Why Do You Call God He, Him in your articles?

Dear Dassan Das Ji,

u mentioned in your experiences describing Akal Purakh as “he”, “him” etc…….does this mean that it is a male…..does this now means that men r superior to women cos Akal Purakh is described in the male gender….if this is true ….it throws all my sikhi beleifs and values down into the drain….for i have always considered the Supreme Being as being “genderless”……..please enlighten this ignorant fool………



Guru pyare A S ji

God bless you with the gur parsaad of naam, puran bandgi and seva. We are talking here about the spiritual world and not the material world – which is the world of maya, the world that is run by the maya – trihu gun, we are talking of puran bandgi over here and not any worldly things, please don’t confuse yourselves with the worldly meanings, according to the gurbani akal purakh is the only nar – male – everybody else is called a naari – female. Now this doesn’t mean any gender difference or so as pointed by you, or the superiority of one gender over the other gender.

In the spiritual world the superiority is by the spiritual status and not by the gender used in worldly terms. Again keep in mind God is not male or female in the worldly terms but he is nar – and everyone else is a naari – when he accepts you as his beloved then you become a suhagan (bride) – a soul becomes a suhagan when it is instituted in karam khand (realm of grace) and then a sada suhagan (eternal bride) – in sach khand after completion of the bandgi. A sada suhagan is a puran braham gyani, a sant satguru, a puran khalsa. So please dont confuse the identity of the akal purakh in worldly terms.

Basically Akal Purakh is infinite, means:

• His super powers are infinite,

• He is capable of doing anything unimaginable by the human mind,

• His mahima is agam, agochar – can’t be seen or experienced by the five senses a normal person has, he can only be seen or experienced after opening of the divine eye and with the sixth –divine sense. Akal Purakh’s being Nar means He is sarabh kala bharpoor i.e.

• He has unlimited superpowers

• He is of infinite nature

• He has divine capabilities of doing anything and everything.

Your beliefs are based on worldly definitions and not based on divinity – sikhi doesn’t mean to follow a set of rules laid down by some man made committes and organizations, please look at the definition of a sikh, a gursikh and a gurmukh as laid down in the gurbani. Please read the Gur prasad definition of a Sikh, a Gursikh and a Gurmukh.

Please feel free to ask any and every question that pops up in your mind. But the real thing is to concentrate on naam simran – sat naam simran. When you start doing sat naam simran for longer sessions then you will start understanding the gurbani in the real perspective. So please concentrate on sat naam simran and you will do much better – this is our promise to you.

Dassan Dass