Inderjit – Praise of Suhaagans

Inderjit from Canada is blessed with these spiritual experiences
Dhan dhan mera satgur poora Dhan dhan satnaam di mahima Dhan dhan sare sants bhagats avatars brahmgyanis gurus gurmukhs khalsa Dhan dhan dargah and countless blessed souls Dhan dhan dasan dassji
Shukhrana pitaji for blessings fools like us with another divine amritwela session.
Thank you pitaji for blessing our whole family with beyant amrit . You continued to clean us all. We are all sinners of the highest order and continue to sin with every breath. We are full of filth and dirt from head to toe. You are the great giver who continues to bless us all even after so much shortcomings. This is all your grace that you continue to drink our pains and clean us. We humbly ask for your forgiveness for giving you so much pains.
Tu maat pita hum barikh tere Tumri kirpa mein Sookh ghanere
Satnaam satnaam satnaam
Pitaji with aapji kirpa we sang sukhmani sahib asthpadi 1 and aapji let us feel the depth.
Simro simar simar sukh pavo Kal kalesh tan mahe mitawo Simro jas bisambar eke Naam Japat agnat aneke
With aapji grace we had darshans of countless sant souls in the dargah.Ten gurus, bhagats avatars brahmgyanis khalsa gurmukhs and many seeker of truth were there. We were shown that only and by only meditating on the true name under the grace of a true guru can one get entry to dargah. All the vices, pains, karmic debt of the soul can be washed away by naam simran only. Only naam has the power to erase our sins and clean our souls. By meditating on the true name one can walk on this path and finally merge into god. There are and were countless of saint souls who are already walking on this path. They are infinite in number. They have been walking for many ages, many yugs, many births in search of the truth. All the gyan in the holy books have emerged from one source and many such highly elevated souls in various religions tap into this mansarovar.
Pitaji we were shown the mahima of a suhagan today. But this katha is not complete without the mahima of a true guru first who initiates a soul to be a suhagan.
Blessed are the souls whose journey towards bandagi starts when a true guru glances on them. Blessed is their journey and blessed is the grace of the almighty to have blessed them with this highest blessing. This is not an ordinary blessing and one of the supreme blessing .
Pitaji we were shown how you and babaji would always be so happy when a suhagan was born in sangat. For us to comprehend the joy and happiness that you were experiencing is hard to comprehend. Today you gave us some insight into mahima of a birth of a suhagan. With extreme blessings of sat paarbrahm pita parmeshwar one in a million is blessed to be a suhagan. We don’t even realise what a great blessing is this as we have done nothing to earn it. With this blessing the journey of the soul starts towards its bandagi. With this blessing the soul is given admission to the dargah to start moving on this path. This is not an ordinary blessing and this will be our great misfortune if we donot take it seriously. If we do not earn your words then we don’t know how many births we will have to take to come back and be initiated again. To be a suhagan can only be achieved by the blessings of a pooran guru. Only a true guru can light another candle. Only true guru can initiate someone on this path. Only a true guru can guide you on this beautiful path. Pitaji we are so blessed to have you in our lifes and can’t thank enough for blessint us to be a suhagan and initiate us on this path. We have done nothing to get these blessings and this is all your maha parupkar on fools like us.
Pitaji we were shown how a suhagan is capable of seeing , experiencing and telling what they saw in the mansarovar. How unique a blessing is when they write their experiences, their visions and share them with everyone on kakao sangat. It is a gateway through which they can see.An ordinary person cannot see and we are blessed to have a true guru who is the gateway to this realm. Every word a suhagan writes is what they have seen or experienced. Through them we get to see what is on the other side. Every write up should be read and re read again and again. It is not everyday feat that someone can go , see and thendescribe what they saw in this elaborate play of God. The experiences might have limitations to the understanding of the suhagan but they are still very elevated state of katha. It is beyond what we could have even imagined. Every experience is unique and lets us get a glimpse of the dargah and other realms. It also let’s us peep into individual soul and its state of mind. There is a deeper meaning to what they see and experience and cannot be described but felt.
Mere har pritam ki koye baat sunaye
Instead of reading news and spending time on internet checking unnecessary news we should be reading and be in touch with these blessed souls and listen to their stories. Pitaji now we know the importance when you say it is so important to stay connected with sangat. Sangat is a interface to the mansarovar.
We have experienced that every word that you say has a very deep meaning. We might not understand it then as our oul might not be ready then but maybe after many years it will sink in.
Shukhrana pitaji for such a blessed amritwela. We also requested aapji to sit again in sidh ghosti of the blessed in the dargah. With aapji grace we have sat in the company of dhan dhan Mohammed ji, romi hi, tabrez Ji and other bhagats in the dargah. This will be good for our soul. We have done nothing to earn this and we are capable of nothing this is all your doing and we are grateful to have been chosen to see, write, sing his glory.
Pls. always keep us under your chattar chaya. Pls continue to kill our vices so we can keep moving further on this journey. Haumai nahi tuhitu haumai nahi tuhitu Tuhi tu tuhitu tuhi tu tuhitu
Satnaam bless all .Thank you eternally for blessing our family on this path.
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