Princes Visions

Kottana kottan dandaut bandna pita ji aap ji de sat charna vich

Dhan dhan mera satguru pura Dhan dhan mera satguru pura

Pita ji last night while doing simran with my family I saw our son satpreet saying papa papa I was very happy and I went to pick him up but then satpreet said to me he was calling papa to Guru Nanak Dev Ji and then pita ji Guru Nanak Dev Ji appeared in Vishal roop and he said to me that satpreet is saying father to me then who you are pita ji we immediately bend down and told guru ji I can be your dog your donkey whatever you want me to be just kindly never leave me then pita ji Guru Nanak Dev Ji feet appears we did dandaut to it we also did dandaut to satpreet as well.

A little while later we saw a room with huge ceiling and yellow and white light was coming you were sitting on a white sofa wearing white turban and wearing a navy white coat there was lot of Parkash around and Satnaam sound was coming out of you. Pitaji then we saw Anoop ji and kiran ji sitting beside you and for some reason we got sad we then asked you are we not good enough to sit in your presence then pita ji aap ji said that few days back during simran you ask as to give thapra to my father but I didn’t I did not listen to you immediately pita ji I corrected my mistake and give thapra to my father then the moment I did it pita ji whole Satnaam sangat appeared sitting beside you everybody was there you were very happy you said to me that you always bless everyone equally you never differentiate with anyone that you are always there for everyone.You were giving us vibes pita ji that you were very proud of us and you were a proud father of a Satnaam family.

Kottana kottan shukrana pita ji aap ji da aap ji hamesha apna mehr vala hath sade te rakhe rakhna pitaji
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