Ik Oankaar (One God)


Truth,  the Supreme Transcendent Lord, is one.  There is no one else like Him. There is no one equal to Him and can never be. There is no one else like Him because He is all powerful.  He is the owner and source of all the infinite and endless supreme powers.  Nobody has been able to know Him completely till today and never can any body do that, He is shapeless that is why He is Omnipresent.  He is omnipresent that is why He is infinite and endless.  He Himself is infinite and endless that is why His creation is also infinite and endless.  He is  infinite and endless that is why all His powers are  infinite and endless. 


He is all powerful that is why He is owner of the power of Creating (the power of Brahma), the power of looking after (the power of Vishnu) and the power of destroying (the power of Shiva), He Himself is the source of these three great supreme powers.  He is the creator of the entire creation that is why He Himself is the creator of Maya (worldly possessions, properties, money, family, infact whatever is visible to the naked eye, whatever is perceived through the senses, is Maya ) and that is why He is beyond three aspects of Maya.  That is why Maya is His servant.  He is beyond three aspects of Maya that is why He is beyond the human senses, that is why He is Agaadh (unlimited, infinite and one that cant be measured ), He is Agam (beyond reach), He is Agochar (incomprehensible with the normal five senses, only the divine sense can recognize and realize Him).


In detail, the word Ik Oankaar is combination of two words-  Ik  and Oankar.  The word Ik means that no other entity is like Him, there is no power like Him, there is no power equal to Him, He is in one realm- the realm of Truth (many realms are not realms of  Truth, many realms are fake).  He is one Ras (Ras is the Mansarovar, the Amrit, the Atam Ras, the infinite divine power). He is spread evenly, He is common for all beings, He is common for the whole creation.



The word Oankaar is a combination of these words:-


(O) which rmeans “Okaar” – the one who gives birth, i.e. the creator of the whole world,  the creator of all the creation from whom the whole creation took place, is taking place and will keep on taking place. 

A (A) which means “Akaar” – the one who takes care of everything, the one who sustains the whole world, the one who is currently sustaining the whole world and who will continue to sustain the whole world;

(M) which means “Makaar” – the one who is destroyer, the one who is the destroyer of the whole creation, has destroyed, is destroying and will keep on destroying.  


This how the word “Oankar” narrates this supreme and infinite, endless nature of Him.



He can be experienced in Sunn Mandal- the realm of Complete silence, complete peace. The mind has been replaced by Param Jyot. No mind means no more thoughts and hence complete silence and unending divine love. The complete silence of Sunn Mandal -realm of complete peace is the soul nectar. This means that He comes and resides in that Hirdha (Hirda is one of the Sat Sarovars that is a part of our soul – Suksham Dehi and not the physical body. This Sat Sarovar is located in the spine area right behind the middle of our chest. This Sat Sarovar is illuminated with the GurParsaad of Naam Amrit – Sat Naam. This is a source of infinite divine powers and is a place for all of the divine qualities, which are nothing but all of the divine powers ) which resides in the Sunn Mandal.