Inderjit – Wordly Desires

Dhan dhan mera satgur poora Dhan dhan sare bhagats avatars brahmgyanis gurus gurmukhs khalsa gursikhs Dhan dhan dassan dassji Dhan dhan satnaam di mahima Dhan dhan satpaarbrahm sarnayee
Satnaam pitaji with aapji beyant blessings during amritwela for few days aapji let us dive deeper into the following shabad
Lakh khusiyan patshahiyan je satgur nadar kare
Pitaji we have heard this shabad sing on many happy ocassions like weddings, births, housewarmings etc. Basically this is sang by ragi jatha as a shabad for wordly happiness and desires.
While singing this shabad at amritwela few days back aapji showed us that this shabad is not meant at all for any wordly desires but is for spiritual growth and journey towards dargah. Aapji showed us that the keertani and ragi are doing a grave sin and a dargahi crime by misleading masses and making them think this is a shabad for wordly desires.
Pitaji this shabad is so beautiful and talks experience and vision’s which many satnam sangat members experience.
It talks about the white palaces, paarbrahm ji house in dargah and many such beautiful treasures . All treasures are obtained at being at feet of sat paarbrahm pita parmeshwar ji. A true guru holds our hand and pulls us out of the scum of maya. He sails us through and ferries us across.
Pitaji many sangat members experience this where we have been pulled out of maya’s quicksand. Guru namak dev ji says to build a house where there is no birth or death and is jivan mukti.
There is no mention of any wordly desires, acheivements in this whole shabad.
Yesterday’s night aapji also showed us deeper meaning of
Prabh ji tu mere pran adhare Namaskar dandout bandana anik baar jau thare
Pitaji we were shown this whole game has been created by god and we have no active role to play. We are just a witness who keeps going through various stages of life and have very little of our own free will.
We are born as a baby with no control at all on who our parents will be or who our siblings will be or who our relatives will be. We think we are chosing our friends, career, jobs, manager, colleagues , spouse and our children but that is also all pre arranged and planned by god. All relations are pre planned and we just keep coming back to finish our give and take with them. We have little free will under which we again write good and bad deeds but most are again written by us under the five vices.
Pitaji we were also shown that ultimately nothing is in our hands and our worries for our family, kids, their future useless as destiny will overrule. We can only pray and give all our sukh and dukh at feet of paarbrahm ji and let him arrange our affairs. There is utmost peace in when he arranges it for us. Appe hi aake sade kam sawaro ji
Tu smarth wada meri mat thori ram Our wisdom is zero and our manmat is zero . Just keep us at your feet always and never let go of our hand.
Satnaam satnaam satnama satnaam satnama satnaam satnama satnaam