Q:  Please also advise what are your thoughts on keeping hair and cutting hair? Guru Gobind Singh mentions something about every  hair on your body is numbered, what views do you have on this topic?


A: Having a haircut does not prevent you from meeting God, many sants and bhagats have been and gone- before and after the Gurus, (all from different backgrounds, races, religions). The Bhuddists shave their heads, and many have found enlightenment, the Hindus depending on sect have varied hair style choices including Muslims.


Master Dassan Dass Ji and many others have untouched hair in the Sangat, while there are just as many people with cut hair, regardless all are recognized equally, treated equally, loved equally, and they share equal opportunity to discover truth.


There is no uniform to Truth, that becomes ahankaar (EGO), God is every color, every shape & form.


Nothing more needs to be said.