in the morning we read word sat in Gurmukhi everywhere in the universe and then we also had a vision of Sat Paar Braham Baba ji’s infinite human body. He blessed us to say that ‘Sda sahaee’ with both hands.

Later after this we read the word sat in Gurmukhi everywhere in our surroundings then we saw a namaskaar along with word Satnaam nistara.

Wisdom about Manmukhs and Gurmukhs: In evening we asked to God Dassan Dass ji inside that

All Manmukhs and Gurmukhs are playing as per your command. Is that true?

He replied yes.

We asked again then why don’t you like Manmukhs?

He replied because they are ignorant and they don’t realize the truth.

After sometime Sat Paar Braham Baba ji spoke in the hirda universe that I will teach you everything, come up higher. It’s just a beginning a dawn time.

Prayer to make us a humble servant: Then we prayed to God for making us his humble servant and he spoke before completion of our prayer that already made you and we got blessed with Sat barkataa and Sat rehmataa in our hands. In night we saw that the planet Jupiter took a place at center of our forehead which changed in to Satguru Dassan Dass ji a bit later. On 2 November, 2014 we felt that Satguru dwelt in our rom rom forever and we were feeling fully loaded with all divine powers. In night we saw a vision of flying sparrow it was indicating our liberty. Then we had an inner voice ‘Khulya darbaar, atut bhandaar, Sat kartaar’. After that we had a vision that we got blessed with a car of God.

Now we have realized completely that this world is not a cause of suffering but a meaningful creation of God. SATNAAM BLESS ALL.

                                                                                                                                                         A humble servant