How to make the best use of the divine wisdom on this website?

Whatever we have tried to explain on this website, is whatever Gurbani says, plus whatever we have actually physically experienced with all of our divine senses.  Other writers who have not completed their Bandgi process may write what they understand after reading Gurbani.  However, for us there is nothing known as “our understanding.”  In fact, it is not appropriate to use the word “understanding” as this is Haumai.  It is only the Gurprasad that makes these things happen.  It is the same Gurprasad that made Bhai Gurdass Ji write His Bani.

Divine Wisdom, Brahmgian, can’t be understood or accepted easily when we are under the influence of ego.  Whilst we are in ego we look for logic, but there is no logic on this path of Divinity.  There is only complete trust that whatever the Guru says are Sat Bachans – words full of Truth.  These Sat Bachans can be practiced and earned and converted into our personal Divine Wisdom only with the Gurprasad.

Every Shabad is a Hukam and by following the Hukam we become truly wiser by gaining Divine Wisdom.  This Divine Wisdom has to be earnt by applying it to our life and not just gathered by accepting or understanding under the influence of logic – Maya.  Accepting and understanding divine writings only leads to intellectual ego.  Because, it is the ego that has applied logic and decided what it understands and hence, what it accepts or not.  Logic is all part of  Maya, but Gur Parsaad is beyond Maya and logic.

We fail miserabley when we start applying acceptance criteria and logic to what the Guru says.  That is what has happened to so many people in our Sat Sangat who have been thrown down the cliff of Maya from the heights of Dargah, because they started to look for logic somewhere on the way inspite of having actually experienced the Truth.

Divine Wisdom doesn’t come within us by reading books or websites including this one.  Nor does Divine Wisdom come within us just by just reading or listening to Gurbani.  Brahmgian is a Gurprasad and comes only after winning over  Maya completely.  Tat Gian comes only after winning over Maya and winning over Maya is a Gurprasad.  So there should be no attempt to find logic in the Brahmgian.  Just bring your full  trust and devotion into what you read on this website.  Then start putting it into practice and begin earning and experiencing the Divine Wisdom within yourself.