How To Come Out Of The Infinite Loop Of Maya And Get The GurParsaad

We have all been through this reincarnation process many times.  For example, this Kookar (dog) of Gur, Guru and Gur Sangat has been reincarnated 236 times just in human lives and unknown number of times through the Lakh Charasee Juni.  The most important questions to ask now are:-

·         What is the solution to this problem? 
·         How we can break out of this Infinite Loop of Maya? 
·         How does Maya’s control over our soul go? 
·         How do we break the barriers of Maya? 
·         How do we win over Maya and go back to the Origin, the infinite part of the Braham and obtain salvation –  Jivan Mukti? 

Let us try to find an answer to this question, because the answer to this will determine the fate of our soul, so please listen carefully.  This Kookar of the Gur, Guru and Gur Sangat will give some solutions to this very serious issue facing all of us.  These solutions are not just mere words.  They are based on our actual physical and spiritual experiences under the Agam, Anant, Apaar, Beant, GurParsaadi, GurKirpa of Dhan Dhan Shri Paar Braham Parmeshwar and Guru.
The solution to coming out of the Infinite Loop of Maya is GurParsaad.  But, everyone can’t be eternally blessed immediately, because it is all predestined depending upon our deeds in previous lives.  The Gur, Akal Purakh, is pleased when we have accumulated enough good deeds, Punn Karams.  This is when our GurParsaadi Game begins.  This is when Akal Purakh Himself eternally blesses us.  Some very, very special souls like Guru Nanak Patshah Ji were blessed directly by Akal Purakh.  Most others though receive GurParsaad through GurParsaadi Gur Sangat of a Puran Sant Puran Braham Gyani.  Just like Bhai Lehna Ji was blessed by Akal Purakh through the Gur Sangat of Dhan Dhan Guru Nanak Patshah Ji.  With GurParsaad He became Guru Angad Dev Ji.  Only such a Puran Sant SatGuru can:-

·         give us GurParsaadi Naam of “Ik Oankaar Sat Naam,”
·         eternally bless us,
·         open our Bajjar Kapaats,
·         enlighten us with GurParsaadi Prabh Jyot,
·         make us Suhaagan and Sada Suhaagan,
·         help us complete our Bhagti,
·         bless us with Braham Gyan by opening of the Dassam Duaar,
·         help us achieve salvation,
·         show us how to win over Panj Doots,
·         lead us to eventually winning over Maya completely,
·         helps us to obtain the Param Padvi,
·         break us out of the Infinite Loop of Maya, and
·         take us back into the Infinite Braham. 


This is how we will be able to break free from the Infinite Loop of Maya and merge into Dhan Dhan Shri Paar Braham Parmeshwar.   So how do we begin to please Akal Purakh so that He will be pleased and bless us with GurParsaad?  We need to:-

·         pray to the Almighty to eternally bless us with His GurParsaadi GurKirpa,
·         keep on doing Naam Simran,
·         keep listening to GurBani,
·         make efforts to understand GurBani,
·         start practicing GurBani in our daily life,
·         earn humbleness,
·         follow all of the mandatory divine laws, and
·         completely surrender to the Guru.

In this way we will accumulate enough Punn Karams to definitely be blessed one day with GurParsaadi Game.  We will be blessed with GurParsaadi Gur Sangat.  And with that Gur Sangat of the Puran Braham Gyani we will receive GurParsaadi Naam – “Ik Oankaar Sat Naam”. 

In the end it is our most humble and earnest request at the Charans of the Gur Sangat, to evaluate ourselves in light of the above divine wisdom.  To look inside and find out exactly where we stand.  If we are already a part of GurParsaadi Game, then we are very fortunate and are on our way to break the Infinite Loop of Maya.  Otherwise, we should concentrate and do whatever we can do, to make our life truthful.  Start by practicing GurBani and doing Simran, Seva and Parupkaar.  We will definitely be getting closer to GurParsaadi Game by doing so.