Inderjit – Visions and Experiences

Dhan dhan mera satgur poora Dhan dhan dassan dassji Dhan dhan satpaarbrahm pita parmeshwar Dham.dhan gurpaarbrahm pita parmeshwar
Pitaji with aapji immense grace amritwela today was beyond words. There was beyant kirpa, love and bairag in the air.

Sukhmani started singing and our room became endless. Sant fareed ji, kabir ji, roomi ji gave darshan. Countless saints in white clothes started gathering for the simran. Dhan dhan baba nand singh ji were present throughout the whole session. Dhan dhan sade bhaag.

We were all cleaned in prakash and our bodies turned golden. We were all shown in bridal red clothes sittinf infront of the saints singing. We were shown some of our previous lives and how blessed we were not only to be in your holy presence this birth but for previous lifetimes too. Paarbrahm ji has been blessing us all with the company of brahmgyanis in our previous lives too.

We have been fortunate to have served and be in their holy presence however did not take bandagi seriously with full devotion. With one foot in the boat of wordly affairs and one foot in bandagi living those lives to satisfy our wordly duties and then dying to be reborn again.

We were shown how when you are under the shelter of a pooran brahmgyani even if they are no longer physically present in your next lives but they are there to guide you in their astral form and to.make you move forward in finding a guru / guide.

So satgur pyara mere naal hai jithe kithe mainu laye choodhaye

Pitaji we were shown that all of our immediate family members at some point in our lives had done sewa of dhan dhan nand singh ji maharaj.

We were shown attending his live session today whe he was on earth. We were shown that he used to sit below the sangat in a ditch so to constantly remind himself to be lowest of the low and to be under the feet of the sangat members. Such was his humility, sewa, love and devotion to paarbrahm ji and his creation. Dhan dhan.

Tears kept falling while duing keertan session and seeing us all sitting in front of baba nand singh ji live session.

Pitaji we were shown that sukhmani has been a mother to us all (immediate family members) . She is a very old soul and we could see her crying too while see sang. We prayed to aapii that pls put this life for all of us towards bandagi only and not in wordly affairs as we have been there and done it several lifetimes. She was also seen to be my mom’s sister and my dad’s daughter in previous birth. We were shown her heart was huge and full of love and service which is true in her behavior in real life too.

We were also shown our nani, nana, aunts,uncles who have served baba nand singh ji in this ifetime and we prayed for all to be blessed with pooran bandagi. We were shown our eldest sister was my mom’s cousin from previous life. He was a devotee of baba ishwar singh ji nanksar wale who also was very fond of his devotion. He had committed suicide as a young man. baba ishwar singh ji had blessed him to be born again as a human although he had committed such a grave crime.We saw his soul now as my sister of this life all black. It was engulfed in deep darkness. Pitaji pls. bless her so she can move forward with her bandagi and forgive her.

Pitaji we were shown so many friends, relatives from this this life and we are all. connected from previous births.

Baba nand singh ji said to be ” har ke naam ke bahupari ( to do business of God’s name and serve only naam and earn naam di kamai). Leave all other worldly affairs and do complete surrender. He said we have done time and again wordly affair in many lives. Pitaji you are the doer. We are not capable without your grace to walk forward.

Dhan dhan experience Dhan dhan kirpa Dhan dhan satnaam di param shakti shali mahima

We were also shown bowing infront of you and cleaning your feet with our hair. We were given gyan that any sewa, sangat done in previous lives in presence of pooran brahmgyanis never gets wasted. They simply handover their disciples affairs to the present teacher. It is now upto us to dedicate, trust the current guru. We need to shed any doubts and do complete surrender. All these visions, experience can and only be experienced by your dhan dhan kirpa. In all this, wadiyae of a guru is of supreme importance. It is guru who opens the doorway to dargah. It is he who is ferrying us across. It is he who is moving us forward where we stopped in our previous lives. It is he who takes such great responsibility for us.

We are forever and ever indebted to you. There are no words to give enough gratitude to you.
Satnaam bless all