DASSAN DASS JI- **Congratulations to you all always**


Amolpreet is a SUHAGAN now.

Rupinder is also a SUHAGAN. Her Nani Ji is also DHAN DHAN SUHAGAN.

Yogishwar SIMRAT and Navneet their daughter are all divinely blessed DHAN DHAN SUHAGANS

There are several girls from Sarabjit’s school SATNAAM SANGAT that are SUHAGANS as well

And the biggest KIRPA was DHAN DHAN Mata Ji from Mohali SDA SUHAGAN

DHAN DHAN SATNAAM SANGAT is lot more blessed and powerful now

All please focus more and more on your SATNAAM SIMRAN





Satnaam Babaji Kot Kot Dandaut Satguru Ji. Babaji we wanted to thank Aapji for this very blessed opportunity to attend this highly blessed Sangat Ji. It was very highly blessed with Aapjis Presence,  dhan Dhan Matajis presence and dhan Dhan India Sangat, UK Sangat, dubai Sangat and Canada Sangat Ji. Babaji we wanted to share a few experiences that Aapji blessed us with Ji.  You are the doer of everything Ji. we are capable of doing nothing Ji. Please forgive us for the countless mistakes we do with every breath Ji. Babaji with Aapjis grace Ji we saw Aapji in Parkash Roop Ji we couldn’t stop smiling or laughing seeing Aapji in that Roop Ji.  We felt really happy and blessed to have seen it Ji(with your grace ji). Babaji we were doing Sangat with Sat Mataji from Texas over the phone ji with our eyes closed ji we could only see so much light coming out of the phone screen ji. Just white light ji. With Aapjis grace we saw white flowers being showered multiple times on the Sangat ji. Than saw Sants handing white garlands to Sangat. They put them around sangat neck ji. We had darshans of dhan Dhan Satnaam Maharaj ji, Matajis, 10 Gurus ji and Saints ji. We saw a Dassam pita ji on their horse ji.  They gave us one two ji. Than we saw a little biy in dargah we thought it was sahibzada ji they handed us a sword ji. Than we saw we were sitting on a white horse with Satnaam Maharaj ji and Aapji leading us into a battle with white flags and swords in our hands ji. The Amrita was so high during that time ji sangat was dancing and screaming Satnaam ji. Babaji we kept seeing Words Gurbani words we couldn’t read them all ji.  They kept coming ji. We saw a word that said bani in punjabi and a word something along sahib bakshish ji. It’s all Aapjis grace ji we are nothing ji. Babaji than we saw Guru Grant Sahib ji with words coming out of the book ji. Babaji we had darshans of light (Parkash) we saw a little screen in front of it ji. As we sang Satnaam we saw the holes in the screen getting bigger and more light coming through than we saw Dhan Dhan Dassandassji and they said  take away the screen and it disappeared completely we saw rays of.white light hitting us our.body was glowing like white diamonds. There was just white light (fog) there.nothing else. Than we saw a white Enfield (bike) and dhan Dhan Satparbraham ji were sitting on it and they told us to sir on the back and we went away and diassaapeared. One time with Aapjis grace we saw Satparbraham jus fauj ji. One time we were handed a white flower with a big white hand ji. Babaji onetime we saw during simran we were sitting on a white room on a big white bed with curtains on the side and white furniture (sofa) with living room attached. We saw a balcony as we looked out we saw we were sitting in Dargah it’s all your grace ji. We don’t want anything ji please keep us in Aapjis Sat feet forever ji. Whenever we lay in Aapjis Charan to do Dandaut we feel peace/silence. We had Darshans of Satnaam Maharaj ji and Mataji. Onetime we were doing sangat over the phone with Pritam Anand ji during this big sangat and all we could see was a white vortex that we went into than our eyes opened ji. Babaji we had darshans of Aapji and Brahamgyani Mataji sitting on white cot in Dargah ji. Please forgive us for any mistakes ji. These are not our experiences they were given to us by Aapji. We are grateful for Aapjis dhan Dhan beant Kirpa ji and this really blessed Sangat ji. Kot Kot shukrana from us all Ludhiana family for this blessed opportunity to have Sangat in Ludhiana at Aapjis house ji. Please forgive us all for any known/unknown mistakes we may have committed ji. Shukrana again to Aapji, Satnaam Maharaj ji,  Mataji, Pritam Anand and entire Sangat ji for this beautiful and extremely blissful Sangat ji. We are dust of all of Aapjis feet ji. Keep us kooker in your feet forever ji. Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam ji


Babaji Dhan Dhan Aapjis Satnaam Maharaj jis kirpa ji on all of us and this bhulanhaar loonharami gunehgaar .maha pakhandi maha paapi ji..Babaji since sangat for two days we felt like we were in Dargah all the time with Aapjis grace only ji. We saw we were sitting.on a cot (manja) with Saints sitting around us and Parbraham ji there ji. All aapjis grace ji. Babaji a few minutes ago we were doing sift salah of Parbraham ji. We saw 10 th Guru ji with their horse ji. They were wearing white clothes with a white horse. We did a Dandaut to them. They handed us the horse and told us to get on it. A few seconds later they handed us their bow (dhanush) asked us to shoot an arrow out of it and we did we saw a white flag where we shot it. They told us sit more for smadhi so we can join them in vision ji.  All your grace ji. Please forgive us for any mistakes ji. We saw we were sitting on a horse ready for a battle with 10 th Guru ji on their own horse ji.





Satnaam Daandauth ji,


India Sangat was very powerful, we never experienced such a Sangat till date. Dhan dhan India Sangat Seva. We really felt their love.


We were blessed with so much in this sangat. We don’t remember all but what we remember we will share.


I was singing phoolan di bahar throughout India sangat felt as if flowers were falling quite often.


When sangat was on the phone with Mattaji, we saw Mattaji wearing a jaw dropping beautiful yellow and silver dress. Haha we don’t remember but it was beautiful.


One day we were tired and layed down for a bit and all of a sudden we were thinking it’s really cold in the room only the fan is on. We saw that the room was filled with people wearing white clothes fanning us. That is all your grace, we are not worthy.


We saw babaji walking towards us, saw babaji sitting with dassan Dass ji aswell.


We saw Guru Nanak Dev ji in magnificent white everything.


Saw diamonds, so many being given to sangat, we placed our back at dassan dassjis feet.


As sangat was explaining we also saw that the streets where we were doing sangat was full of white clothes people with no space at all.


We saw Sukhwant jis Son, Gurjyot wearing all white clothing with something gold on his head with a beautiful smile. He was glowing.


We just saw that there was this immense brightness behind Dassan Dass ji, like clouds/prakash with light coming out.


We felt really grateful and blessed to attend India sangat and whatever we were shown was appjis gift.


We feel like India sangat is our family and we are so blessed to meet such great people. Thank you so much India sangat bless each and everyone. Thank you so much.






Ikonkaar Satnaam Sat Gurparsaad


With Sat grace, this fool will share the experiences blessed by Satnaam Satguru ji and will seek forgiveness for any mistakes while writing :-


1)      We were lucky enough to get charan dhoor and blessings of many bhagats and sant souls from in this time sangat graced by Nirankaar roop dhan dhan Satguru Dassan Dass ji maharaaj. Dhan dhan Mata ji from Mohali, Punjab was brought to sangat by Satnaam ji who graced the sangat with her spiritual experiences of life which were a lesson for this fool. Dassan dass ji maharaja told that she is a pooran brahm gyaani. We were lucky enough to have her darshans in this life. She graced each and every member with her brahm gyaan and blessings. Brahm gyaani gatt brahm gyaani jaanai. Dassan Dass ji mahraaj called her ‘Maa’ (mother) and wven bowed to her teaching nimarta to hankaaris like us. Maharaaj ji told that she is his mother from previous janams.


2)      The intoxication level in this sangat was un-describable and beyond words. We experienced going into asans instantly when we focused on simran. Earlier we noticed that asans happened after a short while after sitting. Our body specially legs automatically started dancing while doing simran.


3)      While doing simran one day, we were shown that there is a huge pure white coloured cylinder in the middle where Dassan Dass ji Maharaaj and sangat are sitting and every time when Satnaam is recited drops of some white liquid are being sprinkled around the area upto many miles and the area is being cooled down as if some one throws water on burning wood and sound of fire being extinguished was also heard. This depicted that Satnaam was cleaning the area around of all the negativity.


4)      When sangat visited Dhan dhan Inderjit veer ji’s house located short distance away from Arshdeep ji’s house, sangat did high intensity simran and we felt that house was full of negative energies which were cleaned. Dhan dhan Taran Taaran jeet ji asked Inderjit ji to show the first floor rooms of the house while sangat was doing simran and Taran ji took fool also along. There we felt that Satnaam simran was cleaning the rooms as if amrit is being showered in the rooms like water is sprayed through a pipe. We felt  Dassan Dass ji maharaaj has filled the whole house with amrit and amrit was now flowing from the house to neighbouring houses as well. When sangat was over, Dassan Dass maharaja ji actually told Inderjit ji that the house has been cleaned and there was a lot of kood in the house especially in upper rooms where Taran Taaranjeet ji went. We were amazed to see this kautak of Satnaam ji.


5)      During one of the last days, sangat was doing simran and Sarabjit bhenji were singing Satnaam and when we focused on her singing our Surat got into deep Simran and we felt Satguru Satnaam ji is taking us some where. After that we were shown a huge bell and we were asked to ring it but it was so huge that we could not move it and we got hold of it hung ourself on it and rang the bell. Then we heard millions of musical instruments specially violins being played by millions of spiritual souls. Then we were shown a sign board where it was written ‘Welcome to Dassam Duar”.  Thereafter, a couple of times we again heard this music in simran sessions.


6)      Seva and simran of all satsangat was dhan dhan. Dhan dhan Arshdeep ji’s family’s seva and seva of worldwide sangat who graced Indian sangat with their presence. Dhan dhan kitchen seva of Jagdeep ji’s mata ji, Jasmine ji and all others. Dhan dhan kirtan seva of all.


Kot kot shukraana to Satnaam ji and Satguru Dassan Dass ji maharaja for blseeings and their maha parupkaar on everyone. We might have missed some of experiences ji. Seva parvaan karna ji. Bhul chuk maaf ji.







We are wonder struck…in state of awe…our entire being could not do justice even if it tried as to what we witnessed in Ludhiana… seven days in the Lap of Sat PaarBraham pita jii… how can this fool describe such to anyone… we not even sure if we really fully understand ourself the magnificence of what took place… all the sangat were sitting drenched in a period of enormous grace… boundless compassion… love… PURAN SAT. Sahib pyaray Sat PaarBraham pita parmeshver jii showered us all with such grace that its just not possible to adequately put into words… dhan dhan dhan meray pyaray satguru pooray jii..


The power and immensity of TRUTH LOVE SATNAAM that took place in Ludhiana can surely only be DHARGAY ON EARTH… IN FACT IT CAN ONLY BE DESCRIBED AS DHARGAY ON EARTH …surrounded by so many beautiful saint souls bhagats divine beings …seven days of singing teri vadayaiee daatar jiio… seven days of teri bayanth mahima being manifested in sangat…Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam jii. To say it was like we were all immersed washed and cleansed in Sat PaarBraham jii while sitting in Ludhiana would be an undermining statement… it actually happened and accompanied by soo much more SAT KEE MAHIMA SATGURU KEE MAHIMA continuously revealed …world just wouldn’t understand… but that is is what took place…


SAHIB PITA PAARBRAHAM JII TERI BOHUTH RAHIMATH SAHIBA JII…father father father tera kottan KOTTAN SHOKRANA JII…we just cannot repay your grace…sahib tu aenna dayalu kirpalu buxshanhaar jiio…sahib tu infinitely dhan dhan dhan ho jii …father how can we write your bayanth mahima jii…


We LOVE YOU SATNAAM…we are just wonder struck WONDER STRUCK jiio… please please sano Sda SATNAAM vich rakhee…naam simran bundagi sewa vich rakhee jii…


Please bholchoka gultiaa wrongs gonnaa’s maaf kur devo jii… buxdavo jii.. if we wrote anything incorrect please buxdavo jii… hum murak opradhi ram… sda Satnaam Sat PaarBraham sarnaee jii.


Priceless Priceless time… bus sahib satguru jii …how can we repay your grace… Aapney naam simran bundagi sewa vich rakhee jii…Satnaam






Ik Onkaar Satnaam Karta Purakh Sat Gurparsaad

With Satnaam ji’s grace we have tried to share experiences of India Satnaam Sangat 2016.Its really impossible to write everything. Because sitting with Satguru ji is the greatest kirpa which is just impossible to explain. Please forgive us for the mistakes. I am merely a fool. Dhan Dhan Satguru ji himself is the doer of everything.


India November Sangat 2016


* 20 November:

Went to Chandigarh one day before Sangat to pick up sangat member just because she face so many issues due to her husband who is Radha Soami. There we got an opportunity to have sangat with Dhan Dhan Bhai Arvinderjit Singh ji (Kittu Uncle Ji). Did dandaut to them in surat and saw Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Amardas ji in them and saw canopy over their head. Also very bright parkash was coming from their feet. Dhan Dhan Guru Pyare.


* Day 1: 21 November

The day finally come after a long wait when we will have darshan of Satguru Parmeshar. Reached Ludhiana in the morning at 10am. When entered room, we joyfully ran towards satguru pita ji to do dandaut to them and hugged them. Forgot everything after meeting our heartiest Satguru Pita ji. Just Wow. Had darshan of very bright Parkash in the form of aura of Satguru ji. It was really dhan dhan. Pita ji counseled a lady who was afraid of her radha soami husband. Pita ji told her to surrender yourself completely and take stand for truth then no one will harm you.

Felt high bairaag when did dandaut to Pita ji. Tried to accept all misdeeds and sins done in the past. Pita ji himself wiped our tears and we felt like a mother Guru is pampering the child by saying ” you have us and we are always with you”. Dhan Dhan our forgiving satguru.


He does not remind me of my faults; He hugs me close in His embrace.

Had some motivating conversation with Gur Preeto veerji. He is really a humble and very inspiring soul.

During evening sangat, Satguru Pita ji destroyed many bharams of mom and counseled our biological brother and mom. No one listens such things but how great is our satguru he not just listen our sufferings but also take us out of it. Dhan Dhan Mera Satgur Poora.


* Day 2: 22 November

Wake up in the morning. Was feeling refreshing and thoughts were calm. After having light breakfast, Satguru Pita ji went for morning walk. Some sangat members too accompanied them. Inner voice came to do dandaut to Satguru ji. We did it with Sat grace Many times on the road. Someone from sangat asked Pita ji “You have told many a times that you can feel Rom Rom simran physically”.  Pita ji said “yes it’s true. Do you want to feel?” he said yes. Pita ji asked him to hold their right hand. He did the same. Then in few minutes pita ji asked him “Did you feel anything?” he replied no. Pita ji said your sense is not at such high level yet. That’s why you didn’t feel anything. Then pita ji told him to try again. Pita ji showed him finger tips of their hands. They were vibrating. Pita ji said “This is being happening in all parts of our body. This is Rom Rom simran”. Dhan Dhan Mera Satgur Poora. Very bright parkash was coming from pita ji’s feet and an aura was there too. Amrit levels were intense. Sangat was full of energy and enthusiasm.

Sangat started singing Satnaam. This biggest fool also did kirtan. Felt high Amrit and parkash all over. In the evening, Mata ji and Baba ji Maharaj ji Also blessed their Darshan on video chat. Amrit level was intense. Baba ji said “Don’t let your Guru’s feet away from you. Keep your faith at peak.” Sangat kept singing in high energy. Satguru Pita ji laughed and said “This is only day 2!”


* Day 3: 23 November

An old lady came with a hand bag with her. We did dandaut to her and asked her if she want some breakfast. She asked us for a tea. And started asking about the sangat. We tried to introduce her with sangat. Later in the evening, Satguru Pita ji declared her an extremely blessed soul, a Brahm Giani. She called herself a crazy woman but she is extremely blessed and humble. She asked Satguru ji “Where is your hand maala?” Satguru ji said “No, I don’t have any maala”. But right that moment we had darshan of Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji in Satguru Dassan Dass Ji wearing white turban and having maala in their hands. So, Mata Ji was talking about Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s Saroop in Satguru Pita ji. That whole evening went extremely Dhan Dhan in laughing in delight and listening her heart touching stories full of Divine Love. Mohali wala Mata ji’s devotion is really Dhan Dhan. Satguru Pita ji said that “Mata ji’s wisdom is of the highest order and everyone should listen it carefully.” Pita ji himself bowed mata ji everyday many a times. Not only mata ji but Pita ji bowed Sangat too. Wow! What a highest order humbleness!


Here, we want to share a vision we were shown some days ago (on 11th November ). We were shown a very big hall which was full of white dressed people. Some members were entering in the hall like V.I.P’s. When they were entering, people there were calling Jaikara of Bole So Nihal Sat Sri Akal. One lady was sitting in the center of hall and started bachans about bandagi, Naam, sewa and sat Karams.. She pointed us and called us. When we reached close to her she hugged us happily and said “You have pooran satguru. You are blessed with naam. Don’t lose this opportunity and keep diving deep into the maansarowar.” we felt so much Amrit when she hugged us and Satnaam started itself in bliss. After a long hug, she took a white book in which few starting pages were written and other were left empty. She smiled and started adding more blank white pages into it. We don’t know what it meant. But all grace. She continued giving gyan “to take bandagi seriously”. She said “you have wasted much time in useless things and masti now don’t waste your time and dedicate yourself in the service of parbrahm ji and your satguru.”  She added “only the time we have spent in bandagi will count else everything is waste.” She did so many other bachans but this fool didn’t remember.

When Mohali Mata ji was doing bachans we realized that she was the same lady we were shown in vision. Wow. Dhan Dhan Dhan Dhan Dhan Dhan Sat Parbrahm Parmeshar.

A battalion of girls was on the way to meet their role model, gem, diamond – Satguru Dassan Daas ji. Sarabjit bhenji from Amritsar arranged that trip. These students met Satguru ji last year during their visit to school. All girls entered room with the loud voice of Satnaam Satnaam….. Satguru ji asked the girls “Do you have any problems?” Girls smiled and replied “We think of you and say Satnaam our problems go away.” What a belief these young warriors have! Many girls came further and told Satguru ji that we do simran now. They said – We feel very good when we do simran. Satguru ji gave wisdom to them that “When you will do Satnaam Simran you will score good marks and will become successful”. After lunch, all girls danced in joy.. Had a really great time..


* Day 4: 24 November

We went to pick up a sangat member with Jasdeep veerji by car at Ludhiana bus stand. While coming back from there, we heard a very loud voice of Satnaam.. It was like Satnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam. We asked Jasdeep veerji did he also heard the same. First he said no. We told him to listen carefully. He then replied, Ahaa is this Satnaam sound in Gurcharan ji’s like voice? We agreed. Then we heard many voices together in the same tone. Dhan Dhan Satnaam. Dhan Dhan teri beyant kirpa.

When Satguru Pita ji went for a walk, animals, flowers, leaves, trees all were bowing to Satguru ji. It was like whole nature and dargah is there and all wanted to have darshan of Satguru ji.


* Day 5: 25 November

This day we didn’t saw anything. It was like a calm and sound sleep. Satguru Pita ji said it was Sunn. But it was really Dhan Dhan. Just inexplicable. Didn’t want to let any moment go without Satnaam. Wanted to spend each and every moment with Satguru Pita ji. EH Janam Tumaare Lekhe.

During evening walk with Satguru Pita ji, we saw different colored lights in the form of rainbow falling towards earth like it was bowing to satguru ji.


* Day 6: 26 November

We were about to wake up after a sound blissful sleep, there we saw a long queue of souls standing at the door of the room of Satguru Pita ji . This queue was really long starting from the main door to the Pita ji’s room. All of them were dressed white. Looking like they all want to have Darshan of Satguru ji. A little white soul (aged like 6-7 years) came and blessed every sangat member by touching them. He ran towards us and touched our head and went away.


Got a chance to do Kirtan. Was not prepared before. Parbrahm ji blessed us the new tune on harmonium to sang. It was the Shabad SUNO MEET AISA PREM PYAAR. During kirtan,  we were shown all 10 Guru Sahibaans, Dhan Dhan Jesus Christian ji, Saint Kabir ji and many more Saints and Bhagas. They were showering diamonds on everyone. We heard a voice saying “if you love your Guru then give it to your guru”. (It meant to bring Gurbani into action). We instantly gave all diamonds benign to us at the Sat Charans of Satguru Pita ji. All dargah was there at that time.


Had video sangat with Baba ji And Mata ji in the evening. Felt bairaag that tomorrow is the last day of sangat. How should we live without them. But all in hukam.


* Day 7: 27 November

This day, Mohali wale Mata ji was in extreme bliss. She was in a samadhi. She said to Satguru Pita ji “These all are the same sangat whom you have met during your Udaasis!” Satguru Pita ji stood quite and smiled and said “Maa don’t reveal all my secrets!” Then both of them laughed.


After kirtan, Satguru Pita ji said “There are large number of souls today sitting here. There is no space left blank.” Dhan Dhan Dhan Dhan


Felt much bairaag. Didn’t want to go back to the worldly life. Started crying and told Satguru ji to come and stay in our heart. Satguru ji replied “Do you think we are not there? We are always with you. Don’t get attached to body. Sat is the Guru not body.”


Dhan Dhan Dhan Dhan Satnaam ji di MAHIMA. KARE KARAAYE AAPE AAP.


Dhan Dhan sewa Gurpreet Veerji, Arshdeep Veerji, Preetinder Didi, Amarjit Uncle ji, Aunty ji, all sewadars. Dhan Dhan UK Sangat, Dhan Dhan Canada Sangat, Dhan Dhan India Sangat. Dhan Dhan Kirtan sewa of all. Infinite Thanks to Sat Parbrahm Parmeshar and Satguru Parmeshar for the immense grace. Dhan Dhan Beyant Kirpa.


Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Sat Parbrahm sarnayi





Dandaut bandana satguru sat pita Ji aapji Dey sat charan kamla tey ji.

With aapjis Grace we are here sharing our experiences n visions which aapji shown us at Ludhiana sangat.


As the place where true guru visits or present that place automatically got blessed JITHEY JAA BAHEY MERA SATGURU SO THAAN SUHAWA MERE RAAM RAAJEY….. this shabad we felt at Ludhiana sangat in the presence of Dhan Dhan satguru Dassan Dass ji.  It was felt like that whole city whole state whole country was blessed with the presence of this true guru Dhan Dhan Dassan dass ji.

As I was suffering from chikangunia virus and was not able to move and we were worrying about attending the sangat but we pray to Akal purakh for keeping us in huqam and the day we messaged satguru ji about our health and guru ji replied us and said   YOU WILL BE FINE SOON. by reading this message we just felt a energy in our body and in few hour we got healed.  So by this we able to attend the sangat.


The first day when we met our true guru Dhan Dhan Dassan dass ji by just seeing them we got intoxicated and our eyes got closed and a fountain of tears were flown.  We do Dandaut and they blessed us with lots of blessings and hugged us and we felt like a little kid in guru ji s hug. When we were sitting in his lotus feets we have seen satguru Ji in white snow like bright light.

Everytime when we close our eyes we saw a flowers everywhere in different colours.

We hv seen plenty of distorted faces n souls in the sangat old aged n kids trapped souls present in the sangat and crying for mukti we pray to satguru ji to get them free n bless satguru ji do the same and we seen that all that distorted faces n souls just disappears from there after satguru ji s blessings.

We have got the chance to walk with satguru ji in walking sessions  in morning noon and evening once in the walking we asked guru ji about the avastha of peer Laddi shah of nakodar then satguru Ji told us to focused on him in Simran we did the same and we saw peer Laddi shah hanging pootha somewhere.   Got a great divine gyan n wisdom from satguru ji

In Simran sessions we hv a vision of plenty of nihaangs n Khalsa s sitting in the sangat and they told us they are here for mukti.

Whenever we sit near to satguru ji or touches him we just got in deep intoxication. One day in Simran session we started dancing and we experience n seen shiva entered in our body and make us a tandav dance we just pulled out shiva from our body and throw him away and we also fell down there.

One day in the evening we were doing Satnam Simran in the lawn and we hv got Darshan of lotus feets of satguru dasan dass Ji and in few seconds a big feets in White light shape appears before us and we tried to hug them but couldn’t able to hold and we Dandaut them.

One morning when satguru ji were doing bachans then we started strange feeling and sensation in our hirda and it was felt that sat PAARBRAHAM ji getting in our hirda and we just cried a lot in bairaag and khushi.

One day in Simran session satguru Ji blessed us by putting us in deep samadhi and we were not able to open our eyes and we saw our own dead body putting in the feets of satguru ji. We prayed to satguru ji to open our eyes then Dhan sat Gurpreet veerji blessed us and told us that Yogishwar is dying now and sat Sarbajit bheanji  took us to satguru ji and then babaji blessed us and opened our eyes.

One morning when baba ji doing bachans and we were sitting in there lotus feets and then we saw satguru ji turned in Dhan Dhan Guru Nanak Dev ji in White dress we Dandaut them and after few minutes when all sangat were doing flowers showering on satguru ji we saw sai baba sitting just behind the satguru ji wearing long rose garland.

A lot of other experiences satguru ji made us but no more words to express them but the biggest kripa baba ji done on us by giving there pious Darshan to this fool.

We have blessed to have Darshan of Dhan Dhan gurpreeto veerji and he shared a lot of gyan and wisdom with us and whole sangat as well. Gurpreeto ji was felt very happy when we named them the GURPREETO- THE GREAT LONDON BRIDGE he blessed us a lot. He’s really a great blessed soul.

Dhan sat veerji Gurpreet ji also blessed us and shower lot of love in this fool.

Kottan kot shuqrana to whole sat sangat of Canada uk and America they all are really Dhan Dhan. Sat Himanshu veerji from muscat is also really Dhan Dhan ji

Dhan Dhan our whole Indian sangat.

We love whole sat sangat parivaar we felt in sangat that all these are our real sisters mother father and brothers.


Dhan Dhan satguru ji Kottan kot shuqrana aapji Di rehmatta bakshish da

We are speechless satguru ji no words for shuqrana pita ji

Just Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam ji





Satnaam satguru Ji dandaut bandna ji


With your beyant apar kirpa and grace we felt great great great great great great great great great great great great in ludhiana satsangat

The 1st day when had darshans of pita ji we felt that we got everything.Gurpreet veer ji hugged us and gave so much love felt blessed. With sat grace we did dandaut to pita ji and pita ji gave so much love soon after with sat grace we did Kirtan and pita ji bless us and put his hand over our head and it was amazing we felt amrit is flowing at very fast pace through our dassamduar area. Satparbrahm ji was very kind over all of us as we all blessed are with such a great satsangat.

Another day we had vision that pita took all sangat over his shoulder and bind them with white bright lighted rope and taking them along with them.

Another day we had vision of shiv ji.he came and sit in front of us in Smadhi first we did namashkar to them and said app ji dhan dhan but our path and destiny is sat paarbraham ji.they never bothered us.

Many a times we felt deep Smadhi which we never felt before.amrit level was intense in ludhiana sangat.


Many times we were blessed to have walk with pita ji.they shower so much blessing in form of sat wisdom.


The special moment when we saw mohali wale mata ji and pita ji talking to each other.  many things that we didn’t understand between them but anand and ras we felt was very high. Dhan dhan mohali wale mata ji .pita ji did bachan at the same moment that brahamgyani ki Gatt brahamgyani janne.

Dhan dhan satguru pita ji dhan dhan han dhan dhan dhan dhan dhan dhan dhan.

Satsangat was full of bliss and love .

Also got chance to spend some time with sat gurpreeto ji.they shared great wisdom regarding visions .satnaam ji


When pita ji about to leave they gave hug to us we again felt anand and bliss .that hug was very special to this fool.


Dhan dhan pita ji satnaam ji for satblessings and love .


Sada dandaut bandna ji.

WE tried with satgrace to write correct

WE apologise in advance if something written is not correct





Satnaam dandouat bandnaaa pitaaa g satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam aap g dhan dhan pita g app g da pyar dhan dhan


during sangat g app g di kirpaa naal bht anad manyea sat sangat ch beh k dargah ch darshan kitee g sab app g di kirpaa g am da biggest fool g not even dust ur feet g aap g dhan dhan ho g satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam


at dargah i saw app g wadhe baba g mata g all da entire creation by god g it was dhan dhan g heere,moti,flowers satnaam di barish sab awhri c g sab sat sangat nu dhan dhan krdi c g aap g deh pyar teh kirpaa neh sab nu dhan dhan krta g satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam dnt even hav words to describe g app g deh sar charan ch dandouat bandnaa pitaaa g


satnaam g whenever i saw uh there was great bright light at back of app G’s head satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam it was dhan dhan darshan g sab tdi kirpaaa g


satnaam g app di beyant kirpaa g sabnu dhan dhan krtaa g


satnaam satnaam sany v baksh lao g bhulian chukian maaf krke apne charan ch rakh lawo G kujh nai chaida satnaam g Satnaam satnaam satnaam kirpaaa da hath sdaa sda rakhnaa satnaam pitaa g


dhan dhan dhan dhan dhan dhan dhan mera satgur pooraa sat sat sat sat sat sat sat sat sat sda sda dandouat bandnaa g aap nu baksh laina mere satguraa baksh laina


satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam






Sun 20 Nov 16


Arrived in Hira Har village after doing simran for most of the 21hr journey door to door from UK.  Good to see relatives.  We did simran for a few hours at midnight focusing dassan dass ji.  Felt lots of amrit and heat all over had to throw the blankets off. Felt like we have been washed before going to sat sangat tomorrow.


Mon 21 Nov 16


Deepa ji drove us and another uncle  to India Sangat in Ludhiana. Had blessings of dassan dass ji and sangat ji.   So much kindness and love by all to all.  So easy to sit and do simran and feel energy /amrit focusing in the forehead.


Sant sang antar prabh deeta.

Naam prabhu ka laga meeta.



So much devotion by sangat to dassan dass ji.    Taranjeet ji saying amazing new bani sitting at dassan dass ji’s feet.


Yogiswar ji showered flower petal on dassan dass ji’s feet and sitting with pals pressed singing praises went into samadhi.


Dassan dass ji said to one lady who was asking to see God, as soon as you have full faith it will happen right away.   She soon after went into samadhi asans.


Another young sister was shy and some one said she feels dassan dass ji loves her older sister more.   Dassan dass ji gave her a huge hug and blessed her third eye pressing their thumb on there.   Then said more naam simran you do the more God loves you.


Kirandeep shared with us she used to struggle with doing simran and would drag it out for an hour or 2.  But then she asked dassan dass ji how to surrender and they said put guru first in everything.

So in her simran when she felt like giving up she would imagine dassan dass ji is sitting with her just like in sangat and she would do ardas and then simran became effortless for 3,4 even five hours sometimes.   When she walks to school put guru first and felt dassan dass ji is holding her arm and walking along with her.    A month ago she thought to do full surrender, morning and evening simran, no useless activities. Rest of time study and revision.  But her revision time turned into simran. So when her exams came she hadn’t done any revision.  When her results came she finished third highest in the whole year.   She said her faith in naam simran d keeping guru first sky rocketed.


We asked prabhjot to share the little miracle that happened with him when he was going to be attacked by a fanatic sikh at the gurdwara unless prabhjot could prove his guru is true.  The sikh had read slander about baba ji in the punjabi media.  He knew Prabhjot filled baba ji. He challenged prabhjot ji aggressively asking, “why don’t your wear religious dress?”  Prabhjot replied, ” Baba ji said we don’t need outside religious dress for the inner spiritual journey.”    The sikh replied angrily, “well all Sikhs will stop wearing turbans if that was true.  Prove you have the true guru otherwise I will stab you.”   Prabhjot ji just closed his eyes and starting do ardas and satnaam satnaam satnaam. Then he saw baba ji in astral form standing between him and the sikh.  Prabhjot did dandauth. The sikh got more agitated, “why are you doing that to me?”   prabhjot said, “Baba ji is standing right here I am doing it to him.”   Then the sikh raised his arm holding his kirtan to attack prabhjot.  But his arm froze outstretched.  It went up but couldn’t come down. Prabhjot carri d on doing his simran and saw baba ji was holding the Sikhs arm up.  Then try as he may he could not move his arm.   He started pleading with prabhjot, “what have you done to me?  Let me arm down.”    Prabhjot replied humbly, “I didn’t do anything. All I have is satnaam.  And baba ji is holding your arm back. You have judge a saint. You have slandered him. Apologise and promise never to slander any one again.”  The Sikh cooled down and prabhjot prayed for God to forgive the sikh and good wishes for all.”.  Baba ji released his arm.


We asked prabhjot ji to share that experience but they humbly said “the biggest miracle we know is we met satguru and they gave us satnaam.  And now our mind is just absorbed in Satnaam all the time and little miracles happen all the time.”


We were really touched by Kirandeep and prabhjot jis words. Inspired us to put guru first and enjoy naam and ask for help to go further. And to stop going to useless activities for comforts.


Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam ji Dandauth bandhna ji


Dhan dhan singing and kirtan and cooking and serving seva.



Tue 22 Nov, 2016


Sangat was so powerful today. Many blessed humble souls had incredible awakenings. Dassan Dass ji said it was the most powerful sangat they had ever seen.  The amrit levels were intense because the sangat was in extreme humility.   Lower we are higher the amrit that comes.


Dassan dass ji then added laughing, “… And this is only day 2!”


In the evening we had video sangat with Sat baba ji and sat mata ji. Again awakenings started happening. Sangat starter going to into bliss.   Baba ji gave passionate wisdom about how each bhagat that comes is a revolutionary. They come to change the prevailing thoughts.   And for each of us to start a revolution. Not to think that we can’t do it,  that only the gurus and bhagats can do it.  No baba ji has blessed each of us to share the truth, to expose untruth and if we don’t tell the truth and share it then whatever we have spiritually gained will also rot away like stagnant water.


Personally kept doing seva of shoes and recordings.  Washing everyone’s feet, see God in all. Sabh gobind ha sabh gobind ha gobind bin nahee koee.


Don’t compare or judge ourself to anyone. Happy for everyone. Don’t think. Told mind don’t think, just wash the feet of all with love and do satnaam. We just do simran inside.   Several times in the day had tears in our eyes seeing the overwhelming humbleness of Sangat at dassan dass ji’s feet.  Or when dassan dass ji blessed souls who were in pain. So compassionate.  So kind.  That is the greatest power we have seen. The power to wipe away the suffering of the crying world.


A possessed boy, 16 year old, quite overweight and his mum and uncle came to sangat in the evening.  The boy looked dark and withdrawn.  The mum said they had met dassan dass ji last year too and dassan dass ji recalled the boy used to have headaches due to a spirit possessing him. They said the spirits had returned after ten days.   And the boy again was getting headaches, sleeping all day, awake all night demanding rich meat dishes to feast on. Dassan dass ji scolded the mother and the boy saying when we told you last year to do naam simran and you got better when you came her then why did you stop?   Why didn’t you go to regular local sangat as we told you too?

Then dassan dass ji told them off for going to demi gods places.  They asked do you go to those places? The mum stayed quie.  The uncle said, “there is no place they haven’t gone to.”


Dassan dass ji told them these demi God’s have nothing at all to give you.  Satnaam is the only power.   He said when Hindus die at the funeral procession the mourners chant” Ram naam sat ha – God’s name is Truth.”  But it’s too late to chant God’s name when you are a dead body.  You have to do it while you are alive.  The mum smiled.  Dassan dass ji told them their house is built in a place where there are lot of bad spirits. They need to move ASAP, go and live on rent right away. Sell the property.


Dassan dass ji asked preeti ji to look spiritually at the boy.  She confirmed all kinds of spirits in the house.  And in the boys room a dark spirit flying around.  Other spirits like a women standing in fire. And inside the boy a demon with fangs and small horns.   With darkness seeping out of every pore of the boy’s body,  even out of under his finger nails. She said this is the same spirit that haunts his room too.


Dassan dass ji placed their hand on the boys head and blessed them for a few minutes.  Preeti ji started laughing in delight as she could see with her inner eye “you are filling him with light. Light is pouring into him.”


The boy looked relaxed, opened up and started talking freely.  Dassan dass ji asked do you crave those heavy meat dishes?  He replied no.   Do you have any more headache? He said no.  Do you have any other pain in your body? He said no.


They said to him and his mum do satnaam, goto sangat. DO NOT GO TO ANY OTHER PLACE.  Throw out all your demi God things from your house. Buy a new house.  Do not do ritual religious ceremonies for a new house. Invite sangat and do satnaam.


Then look at the Compassion of dassan dass ji. They were also concerned for the demon. They turned to preeti ji and requested her to ask the demon what he wants?  She went into her samadhi and said he wants mukti/liberation.  Dassan dass ji said he can’t have that without doing a lifetime of bandagi.  But he can be freed from his demon life form.  Preeti ji again went inside and said he has been a demon for 1000 years and he happily accepts freedom.


So dassan dass ji freed him. He will get the chance to be born as a human and meet a sant of his time who will give him naam, seva and bandagi.


DHAN dhan dhan dassan dass ji.


After sangat dispersed we then spoke to the boy in English about choices.  Gave him a big hug.  He was 16. We said same age as our daughter.  We want her to do well. We want him to do well.  And everyone here is also his well wisher.


He needs to ask why did such a bad spirit come to me? And he replied because of bad deeds.    Then we explained to him he has to make his own choices now.  Everyday we choose to go closer to the light or back into darkness.   If he keeps doing simran and good deeds he will got to the light. If he doesn’t he will go back unto the darkness.  Just as happened after they met dassan dass ji last year and got blessed.   We said to him be positive whatever happened to him happened for the best because there is nothing better than meeting your satguru and getting blessed with naam.   And now to be fearless and do simran like he seems in sangat, loud and not scared of any spirits.  And pray to God that you want to be like dassan dass ji and to save those spirits. Not to be scared of them ever again.


He is a great kid. Gave him lots of love and encouragement.   Said to him to keep in touch.


Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam ji


Wed 23 Nov, 2016


Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam ji Dandauth bandhna ji.


About mid morning heard children’s chanting satnaam satnaam. Sounded like satnaam warriors.  Sarabjit penji is a teacher in Amritsar and arranged a school trip to come to sangat.   Three classes of girls came. They had been blessed last year when dassan dass ji went to there school last year.     Penji faced alot of resistance from other sikh teachers and principal who didn’t like her doing samadhi asans and Dandauth in school.  And didn’t like kids chanting satnaam instead of waheguru.   But she said baba ji put a spiritual army of sants in the school to clear negativity.  And when dassan dass ji came last year the two most outspoken teachers were the first ones to start shaking and having inner awakenings.   The other teachers would put her reputation down saying she is possessed and to stay away unless you want to get possessed too.


But all has worked out. She brought the kids army.  They were so happy, did dandauth did satnaam with sangat and then did high energy jumping and dancing to satnaam with drums.  Like springs that had been released!   So contagious that all adults were jumping in naam too.  It was great, kids were so inspiring.  Seed of satnaam sown in the next generation.   Baba ji said that in the next 40 years satnaam is going to spread far and wide.  Age of Truth has just begun and will start flourishing.  Thankyou sat parbrahm ji for letting us be part of it with these writings and recordings for the benefit of Sangat now and for generations to come.


Dassan dass ji asked the girls do you have any problems.  They said we think of you and say Satnaam and our problems go away!   Another girl had a high temperature and she still came to meet dassan dass ji.


Sangat did their full seva. Showed so much love and kindness.  They all love Sarbjit penji.  They call her madam satnaam.   Sangat was praising dhan sat parbrahm.  Dhan Dhan sat sangat.  Then dhan dhan madam satnaam!


We spent most of Sangat today in little divine chats at Langar and in rooms.  Everyone is so great for listening to baba jis gian we share with them.   We are also thirsty to share the wisdom but not many thirsty souls in family and work life.  So thankyou baba ji sat sangat ji for letting this fool be of some use.


Later on God came in the disguise of a frail looking old lady.  She completely mesmerised the sangat with her extreme humbleness and innocence as she sat infront of dhan dhan dhan dassan dass ji.  Slowly slowly slowly we all started realising she is very very very blessed soul.   Lowest of the lowest of the low. She only called herself a crazy woman, kamlee.  Full of divine wisdom and nothing but praise of dassan dass ji.  The more we listened to her it just touched her heart.  It made us realise how God came as a lowly, lonely old lady who was just looking for God in a sant.  She said sants never let women come close and tell them do. Kitchen seva, dassan dass ji opened his arms and like a child she kept forward and buried her head in his loving embrace.


Then she told that she always talks to God since childhood. She was an only child.  And her father used to stay up all night in bairaag (sadness at being seperate from God)  and her grandad was similarly blessed.    But she used to talk to God, ‘o true master why don’t you come to my heart? Have I not made it how you like it?  Please you make it how you like it because I don’t know.’


And all her life she would say to God, ‘I want to see you, you must be on this earth right now in some divine soul.   How will I find you?  Please give me eyes to recognise you.’


Then she heard of sant hari singh, a long time ago when she was young. She had excitement to meet him.  She stitched him a long gown and wrote ik onkar across the hirdha area.    She went with her husband.   There were huge amount of Sangat and a waiting are to meet them.   Somehow she got the chance that  meet them and he saw her thirst and told her to recite, ‘satnaam satnaam satnaam…:  which she did ever since without break, continuous, nirantar.


She was so humble, so extremely humble, so much poverty.  Spent her while life with these simple thoughts of love and yearning for God inside.   She said she never revealed these inner talks until now because the world thinks she is crazy and her family don’t treat her very well. But we should all look after the elderly especially of our own family.


She said I don’t think I have much time left in this world, I want to go home.  I don’t want to fall back.    She said when Sant hari singh ji passed away she saw in her vision that in such khand he was welcomed with great joy by saints and prophets from all religions.  And she was surprised because she didn’t know Jesus was there too and others.   She said he was given a throne so beautiful she cannot describe.


Dassan dass ji said that she too will be welcomed and given great place in sach khand.  That she is already mukt and she is a brahm giani.    She held dassan dass ji’s hands and closed her eyes and said in such sweet soft voice that ‘you take many forms.  Everything is in your hands. You are saying the same words that sant hari singh ji told me 35 years ago.’


She said that she goes into samadhi and something happens around her hirdha. And she loses all sense of body and pain, she is in internal joy.   She was a school teacher and a boy threw up a stick to knock down a mango, it injured her foot when it came down.  The cut got infested with maggots, but she felt no pain. And still she would walk to sangat everyday.  Then someone saw the wound and said why don’t you rest and let it heal. She said sangat is my food I can’t live without it.  And she looked at the maggots and said and I am their food.


She just wanted to see God inside herself and she wanted to see God inside a sant. And that is how it happened.   She said that people go after palaces but God tends to visit the ones who live in poor huts.  She said one time God made her go silent for three days.   Just absorbed in his name satnaam.   And she saw God was standing with her everywhere. He came in torn and dirty  clothes.  She first said please let me wash your clothes.   Her husband and others couldn’t understand why she was silent and who was with her.  They said well if you can’t talk then write and gave her a pen and paper. But God didn’t let her write either.  So she wasn’t able to tell anyone until now.


She said she has never told anyone these things because she is just a crazy woman, kamlee and who would listen. But having talked to the sangat to dassan dass ji she said she has got these things off her chest.   She said as a child you don’t have any dhoots. Then later on you get stuck in the attachments of family.  After that you chase properties and wealth.  But even if you had all the diamonds of the world it doesn’t compare to then loving enticing glow of the inner diamond.  Dass and ask ji said you are the diamond and diamond studded palaces are waiting for you in dargah.  (Baba ji explained that every time we do a truthful deed we are building our house on the other side. So if she has a diamond palace waiting on the other side just think of the highest truthful selfless  deeds she has done and the purity of her satnaam simran full of true love devotion and extreme innocence and poverty.)


She said that her mother in law was sick and she went and served her with full love and devotion.


She said her grandad had 7 daughters and one son, her dad.  He was blessed soul. He taught all of them shabads and they did simran together everyday. He never treated the girls less than the boy.


Dassan dass ji said she was giving divne wisdom of the highest order and sangat should listen carefully.  That she was a brahm giani. She was a diamond. She was mukt. She was never going to be born again.  She was going to sach khand, but not as soon as she thinks because they extended her life.  Dassan dass ji asked if they can also bow to her feet.


Dhan dhan brahm giani s playing the game of love lowest of all.


Personally when mata ji came in the sangat we saw her in the kitchen.  We had a feeling to serve the apples. She came in asking for something to eat but declined the apple due to being hard to eat with her teeth.  We didn’t see brahm giani God in her. We didn’t do Dandauth.  We say God is in all, sabh gobind ha sabh gobind ha gobind nahee koee.. We have been saying that for a few weeks.  We have been singing koee Jane Har soi deva jor.. May some divine soul come and unite me God.


And god came in the guise of a frail looking old lady with weak teeth. Looking for a little something to eat.  Sitting at the feet of dassan dass ji saying that she is just an lady with little time left in the world.  Not related well by her family, never been able to get close to a sant as women are kept away.  But she liked this sangat as she got close to dassan dass ji.  That she has just been looking for a little love, looking for God inside a sant.  But unable to find one (since sant hari singh ji).  Lonely, hungry, crazy old woman who no one wants.


God came in this guise to show us extreme poverty and thirst for feet of the divine souls.   Seeing her purity and extreme humbleness we just thought she is not from this modern age. We saw inside ourself how far we are from that real divine love.   We saw how filthy we are.  We felt tears welling up of regret that we didn’t earn poverty in this sangat or before.   That we never loved God like she loves God. The inner talk the complete love and humbleness and innocence.   We prayed please forgive us mata ji for not doing Dandauth to you in the kitchen.  For not helping all elderly people and poor children.  For not realising that God is teaching us for the last few days in sangat  how to be kind, lowly servant.  When they praise us it is not for our ego to get inflated, it is to show us how to be lowly too.  How we should praise and thank guru and guru pyare.   We touched dassan dass ji’s feet we prayed please let us cry, we are not worthy to be in this sangat baba ji. We have no good qualities. We are shrouded in the thick black cloth of ego.  We are in the sickness of wealth and family.  We are filthy sinner, please forgive us, please forgive us, please forgive us.  Tears kept pouring.  Mata ji kept talking and blessing sangat.   Then she looked at us and told dassan dass ji that jyot has ignited inside us.   We are not worthy at all, we hardly take one step to the guru or humbleness and god comes in the sangat as the lowest kindest to serve us in every hand to teach us what is love and what is kindness and what he is.  But we don’t do the same to others. We don’t even express our love in our own family.   Tears kept pouring.  Dhan God in mata ji Dhan God in dassan dass ji. Dhan God in sangat. The kindest of the kind. Most merciful.  Forgiver.   Lowest of the low, highest of the high.    We will never make the same mistake again.  We will serve the poor children and the elderly and we will look for God in each heart. For we know he likes to come in disguise. Someone lowly someone fifthly someone laughed at or discarded by society.


Afterwards we too bowed at mata jis feet and put our head in our mother’s laps she blessed us and we said please forgive us.  Please forgive us.  She said always hold onto the sangat of your sant, in their sangat all your filth is washed, those insects infesting your body all get expelled.


Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam ji Dandauth bandhna ji





Dandaut bandhna satguru pita ji. Following are our mom’s experiences during Satnaam sangat



1) During kirtan we saw a well full of diamonds. There was a strainer instead of bucket. We strained diamonds from the well.


2) The day when Baba ji demolished our illusion of Kirpan, there we felt that the upper part of our head is not there but there was sparkling lights instead of head. There was parkash everywhere and lights were sparkling too.

In the morning there were light shaded lights of different colors like sea green, baby pink etc. But as the day passed, all lights became darker. We are still feeling those bright lights on the top of our head.


3) we see two men (singhs) around us every time. One of them is wearing yellow turban and other one is wearing blue turban. They are always with us. Never letting us alone.


4) one day during sangat, we saw fountain of Amrit coming from Baba Ji’s sat charans. We drank that. And then showered it to Prabhjot and Kiran. But it was like never ending fountain. It kept coming continuously. Then my bindle (jholi) became overloaded with the Amrit and we showered it to every sangat member there.


Kotaan kot shukrana for everything satguru ji






Dear  Daddy Ji,

Satnaam Ji,

Dandauth Bandhna Ji,


We would like to share the following experiences during the last 4/5 days which we had with your grace :-


1)    We found ourself being transported to Ludhiana sangat during Meditation.

2)    Our body turned into Gold along with our Moustache.

3)    We have visions that our heart was an abandoned Mansion in darkness since ages and is now illuminated with sparkling white light.

4)    We have visions of sky with white cloud followed by Akal Purakhji to whom we say  Tu hi Tu and he replies Tu Hi Hai.

5)    We have visions of sky with white cloud followed by visions of tremendously sparkling white light. This light is so cool and soothing that makes us feel as light as a feather

6)    We have a feeling within ourself  that  Akal Purakh Ji has now established himself in our heart and has started to take over all our day to day activities. Many times we feel not pay tips to personnel working in our house (as it is a part of their duty) for Maintenance activities or delivery boys delivering food articles from nearby restaurants but we hear a voice coming from our heart instructing to pay and we quietly follow the instructions.


Daddy ji, we are not deserving but your kind grace has bestowed us with everything.


Please bless us with humbleness and more and more of this infinite wealth of Naam.


Please forgive our sins and mistakes and bless us with more and more surrender and Naam Abhyaas


Dandauth Bandhna Ji,

Dust below your holy feet ji.

Sat sat sat sada satji





Satnaam ji shri sat paarbrham ji dandouth ji we would like to share ur experiences through this mitti da bhanda ji

1)We felt extreme peace and love and kheda through out sat sangat.

2) We had this flow of sat Bani when had darshan of shri satguru ji, shri satnaam babaji, shri sat Mata ji and Satguru PREETam Anand ji satnaam satnaam satnaam also we were amazed to see such innocents kinds shri jeewan ji, sat Jasmeet ji Dhan Dhan Shri Aman ji, felt loads of love from swarn ji our sister, Sonia ji Dhan Dhan, Shri GurCharan ji satnaam, shri sunny ji shri Harminder ji and we had vision of like in a battle field while doing satnaam Simran in loud voice and had felt like khanda in our hand and other hand too with emitting lighting and showering diamonds on Sat sangat, also felt like white milk like substance all over in third eye, had felt like a guitar like instrument in heart and we playing it with grace, felt like in shri dargah doing Seva of distributing sura of naam to sat sangat, felt presence of shri satnaam Satguru AVTAAR Dassam Patshah Guru GOBIND Singh.

3) In childhood we used to read lots of comics though they were somehow linked to God, like with grace in a scrap dealer shop we read all AVTAAR of vishnu ji and there was this comics where a distance planet was there where people used to worship God in form of light coming from a hole and forgot that comics story long time back but during one day satnaam Simran at sangat in Satguru Dassandaass jis sangat we felt like we are on that planet and worshipping light in form of shri Satguru and had blessing that God is in form of light there and here in form of Energy in Body of Shri Satguru ji sat sat sat sat.

4)In all sat sangat we are thankful to all ji who blessed this dog have entry at Guru Ghar ji and felt so much bliss and peace sorry this dog doesn’t remembers much and also we felt our kundilini get ignited and sat sarovar too sat sat sat.

Please parvaan this miniscule Seva ji sat sat sat.





Babaji mere ek experience vi haga si sangat vich ,jado main simran krn deya si ta main aap ji da face vekhya prr tuhadeya eyes bilkul black si te jado main tuhade eyes wal focus kita ta ohde vich mainu universe vekhya. satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam





I don’t know how to pen it down as it is very difficult for me to explain in words ..I mean those days of Ludhiana sangat  were so so so amazing .

I have completely changed after attending satnaam sangat.

My mother used to say all the time ”  u should do Simran ” and I was like “okay mom” . In my mind I was like “me and satnaam Simran never” b’coz there was something which always hindered me to do so . Tbh God was nothing for me . I was Almost atheist u can say so (may be b’coz of past incidents )

I only came to Ludhiana to meet babaji and for their Darshan.

On my first two days I.e. Wednesday and Thursday when all the sangat people were busy in doing Simran , dancing here and there etc etc , I was just looking at them one by one . And I was enjoying watching sangat people dancing and singing .

But yeah Wednesday night I saw Babaji in my dream . Last few days of satnaam sangat , I too got intoxicated by satnaam Simran . I too got indulged in satnaam Simran . That all thing was full of peace and serenity. While I was doing Simran , i saw projection of Babaji behind an eye. The next day , I had glimpse of 10th guru , guru Gobind Singh ji and after that I saw white light (Prakash as dassan dass ji told me that day) all over me .

Sunday evening when I came back to hostel, I felt

extreme absence of babaji that I went Ludhiana again, the next day (Monday) while I was having 101 degree fever and sleepless Sunday night . I have realised that satnaam Simran is must . I have realised the importance of satnaam Simran .Since the sangat days till now , I don’t feel like talking with anyone in my hostel ,college or anywhere . All I want is Satnam Simran all around me. Thanku so much Babaji from the bottom of my heart for ur divine love , care and blessings . Am nothing without u . Be with me always and shower ur blessings on us .

And a big Thanks to gurpreeto ji and taranjeet ji for motivating me .

Please forgive me for my mistakes as well as my deeds.

Satnaam satnaam Satnam satnaam satnaam satnaam Satnam satnaam satnaam . Dandaut to everyone .


3-4 days ago while I was listening to one of the sangat recordings , I saw a long tunnel . Babaji asked me to get inside it but I refused as I was very scared to move inside the tunnel . Then babaji hold my hand and we both started moving inside it . It was a long way to go inside the tunnel . Finally we reached to a big mahal or hall and there we saw a huge beautiful chair (singhasan) . 10th guru was sitting on that singhasan and I was so happy on seeing all that . I started looking for babaji as I wanted him to see 10th guru sitting on that beautifull chair . He was no where to be found . I was searching for him here and there . Then I had a look at singhasan where I found the glimpses of dassan dass Ji and guru Gobind Singh ji’s souls as well as bodies (am not able to explain properly) merging into each other . It was so overwhelming . I started doing dandout to them . They showered diamonds all over me but I said I am not this much deserving so I moved to other side and started doing dandauts again and again .

Satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam ji


Satnaam Babaji , dandauth bandhana Babaji .

Babaji when I was travelling in bus to patiala .. I was trying to focus on Satnaam Simran with my eyes closed , there I saw so many dancing Ik ONKAR alphabets coming out of my body particularly heart but from centre.

Satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam Ji


Dandaut Babaji, satnaam ji .

When I was doing Simran in the evening, me and Babaji had a long walk on a dark and calm road . It was really a long walk which came to an end with a beautiful rath at the corner of the road . We both then covered the remaining distance on that rath. On our way, we met mom and she too joined us . Finally we reached our destination I.e. Beautiful mahal . Babaji said there was a surprise for u inside . On entering mahal, we found Guru gobind singh ji sitting on his singhasan . I was so much glad . I did dandauth to guru Gobind Singh ji . He blessed me by placing his hand on my head for a very long time . There was another singhasan for dassan dass ji . Dassan dass ji was very happy on seeing me being blessed by guru Gobind Singh ji . Guru Gobind Singh ji blessed me by showering golden pearls all over me. I again did dandauth to both dassan dass ji and guru Gobind Singh Ji . And now they both blessed me by placing their hand on my head .


After some time, I had a visit to Dargah, where mom, Preet Didi along with her husband, Jagdeep mamu, taranjeet ji, Kiran Ji and other sangat member were already there and doing Simran in the presence of 10th guru. He again blessed me by placing his hand on my head .


When I was listening to recordings, I started waving to some extent and the word ‘satnaam’ did the same. It also started waving with me .

Satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam .





Satnaam ji kotan kotan Dandaut bandana sat pita ji aapji de sat charna kamla ch satnaam ji pita ji we are the biggest fool who can’t ever explain aapji’s mahima and infinite kirpa on us satnaam ji we all were very very excited to have aapji’s sat Darshans satnaam Ji at night when aapji arrived at Ludhiana by seeing aapji’s pictures we felt so delighted and like something ignited in us we just can’t explain it the next day we arrived there satnaam ji we don’t know what happened to us when we saw aapji satnaam ji it was like Nirankar Ji in front us when aapji gave us a warm hug and showered blessings on this biggest fool we were without any thoughts just staring aapji we just couldn’t believe that aapji were in front of us satnaam ji aapji know each and everything satnaam ji Plz forgive this biggest hypocrite satnaam ji with aapji’s grace satnaam ji we didn’t had any visions satnaam ji but the biggest thing was that aapji were there with us when we went back bcoz of our exam listening aapji’s bachans on mixlr we were crying throughout don’t know what happened just we wanted to fly and come back to aapji next day we came and then had Darshans of dhan dhan sat mataji from mohali ji she is sooo dhan dhan that she gave so much divine love to this moorak h satnaam ji at night when we had Darshans of mata Ji we felt so great to be part of this dhan dhan satnaam sangat in the next morning when we went for a walk with aapji aapji made us all have Darshans of rom rom Simran going on in aapji’s satnaam body satnaam ji we felt so great and was feeling so lucky to be there all these feelings can’t be explained by us satnaam ji the infinite divine love that aapji and entire satnaam sangat gave to this fool can’t ever be described in words satnaam ji then again we went and came back after giving our exam in bus for the first time alone but aapji were always with us so we didn’t feel any fear when coming back in the sangat aapji gave us a divine hug satnaam ji we felt so blessed and love all around satnaam ji sangat gave us so much love far more than our family satnaam ji when Gurpreeto uncle ji blessed us we felt so much heat flowing from their palms and felt as if in heaven sangat was really heaven on earth satnaam ji we didn’t felt like leaving the sangat at all satnaam ji dhan dhan UK ,Canada and India sangat ji dhan dhan mata ji from mohali ji

thanks a zillion times satnaam Ji it won’t be enough to thank the ultimate divine love that aapji and sangat gave this biggest egoistical fool satnaam ji please forgive us satnaam ji for millions of sins that we have done knowingly or unknowingly satnaam ji sada sada Dandaut bandana ji love u always satnaam ji





today while studying i felt sleepy n went for sleep.during dat time i saw in dream satmeet veer g me (fool) n whole sat sangat we both satmeet veerg n me were recting satnaam satnaam in loud voice n were dacing in praise of true lord it wass dhan dhan paraksh pitaa g it wass big room were all sangat was doing simran n there was very briaght parakash on aaking ,which place is dis? Someone from sangat said its dhan dhan house of mohali wale mata g n when i wake up n opened kakao there were msgs dat now monthly sangat will ne held at dhan dhan mohali wale mata ji’ s house




Dandaut Bandana Satguru Pyare Pitaji at your Satcharanji Satnaamji.Pitaji with your Immense grace Ludhiana Satsangat was amazing ji It was all  Amrit and too much Love .Pitaji ,once when Simmran was going on ,we saw Dhan Dhan Nanak Patshah ji right over your head ji ,Aapji n Dhan Guru Nanak Dev ji were one ji and then he spread his beard and so beautiful grey silver pearls came rolling down every single hair of the beard ji ,All the Sangat was highly blessed Pitaji ,This is only and only your grace Sache Patshah ji ,We always see Aapji and Nanak ji mingled in one entity.Dhan Dhan Satguru Mera Poora ji ,Pitaji ,the love and Amrit we experienced this time was something entirely different ji ,Aishwarya ji could make it to the darshan of Dhan Dhan aapji only by your graceji ,the accident we met with on our way to Ludhiana and still safe was only only only your kirpa Dattaji,otherwise no one could save us ji Satnaam Ji and the other miracle we witnessed was Aishwarya would not stop saying that Pitaji is full of so much love ,she was so much overwhelmed,she kept on saying this ,she said I would like to meet Pitaji again to tell him how much she loved you,because she has never come across such a loving person in her entire life,and same view s abt Dhan Dhan Satsangat ji ,Pitaji we know you never aspire for any glory or Praises but on our way back when you again in Dhan Dhan Nanak ji Sache Patshah ji Roop came and sat on the front Of the car and told us to sleep and relax as we are there with you ,we wept a lot Pitaji but out of love and our heart was shouting loud the whole journey n after that too Dhan Dhan Satguru Dassan Dass ji Aapji ki mahimaa juggo juggo tak mahakti rahe Aapji always come on this earth in Sat Paar Braham ji Roop to help your children Satguru ji our heart blessed Aapji like anything can’t explain in words,Satguru Sache Patshah ji this experience was something all together different ji ,Pitaji pl excuse us for our avguns ji ,we are full of them ji You are so much full of love love love,the way you took care of Aishwarya,no one can Dhan Dhan Dhan Dhan Satguru Sda Sda Shukrana ji Always keep us under your Lotus feet,Words are too less to describe your love for the whole sangat ji Oh my lord Divine Father Pl bless us Sewa Simmran ji Satnaam Satnaamji ,pl excuse us if we wrote something wrong ji we too are so overwhelmed Satnaam ji





Dear Daddy ji,

Satnaam ji,

Dandvauth Bandana ji,


We reached back to Muscat a couple of days ago with your blessings. We share some of experiences during Ludhiana Sangat ji.



  1. We reached Ludhiana on 25th Nov afternoon from Muscat travelling throughout the night of 24th Nov. Next day morning of 26th Nov we woke up a bit late and started our Simran at 5.53 AM. We were doing our simran in the drawing room on the sofa when we woke up at around 8 AM and opened our eyes, we saw the room was full with foggy white light.


  1. During the day Gurcharan ji and his wife ji were singing an ardas and we went into Sunn Samadhi where everything was just pure silence beyond time and space, we were cut off and could no longer hear anything as we remember, then we were shown transcripts like the one in olden ages, approx. 4 lines were written in each transcript and we could not understand which language it was in and these rectangular strips of transcripts were moving from bottom up frame by frame till we came out of Samadhi which was apparently during the end stage of the ardas being sung by Gurcharan ji .


  1. We had also invited our cousin and his wife from Delhi to come to Ludhiana Sangat and meet master and seek blessings on 27th Nov, as asked by Amit ji, as we were informed of her showing some para normal activities in the past. Master dassan dass ji asked Preeti ji to see and she confirmed a dark shadow which was old with some grey hair. Master asked preeti ji to check out what she wanted and she was told to Jap Naam. Preeti ji reported she started to do so and now she was dancing. Some anxiety was created finally Master cleared any negativities what so ever and blessed our cousin’s wife.


All is your grace master. Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam sda sda Satnaam ji,


Dust below your feet, your humble student,





We saw all 10 Satguru Sahibaans, many Sants, Bhagats and Brahm Gyanis in white clothes at highest top level. We were doing Simran below them and parkash was coming from the top. We did dandaut to Satguru Sahibaans. Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji was standing there with a white horse, we did dandaut to them. 10th Guru Ji told us to sit at their horse, we did it, Satguru Ji gave us a Kirpaan. When Satguru ji pushed the horse, it started flying. It was whole white everywhere. At one point, we saw Dhan Dhan Mata Sundri Ji & Dhan Dhan Mata Sahib Kaur ji were there. They also gave us a Kirpaan in other hand. Satguru ji again pushed the horse and horse started flying. We reached at some place where there was a stage and sangat were sitting below that. It was looking like that all sangat members present there were thirsty for Naam. We sat there and started calling Satguru Dassan Dass ji to come here. Parkash was kept coming from Dhan Dhan Satguru Nanak Dev ji. There we saw, Baba ji and Mata ji. Both of them and sangat there placed red dupatta over us. We along with Satguru Sahibaans, Sants, Bhagats and Brahm Gyanis danced alot there. Beyant Nihaal. It was like we were diving into maansarowar. All our grace Satguru ji. Kotaan Kot Shukrana Ji.





1) School teacher, Rajbir kaur ji was in the market with her husband. Her husband went to search the Liquor shop. Rajbir Madam ji kept Doing Satnaam by standing near the motorbike of her husband. And with Sat grace, her husband was unable to find any shop of alcohol. Satnaam ji protected them.



2) I was in some problem, i slept chanting Satnaam and saw Dassan Daas ji with me and when I woke up my problem was sorted and I was fresh.



Grade 9th



3) Baba ji dandaut bandhna

From the day I started doing Satnaam simran, my life has changed in such a way that I daily revise my homework and also I feel like to do dance. I am thankful to you baba ji.



Grade 10th



4) Baba ji dandaut bandhna

Baba ji when I started doing simran, I became lost in it. Mom shaked me but I was lost. I was unable to know what’s happening. Baba ji when I do simran all my sufferings and pains get lost. Before, I used to go gurudwara and did ardaas that may my parents don’t fight. But my ardaas never get fulfilled. But after doing Satnaam simran, my parents have stopped fighting and they are living with love and peace. I can’t explain what happens to me when I do simran. Just I lost myself in simran. I feel very lucky that I have found True Guru who showed me this path.


Simranjeet kaur

Grade 10th



5) Baba ji dandaut bandhna

Satnaam Baba ji

(a)  Baba ji I slept while doing simran and saw I was dancing in the dream. I also saw you and sangat and Sarabjit ji too. All of you were dancing with me.

(b)  Baba ji my life has changed because of simran. Before, my father used to fight everyday. But now he is slowed down. Baba ji please keep blessing our family.

(c)  Baba ji while sleeping i used to get scared and start doing Satnaam 2-3 times and sleep again. I wake up rejoiced instead of astonishing expressions.

(d)  Baba ji, one day my sister was fighting with me. I started doing Satnaam Satnaam in front of her. She taunted me that you can only do Satnaam nothing else. But still I continued Satnaam Satnaam then mouth started chanting tuhi tu tuhi tu, haumai nahi tuhi tu, Satnaam Satnaam.

(e)  Baba ji, today I woke up at 5:30 am then started doing simran from 6-7 am. I tried to do dandaut but my eyes were filled with water due to which I was unable to do dandaut to you. But I tried to do dandaut. Then I was completely lost in simran. I didn’t want to talk to anyone. I locked the room and kept dancing and after that I started crying.

From :


Grade 10th



6) Baba ji dandaut bandhna

(a) Baba ji, one day I slept doing Satnaam. I saw I was still doing Satnaam in my dream. When I opened my eyes slowly, I saw a big door in front of me and very bright light was coming from that door.

(b) Baba ji My parents don’t do simran but my mom used to do paath. When going to school they met with an accident but Lord saved them. Both of them fell down from motorbike. There was a small injury on my father’s leg but no little scratch to My mom.

(c) Baba ji with the grace of Satnaam simran, now my father don’t trouble at home. Everyone at my home have started doing simran. I feel like not to open my eyes whilst doing simran. Even my younger brother who was afraid of going to school, he also started doing simran and go to school daily

From :


Grade 10th


7) Dandaut bandhna Baba ji

I feel sleepy while doing simran. I feel there is difference between night sleep and this sleep. But we want to continue simran in sleep as well.








Dandaut bandana to Dhan Dhan Sat Naam ji all ji


Sada Sada Shukrana Satnaam ji


We are sorry for sharing these experiences too late. We are nothing not capable of anything, don’t deserve anything, During Sangat we wanted to dig a deep hole in the floor & wanted to sit beneath it because we are nothing, don’t deserve anything, I am truly lower than the charan dhoor (foot dust) of sangat. Whatever happens all is Kirpa of Dhan Dhan Satnaam ji. We don’t deserve anything and will never deserve. All is Kirpa (Grace). With Hukam of Sat Guru Dassan Dass ji Sat Naam ji themselves make us sharing these experiences blessed by himself as he is the doer, Karta Purakh Sat Naam, He is the Sat Guru, Sat Guru Dassan Dass ji and He is the Sat Guru Baba Ji King of Kings, Dhan Dhan Shoti Mata Ji and Dhan Dhan Sant Pritam Anand ji and all Sants.

AAPAE SATGUR AAP HAR AAPAE MAEL MILAAE | He Himself is the True Guru; He Himself is the Lord. He Himself unites in His Union.

AAP DAYAA KAR MAELSEE GUR SATGUR PEECHHAI PAAE | In His Kindness, He unites us with Himself, as we follow the Guru, the True Guru.

SABH JAGAJEEVAN JAG AAP HAI NAANAK JAL JALEH SAMAAE |4|4|68| Over all the world, He is the Life of the World, O Nanak, like water mingled with water. ||4||4||68||




  1. Our biggest miracle is that Satnaam ji heard our prayer to do Sangat of a Puran Brahmgiani and Sant. We were blessed with Sangat of Aap ji. Aap ji blessed us to do yours Seva. Aap ji gave us so much blessings. Aap ji blessed us Dhan Dhan Counsel. Aap ji took food from the hands of this dirty being. Aap ji blessed food in our mouth with aap jis lotus hands. We were blessed with the Grace & Sangat of Dhan Dhan Sat Guru Baba Ji King of Kings, Dhan Dhan Shoti Mata Ji and Dhan Dhan Sant Pritam Anand ji on video call. When they were on video call & they said about SatNaam ji in Hirda. Then we closed our eyes & saw smiling of Baba Ji in our Hirda Chakra. That is a very very big inspiring vision for us. Kata of Dhan Dhan Sat Guru Baba Ji King of Kings was truly Dhan Dhan and was biggest of biggest.




(Sat Guru is greatest of all, Nanak says He saved my honor in this Dark Age of Kali Yuga. ||4||10||57||



  1. During Sangat Dhan Dhan Ricky ji asked to this fool and Baba Taran Taaran Jeet ji to buy some flowers for sangat as Dhan Dhan Sarabjeet Bhainji have given Hukam to Dhan Dhan Ricky ji. On the way Baba Taran Taaran Jeet ji saw some fruit stalls and bought some fruits for sangat. Then they blessed a fruit to passing by kids. Then so many children gathered near Baba Taran Taaran Jeet ji and requested fruits. Baba Taran Taaran Jeet ji came in compassion and started giving many fruits to sangat. A Kid was getting 4-5 fruits and ever more; those kids were not even able to hold those fruits in hands. Then soon a lady came to us and requested to give her flour. Then Ricky ji said to Baba Taran Taaran Jeet ji that we tripartite will divide money to buy Flour for her & We all came to grocery shop & bought flour and gave to that lady. Baba Taran Taaran Jeet ji said to that lady just use this flour to eat food and not sell it again to earn money. Then shopkeeper said that see now lady will ask Tea packet and then more. Soon that lady came with another lady & asked for more flour for anoter lady and a packet of tea. We asked to Baba Taran Taaran Jeet ji that how shopkeeper knows it then Baba Taran Taaran Jeet ji replied to us that these ladies are probably member of a gang who begs for grocery things and then sell it to earn money. In compassion Baba Taran Taaran Jeet ji gave fruits to those ladies and went away.


  1. During Langar Gur Preeto ji was blessing the Food of Divine Wisdom or Gian to Sangat. They were taking 2 hours and even more to eat a Chapati because they were just blessing Gian to Sangat whilst taking food and they were not caring the taste of food whether it is hot or chilled, whether there is any fly or insect sitting on it or not. They were just serving the Sangat. At that time Dhan Dhan Yogishwar ji were sharing their visions. We asked to Gur Preeto ji that there is article on the website that Visions are also Maya. Please explain it to all of us. Gur Preeto ji replied that when someone get vision either he cant get ego or he can get jealousy, or he can get desire for more & more experiences and so on. They said,”Today I have no visions and I am in peace.” Because Dhan Dhan Gur Preeto ji are in peace, love, devotion, selfless service and other divine virtues. Even Arshdeep ji said us that Dhan Dhan Baba Taran Taaran Jeet ji says that they have has no visions. We have just seen them in Amrit and Divine Virtues in Dhan Dhan Baba Taran Taaran Jeet ji.


  1. During sangat we went to walk with Dhan Dhan Satmeet ji, Dhan Dhan Gurpreet ji, Dhan Dhan Amandeep ji, Dhan Dhan Jag ji, Dhan Dhan Jeevan ji, Dhan Dhan Yogishwar ji, Dhan Dhan Arshdeep ji. Gurpreet ji shared the Gyan of Dhan Dhan Sat Guru Baba Ji King of Kings in very easy words and they said that how Baba Ji not only bless spiritual guidance only but they bless wordly guidance and wordly blessings as well. They taught me to do simran and do Sat in actions (Sat ki Karni). Everybody was sharing their divine experiences. We also went for walk with Sat Guru Dassan Dass ji along with sangat so many times and all of us were blessed with diamonds of their divine wisdom. Arshdeep veer ji told that so many miracles took place many days before the beginning of sangat. Once they saw a sant with Jataa (strand of matted hair) and ashes on body. They guessed that sant as Baba Balak Nath ji and asked Sat Guru ji why they are standing there. Sat Guru ji replied that they are Dhan Dhan Baba Sri Chand ji. Many Many Sants Sants appeared in that home to do cleaning in many days before beginning of Sangat.


  1. We were so much inspired with the selfless service of Dhan Dhan Mother of Baba Jagdeep ji, Dhan Dhan Jasmine Sister ji, Dhan Dhan Baba Jagdeep ji, Dhan Dhan Bhagat Satmeet ji, Dhan Dhan Arshdeep Veer ji, Dhan Dhan Sarabjeet Bhain ji, Bhagat Parkeet ji, Baba Jagdeep ji, Our Biological mom Jatinder Kaur ji, Dhan Dhan Gunnu Ji (10-12 years old) and other members of sangat. We had seen that when Sat Meet ji found nothing to clean the toilet of Sat Guru Dassan Dass ji room then they started cleaning the toilet with a napkin in their hands and put their hands in the toilet to clean it whilst doing Simran and singing kirtan. Once we saw that satmeet ji themselves arranged the Bucket and detergent and they requested to Baba Taran Taaran Jeet ji to please bless their bastar (clothes) to be washed by Dhan Dhan Satmeet ji. Satmeet ji told us that they just want to keep serving all Sants and Bhagats forever. Mom of Dhan Dhan Baba Jagdeep ji cared every member of sangat like a mother and she knew that who is hungry & who is not. Sat Guru Dassan Dass ji said that she is the mother of sangat. Sat Guru ji also said to her that next time she will sit equal to Sat Guru Dassan Dass ji. Sri Parkeet ji did so much seva & kirtan from heart. During sangat they bravely confessed openly.


  1. When we were taking food then Dhan Dhan Preetinder Sister ji shared the Amazing Gian of Dhan Dhan Sat Guru Baba Ji King of Kings to leave one bite of food unbaptised in the plate in this way you can get rid of desire & greed.


  1. In daily routine Dhan Dhan Gurcharan Ji, Swaranjeet Bhain ji were cleaning the shoes of sangat of sangat with their hair. They & their kids are so humble. We learnt so many great things from them. Baba Tarn Taran Jeet ji used to carry boot polish alongwith their luggage and they used to do seva of polishing shoes of sangat.


  1. When we were going to leave for Amritsar then we thanked them for their gifts of clothes & turban which we were wearing. Then they got a inner hukam and gave us a pen and we preserved that pen for competitive exam for government jobs. When Sat meet ji went to the bathroom of their home at Patiala & saw another pen there and they along with their were astonished how it happened. They phoned us and shared the photo of that pen to us and they shared this miracle like incident. We replied that this time Dhan Dhan Sat Guru Dassan Dass ji gave us blessing of a currency note and said us to don’t spend it and preserve it. Then an inner voice came that surely we will get a government job or such and we will never lack anything with their blessings.


  1. This time Sat Guru Dassan Dass ji broke the religious illusions of our mom for wearing kakaar and opened their Hirda. When she did Kirtan we felt how greatly her hirda is opened and appeared in form of praises, kirtan and amrit. Dhan Dhan Gur Preeto ji has also shared the experience of her Kirtan from Hirda in their experiences when the Gurpreeto was leaving and sangat presented them a garland and showered flowers on them.


  1. A family of Tarn Taran District of Punjab was there. A boy was possessed by negative energies / Pret. That boy used to sleep during daytime and he was awakened at night. His parents tried their best to do his treatment. They had visited every temple and every dera. This time Dhan Dhan Sarabjeet Bhain ji told them about Sat Guru Dassan Dass ji and said them to meet them. Sat Guru Dassan Dass ji said Preetinder Sister ji to come here and tell what do you see. She closed her eyes and said she has seen two black witches having horns. Dhan Dhan Sat Guru Dassan Dass ji put their palm on that boy. Preetinder sister ji had closed her eyes and said that aap ji have filled him with pure white light. Dhan Dhan Sat Guru Dassan Dass ji gave hukam to the mom of that boy to stay here and do simran. If they will do simran then they will be saved of negative energies / Pret. They also said to them to leave their home as this not at a good place because there were so many negative energies and Pret at that place. Sat Guru ji gave them hukam to do simran and not worship demi-gods (Devi-Devtas). Nimarta ji (mom of that boy) asked sat guru that she has taken birth in Hindu Kul. She worships demi gods and also Hanuman ji. Sat Guru ji replied that Religion is just doing simran and Sat in actions (Sat ki Karni). Other Religions are man made boundaries. Hanuman ji are Dhan Dhan. Hanuman ji was true servant of Sat Guru Ram Ji (Avtaar of Treta Yuga). Hanuman ji teared their chest & showed their Sat Guru Sri Ram Chander ji in their hirda. But that fact is not true that Hanuman ji was Rudra Avtaar. So Sat Guru gave her hukam to just do Sat Naam Simran and Sat Ki Karni.


11.During Sangat Dhan Dhan Yogishwar ji was so much debilitated by Chikunguniya disease but still he devotionally attended sangat with family and did seva. They along with their Daughter Dhan Dhan Neeti Ji and their wife Dhan Dhan Simrat ji became Suhagans. During Sangat Neeti Ji had to go back to Jalandhar because of her studies and exam. But in devotion she first time travelled in Bus to come back to Ludhiana Sangat again; she had never travelled in bus before and she did not knew the way to home where sangat was taking place but still in devotion she did it and we alongwith Dhan Dhan Yogishwar ji came to Ludhiana bus stand to pick her.



Experiences of Sangat of everlasting and infinite. We have shared just some of them. Sat Guru Kabir Patshah Ji has rightly said that The Spiritual experiences can be experienced but can’t be described.


KABEER CHARAN KAMAL KEE MOUJ KO KEH KAISAE ANUMAAN | Kabeer, how can I even describe the extent of the joy of the Lord’s Lotus Feet?


KEHIBAE KO SOBHAA NAHEE DAEKHAA HEE PARAVAAN |121| I cannot describe its sublime glory; it has to be seen to be appreciated. ||121||





Dandaut bandana aapji Dey sat charan kamla tey satguru ji. Aapji ney aapar kirpa Bakshi satguru ji is moorakh paapi nu aapji ney apney pavitar Darshan bakshey ji.

Aapji ney huqam keeta si apney experience share karn lai ji but muj paapi lai tey eho hi ehna vada miracle hai ki muj jaisey paapi nu aap PARGATYO JOT DHAN DHAN NIRANKAR SARGURU JI ney Darshan bakshey ji muj kooker nu apney charan kamla Di choo Bakshi ji.

Aapji ney jo experience n vision muj paapi nu aapji ney bakshey oh aapji Di Bakshi hoi budhi Dey anusaar share Kar rahi ha Ji. Sab aapey aap hi ho Ji.

Satnaam pita Ji when we had Darshans of aapji satnaam ji we felt soooooo blessed and when aapji gave us a tight hug full of love and blessings we felt as if all our problems had all vanished aapji gave us the divine love of a father and a mother pitaji we were in so much bairaag and when we sat to have Langar we went into samadhi we could listen every thing happening but was in ultimate bliss satnaam ji then again we went back and while coming again in sangat in car there was so much Amrit and as if aapji were there with us when came and had Darshans of aapji and DHAN DHAN Mohali wale mata Ji we felt so great when mataji started singing And we have felt as if something ignited in us We got totally mast and don’t know what happened next that night when on phone we had Darshans of Dhan Dhan sat mata Ji we felt so much joy and in this joy I couldn’t stop ourselves and started dancing that so fortunate we r to be part of the Sangat to Dhan Dhan Mohali wale mataji we had heart core talks with her and she talked sooooo humbly to this fool and also shared her divine experiences with this moorakh in Sehaj sabhao next day we spent all the day sitting near pitaji don’t know when day started and ended That day was fullllll of Amrit we sat at the lotus Charans of aapji satnaam ji when the Simran was going on and everyone was mast we had a vision that aapji are standing in full parkash in the outfit of a dulhah ( groom ) with a kalgi,kirpan, sehra,achkan,Punjabi jutti it was divine and so mesmerising in the side there was so much parkash as if of Guru Nanak Dev ji that scene was so beautiful that stayed in front of our eyes for a long time then we had our vision again that we had earlier Ki SATGURU pita ji aapji ik bahut vadey jungle vich bahut hi vadey sarey flowers dey jhooley vich bethey Ho Ji n asi aap Ji nu jhoola jula rahe ha Ji n aapji dey charan Kamal asi apney hairs naal saaf kardey ha Ji we thought of doing it partakh so we asked aapji to place aapji’s sat Charans at our head Ji aapji ne saddi gal mani vi pita Ji we felt so blessed ji the SANGAT was sooooo DHAN DHAN ji sometimes wade Babaji came here and danced with us all and gave blessings or we all SANGAT went to sundernagari ji it was amazing ji with aapji’s kirpa ji then again we had a vision that there is a lake full of parkash with small pebbles very bright and in the centre appears a large stone or diamond brightest of all ji on the same time in the sky there were stars all around and in that we saw Guru Nanak Dev ji AAPE aap satnaam ji we r nothing ji when Jagdeep veerji were in samadhi and was dancing he hugged aapji then they hugged us we felt sooo much Amrit flowing from them ji we felt as if our son is loving us and we are his mother ji giving all our love was so blessed ji aapji gave us the charanamrit to have ji it intoxicated us fully ji aapji gave us infinite blessings pita ji please forgive us for our misdeeds pita ji and please bless us with the sewa sambhalta of aapji’s Beyant kirpa ji sada sada dandaut bandana ji

Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam sada sada Satnaam ji.