Jagdeep – blessed powerful spiritual experience

Sada swaas swaas dhandhutt bandhana pyaare pita g aap g de sat charana vch g always g .
Pita g with all aap g grace aap g show us while zoom sangat aap g shown us that gurbani shabad was there JA TU MERE VAL A and aap g sat prabharam parmeshwar roop were there as aap g was doing bachan .There was a huge Prakash intolerable and aap g roop were Vishal and all all ten gurus standing on back of aap g and as aap g doing bachan full Amrit varkha were there and all the ten gurus began to appear in aap g and then all ten gurus emerged in aap g and aap g saroop were like a King .Aap g were in a king look and golden crown were on aap g head and satnaam letter varkha were there on aap g and as we did dhandhutt to aap g aap g enrich us with Amrit .
Another vision were during amritvela we saw again whole universe appears in our body and aap g was sitting on a ball shaped throne and Prakash were there and sun and moon were there in both hands of aap g .And whole planets were moving in front of aap g .Then we roamed a lot like in temples .mosques church gurudwara ,dargah and other religious places aap g Vishal roop appeared everywhere .And aap g shown us that aap g giving Amrit and when overload taking also back .And then Aap g shown us that in each and every member of sangat aap g is sitting and apna naam aap japun de pye oh g .And while this vision were going on gurbani shabad were chanting SAHIB MERA EKO HAA EKO HA BHAI EKO HAA.
kottan kott shukrana pita g aap g da Jo ene kirpa Kar rahe ho g es doggy te Haumai Nahi tuhitu sada and Dhan dhan DASSAN DASS PITA G ALWAYS.DHAN DHAN MERA SATGURU POORA. LOVE AAP G PITA G ALWAYS G .KEEP US AT AAP G LOTUS FEETS ONLY .
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