Inderjit – blessed powerful spiritual experiences

Dhan dhan mera satgur poora Dhan dhan dassan dassji Dhan dhan satpaarbrahm parmeshwar Dhan dhan gurpaarbrahm parmeshwar

Satnaam pitaji while doing keertan sewa on zoom call last week aapji blessed our whole family immensely.

We saw rain flowers and diamonds falling from the sky. Room in which we were doing keertan became borderless and vast. Countess saint souls from dargah in white clothes started to come and attend the keertan session. Many sangat members also were in their astral body at our house. There was beyant kirpa, rehmat and grace being showered on all of us.

We were shown that you were in your vishal paarbrahm parmeshwar roop in our house. Our house became roofless, and our converted to a big hall with no walls and just limitless.

All this was happening while doing keertan on the harmonium live on zoom call. We were blessed to see you at the same time in three different places ( zoom call in texas, astral paarbrahm form in canada and also as paarbrahm in dargah/ God’s palace )

We could see you on our cell phone as an attendee on the zoom call, also in front of us in the room and also same time at God’s palace. We were also sitiing here physically doing keertan, also on zoom call sitting next to you in texas and also sitting next to your feet in God’s palace cleaning them with our hair. As we were doing that our hair was turning golden. In real life we have got our hair dyed to golden. Aapji were smiling and telling us in the dargah that real golden hair can be only achieved by rubbing it with saints foot dust and we were seen smiling with you at these pearls of wisdom. Dyed golden hair, our body, our wordly belongings will not go with us to dargah and everything is just fake. Reality is just naam simran and every second spend in his remembrance.

You also blessed and took a very deep rooted thorn inside harminder’s heart which had been there for many lives. This was there due to some betrayals he experienced in previous lives. His souls was carrying it for a long time and has been causing him anxiety and overthinking

Pitaji we havebeen experiencing bairag during amritwela which is very deep and we see our soul crying due to separation. It also feels that we are slowly moving further into light. You have been gracious and Ardas happens on its own in deep smadhi. We see ourself asking to make us nirbhao, nirvair and dust of the feet of all. We see that we keep asking for forgiveness dor knowingly and unknowingly sins we have performed for many births and continue to do under the five vices.

You know we are not capable of doing such ardas and you are the doer. We can only pray to you to always keep us under your shelter and keep guiding us as we are capable of faltering.

Satnaam bless all with pooran bandagi, devotion and dedication
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