Inderjit is blessed with these very powerful spiritual experiences

Dhan dhan mera satgur poora Dhan dhan dassan dassji Dhan Dhan satpaarbrahm parmeshwar Dhan dhan gurpaarbrahm parmeshwar

Pitaji with aapji grace today’s kid zoom sangat was dhan dhan. It was filled with beyant amrit varkha. Appji were present in paarbrahm ji astral roop and kept blessing us all. With aapji grace we could dive deeper into the below gurbani lines from japji sahib

Bhariye hath pair tan de Pani dote utras khe Moot paleeti kapad hoye De sabun layea oh doye Bhariye mat papan ke sang Oh dope nawein ke sang

We were shown how over the many lifetimes that we have all taken, with the collective sins and bad deeds that we have done, how much damage has been done to once pristine soul. We were shown how beneath the human flesh, our souls are rotting. The soul surface was full of blisters which were oozing with pus. The body was emitting unbearable stench and bad smell. We were shown even a leper’s outside body is more beautiful and healthier than our soul. Then we were shown how beautifying our physical bodies with soap, shampoos, deodorant and perfumes is fruitless. Only naam is the medicine to heal the soul. When we do naam simran with gurprasadi kirpa our soul starts to heal. Slowly and slowly the sins are washed and wounded soul is rejuvenated. This is what we all experience when we see ourselves in visions wearing beautiful clothes, flowers on our body and our body turning golden with light. Soul is healed at the cellular level and sins done knowingly and unknowingly from previous many births are washed away.

Pitaji it is your aseem kirpa and dylata that we are able to see, write and deliver the truth. You continue to wash our countless sins and heal us internally. We were also shown how anger is like an uncontrollable bull with big horns. Appji showed us how you calm it down by taking it by its horn and threw it out of the body.

Pitaji kaam, krodh, lobh, moh and ahankaar can be only calmed by your blessings. We struggle with them jn our daily lives and ask for your forgiveness. We sin with every breath and you are our only saviour.

Pitaji we saw appji blessing every single sangat member on the call today. You were present in astral form in each and every sangat member house. While Rishi was doing simran aapji first send a huge bolt of light into his heart chakra which then traveled upwards to his throat and came out of his dasam duar. His head was replaced by a huge flower.

Then aapji blessed his mom Kim ji by passing prakash through all her chakras. The light traveled through them upwards and then downwards from her back making it into the mala of naam. Aapji gave gyan that this is the real mala/ rosary which paarbrahm ji has created inside and wants us to have instead of physical. rosary made of beads that people carry in their hands for praying. Roses kept falling from the sky and Kim ji soul kept collecting them. Her soul was very happy and in immense bliss. Then after roses, Jasmine flowers started to fall and the whole room was filled with their essence.

Pitaji you continued to bless whoever joined the call even if they joined for little while only. We were shown jolly along with inder family getting blessed.

We were shown dargah was here along with presence of many saints like baba fareed ji. We saw huge golden chattar of paarbrahm ji. While keertan was happening we saw isha who was physically dancing in the room was actually dancing with aapji, krishnaji, vishnu and saraswati. They were all in state of bliss.

Then we saw Harjit ji (who was also on the call) getting blessed by aapji. We were shown his soul firstly sitting straight with folded legs. Then he bowed to paarbrahm ji and went into dandout position Amrit was flowing from paarbrahm ji’s vishaal feet like a huge river and he was totally immersed in it. His soul kept lying flat and aapji kept cleaning him and immersing him deeper into the amritsarovar. Shukhrana pitaji for blessing us all and cleaning us day and night.

Then aapji showed us a huge beam of light entering Harminder’s dassam duar and moving through all his chakras making a mala and his body emitting prakash

Pitaji mehr head was also converted into a big flower which was open and huge and parkash over her.

We were shown in red clothes like a bride with our body golden. Huge prakash was coming out of our hands.

Pitaji aapji blessed Sukhmani and her keertan was piercing the heart. Her whole body was golden and head was a huge flower too. Her singing took us all to another level. Pitaji you even blessed our cat’s and we saw her soul in dandout position.

How blessed we are that there are no words to describe your kindness, dyalata, kripalata that you continue to shower on fools like us.

Tu smrath wada meri mat thori ram pale akritghane pooran drisht teri ram

Countless thanks for all that you do for us