SATMEET – Sidh Gosht

SATMEET asked a question about the Sidh Gosht mentioned in Inderjit’s message. Good catch ! Here is what she meant by Sidh Gosht. Basically she is talking about the spiritual discourses of Satnaam Sangat.
Satnaam pitaji. With aapji grace we had great fortune to sat in sangat of Mohammed ji, rumi ji etc in dargah.These are not recent experiences but from few years now. We got the message that these are sidh ghosti ( discourses ) and the sants bhagats avatars brahmgyanis gurus etc hold such meetings in dargah where they do such discourse.
This we have witnessed in a very deep state of meditation. We saw once a discourse was happening by Mohammed ji under a tree and lot of saint souls were sitting around him at their feet. We also quietly sat in their sangat and they were talking about haq allah , illahe Noor etc.. The language they were using could be urdu or even maybe Persian but in that deep state of smadhi we could understand every word they were talking. The talks were all about paarbrahm ji but in their own language. Our soul could understand everything and it was a very blessed sangat. Just like how we all sit like kids around you at your feet when you are doing discourses. This happened few times and we had shared this with babaji. Babaji then told us maybe we were Muslim in previous births.
Once we experienced the prema bhagti of baba namdev ji . We were shown he was sitting at the steps of the temple and was not allowed inside. We could feel and experience what they were feeling at that time. The love and the thirst to merge into him was beyond description. The pain of not able to go inside the temple and meet his lord was there. We could feel the extreme love they had for the lord and we amsk prayed that our love also increase like this for god.
We also had darshans of rumi ji and tabrez ji. When we came out of our vision we asked harminder who is tabrez as we had never heard of that name before. He told us that Tabrez ji was rumi jis guru.
Once we sat in ravidasji discourse and they were telling everyone that the pains that we get are due to our own actions. Desire is the reason for all cause.
Pitaji as these are not recent experiences and from few years back we cant remember the details but only the essence. Yesterday night when we were writing to aapji about the deeper meaning of sukhmani sahib shalok aapji only made us write to ask to sit in the holy congregation of saints bhagats avatars brahmgyanis etc in the dargah and that is why we wrote when we wrote. We usually write the write ups in manmat and the we see his deletes them and re words the whole write ups. We sometimes are amazed on how god writes so beautifully. This is also we witness otherwise pitaji we are not capable of writing so beautifully. Every word is written with precison and god makes us delete and reword again and again. The words, sentences are also his. We are just the writer. That is why we write that you made us write.
We also would get frequent darshans of baba bulle Shah ji then.All these visions were very dhan dhan and the katha was dhan dhan.
Now with aapji grace our experiences are changing. Although we see the diamonds falling, the flower falling, the lotuses opening, the waterfalls etc and the dargah dancing but when we do ardas to you to write about what we witnessed we skip these visuals. We have seen that the write ups are written in a way to show only the essence of what we saw instead of focusing on the items/ things we saw. We do not add anything once aapji reword and edit the write ups.
All is your grace. These are your visions and experiences and you are the writer, editor to. We just write with physical hands and hit the sent button.
Pls. forgive us as we are full of vices and not capable of describing and doing justice to what you show us. Satnama satnama satnam
Pitaji we full of sins and asked aapji to write this too as this was many years back and we can’t remember very clearly in details about.