Oil Leak- Gulf of Mexico

Q: Could you please comment on the situation with the oil spill in America.  I read regarding the amrit experience from Niagara Falls and also the ocean, which is why it intrigued me.  Could NAAM Simran, heal the leak? Perhaps this is a test of Guru Ji, for his beloved "diciples" to intuitively read the message behind the incident?


A: The Hukam was realized in the creation, the Karam was realized in the creation, the Karni was realized in the creation.



Regardless of His Great Sight of Gyan that gifts the vision of the future, the System must run to the process of the deserved moment. The agenda and law of Truth has been configured (to serve truth to another), the Realized One (GOD) watches in comfort of Sehaj Awastha (the unbreakable state)- his emotion is of infinite love (no passion, no desire, no action on the whim).


When the world is gifted Dukh or Sukh, it is derived from the Sight of One Love (Nirvair), all to gift your betterment.


We Reap what we Sow, there is a link between the following souls who are affected by the Oil Spill -the Oligarch, the beach restaurant owners, the sea life, plant life or wild life (no matter their forms, they all carry a Hirda). The intelligence of his Gyan is beyond amazing, no word holds any parallel to his wisdom- we are born into specific surroundings to face our Karni (Deeds).


The World is in the Kal Yug at the present, the Kal Yug has gone into the Maha Kal (the great depression), don’t feel too upset, to derive the balance Sants and Bhagats are being sent from the Beyond as the next generation to re-distribute the truth, to evolve the thinking (hence we can only go up). But all will happen as it is due (deserved), it may take some time yet.


The Lord watches in Sehaj Smadhi unaffected, he has done everything for us, and he will never stop loving us, but the law remains, we reap what sow, so we have to earn the Sat Karams. 


The evolution of truth will derive us back to the Sat Yug (Truth Age) – this evolution we speak of is of the mind and we all are aware it won’t happen in one night.