Inderjit – Eveeyones bandgi is unique

Dhan dhan mera satgur poora Dhan dhan satnaam di mahima Dhan dhan dassan dassji ji di mahima Dhan dhan sare bhagats avatars brahmgyanis satgurus gurmukhs khalsa gursikhs Dhan dhan sari shristi Dhan dhan kartapurakh satnaam Dhan dhan gur paarbrahm Dhan dhan sat paarbrahm
With aapji grace we heard the zoom sangat today in which aapji are answering Himanshu ji question. Pitaji it seemed like God was beyant dyall and nstead of katha goshti happening in dargah, today dargah itself came here on earth.

Dhan dhan gyan pitaji Dhan dhan amrit barkha Dhan dhan khazane wisdom de Dhan dhan seekers of the truth

Pitaji with aapji grace you showed us that there is no difference in guru which is in a physical body here on earth and paarbrahm ji who is nirgun saroop. Aapji also showed us how we make a mistake when we get attached to the physical aspects of the Guru.

Guru is not someone who is made of flesh, bones etc. but guru is the actual gyan/ the truth which is being imparted by the body of the guru in which satpaarbrahm ji now resides.

We also make a mistake when we start to attach to visions as they are only road signs showing us the way. As aapji has said many times these are only to show that we are walking in the right direction and to dive deeper to understand what and why it is being shown and what is the real meaning behind it.

Whatever we see in a vision is true and the write ups are limited to a person’ experience and knowledge level on this path. To describe it in a way that it is easy to follow, understand and to leave an imprint in the readers mind is also in your hands. As we are only a witness and not the creator/ writer/ illustrator of it.

How can one explain the unexplainable ? How can one describe the indescribable.? How can you reach its limit when it is limitless ? How can we put a benchmark or put a milestone when he is immeasurable ? How can we try to put the ocean in a bucket?

We cannot even call ourself a bucket in front of the ocean as that will be our ego. There is no yardstick and no timeline on which we can measure where we stand and how much we have moved ahead. Everyone is moving on their own pace as per their surrender, devotion, love and deeds from our past births.

Time is meaningless. Someone might have been in sangat for many years but with no surrender and someone might have just come as per destiny and has full surrender. It is like someone who was living near the water and still is thirsty and someone never saw water and his thirst is over.

There is no define rules or any wordly mathematical formulas that will work here.

There is no end of it and we dont even know the start as we dont know how far behind the soul has been thirsting for the truth

There is no place for judgement at all as how can we judge when we dont know the whole story only you know it and you also dont want to judge anyone or want to look inside anyone.

Everything is on face value and ultimately everyone gets rewarded as per their surrender. The surender also is not in our hands. It happens when time is right. We just need to keep our head down and keep walking on this path with no expectations. This path is not easy and very tricky but once surrender is there and we give our reins to you then we are just a puppet and we dance to your tune. We just become witness and enjoy what is shown to us.

Many seekers including us make a mistake by setting benchmarks after reading other sangat members visions. That is limiting yourself. Everyone journey is different and just because one is not seeing the same vision doesnot make one ahead or behind. These are all mind games to praise/ gloat ourselves or to degrade ourselves in absence of such visions.

At the end of the day, how overnight we became capable of these visions, this wisdom which we never had previously. There is only one answer here and that is all happens and will happen due to the grace of the satguru which is you.

You bless us You rewire us You make us unlearn You make us walk on this path You make us learn the truth You make us walk the talk

After taking us through sun smadh state next steps of doing sewa also will be given by you and in the end earning that sewa also will be done by you.

Nothing is possible without you. There was no connection with paarbrahm without you You are the one who introduced us to him and you are the connection and the bridge.

One cannot move on after burning the bridges with you as we will be lost in the infinite
Dhan dhan sade bhaag to have a satguru, guide, mentor like you who is holding our hands on this path.
Without you my satgur i am no one. Zilch Nothing Zero
Pls always keep us under your feet and keep guiding and blessing us with satbudhi to never raise our head from your feet

Satnaam bless all with satbudhi barosa vishwas and pyaar
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