Anu – Spirirual Experience

Kottan dandaut bandana aapji de satcharana vich pyare satguru pitaji
Pitaji we want to share with aapji the experience aapji gave us during Amritvela. Pitaji while doing Simran, the Gurbani words “Satguru hai bohitha” came to us and immediately aapji shown us that we are sitting with aapji in a boat in an ocean like place, which is completely dark (water and surroundings are completely dark) and we are sitting in opposite direction to aapji and then aapji ask us to come on your side of boat. When we start getting up to come to aapji’s side, aapji stop us in between and ask us to promise aapji to leave our manmat forever in this journey. We agree to aapji and moment we come to aapji’s side, the surroundings and water turn completely white. Aapji wave your hand in air and pull a big white curtain from surroundings and a really really huge white lotus appears with multiple rows of petals.

Aapji tell us that entire human creation is in this lotus and are stuck in different rows of this lotus. The first row of petals of lotus opening is biggest in size, second row of petals is slightly small than first row, third row of petals is slightly smaller than second row and so on and so forth till Central row. The Central row is connected with Sat parbrahm ji in form of lightening going upwards. Aapji then tell us that “this lotus is inside everyone and everyone is inside this lotus”. Aapji shown us that majority of human creation is at the bottom of all petals in first row of lotus opening. Few human creation are at bottom of all petals in second row of lotus and extremely few in third row and so on and so forth.

The aim is to reach to the Central row to merge with lightening of sat parbrahm ji but they cannot reach without gurparsadi naam. All humans are standing on bottom in different rows as per their good previous karma and It’s impossible for them to climb to the top of the petal in their respective rows without gurparsadi naam.

When aapji give someone gurparsadi naam, aapji pull that human being from bottom to top of that petal in their respective rows and aapji have kept a horizontal ladder from top of first row of petals to Central row of parbrahm jis lightening (The first row varies for everyone as per their previous karma). Each row is connected with ladder from the top of the petals. And each ladder stair on top of rows represents ” earning of aapji’s bachan for us”. When we earn aapji’s bachan we cross that ladder and jump to the next row. The moment we do manmat we fall from that row and go to the bottom of that row again from where aapji’s bachan are disregarded. Then in order to climb again to top of that row, one needs to put more effort and dedication and requires aapji grace to reach back to top. Aapji told us that there is no other way to reach to central row without earning aapji’s bachan.

Aapji shown us that there are 2-3 petals in the first row of that huge lotus which are completely black or turning black. Those people who do ” lot of Asat karams or bad crimes like murders, rapes etc. are in that part of the petals which are turning black and are withering up from lotus, pushing them away from sat parbrahm ji’s lightening connection, punishing them to different junis.

Central row of lightening is connected with sat parbrahm ji and the entire lotus is in right hand of sat parbrahm ji which is aapji only. Aapji only are holding that lotus. The source is aapji and the doer is aapji.

Daata karta aapji Dhan dhan mera satguru poora. Kottan Shukarana aapji da pitaji for everything. Sab kuch aape aap. It was difficult for us to explain what aapji shown, please forgive for our mistakes while writing this.
Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam ji