With the grace of graceful Lord who is Unreachable, Unfathomable, Endless, Without any boundaries, great, great, dear lovable, beyond universal limits, Supreme Transcendental Lord Of All Lords (“Gur Parsaad of Agam Agochar Anant Beyant Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Parmesar “) and Great, great ,dear ,lovable Guru, (” Dhan Dhan Guru ”)let us pray to them with folded hands and with countless prostrations at their sweet lovable pure feet  (“Kottan Kot Dandaut”) and countless thanks (“Shukrana”) at their sweet dear lovable feet (“Shree Charans “)to give us the true divine wisdom(” SAT BUDHI”) to understand various illusions and delusions that we face in our day to-day’s life and which form a major source of  road blocks in the way of our spiritual progress  by Guru’s Blessing-Truth Guru’s Wisdom Will Destroy All Delusions And Doubts  (“Gur Parsaad Bharam Kaa Naas”)
This is necessary to concentrate on this subject and bring this divine knowledge in to our daily practice and convert it to divine wisdom by practicing it in our daily life and earning it physically by making it an integral part of our daily life. As long as we are in any kind of illusions and delusions we will never be able to make a progress in our spiritual life, as long as we are in any kind of dilemma we will not be able to make a progress on the path to the God’s Truth Court (“SachKhand”), reaching the Ultimate, reaching the Salvation stage, becoming a Forever Bride-Soul (“Sada-Suhagan”), becoming a Saint heart (“Sant Hirdya”) is impossible as long as there is any kind of a dilemma, duality “(Dubidha”) or illusions about religion in our mind (“Dharam ke Bharam”).

There are many religious illusions ("Dharam Key Bharams")  that have gripped the masses and taken them away from the real meaning of the mandatory divine laws as very clearly and distinctly defined in the Guru’s word-wisdom ("Gurbani").   These illusions are responsible for the spiritual downfall of the masses all over the world. Let us give a serious look at these illusions and try to understand them with an open mind.

Stubborn mind leads to fanaticism, hatred, anger, pain and sufferings and an open mind leads to understanding and ultimate peace. An open mind will lead to an openness of the mind and heart (“Hirdya”) and eventually will make it a unlimited (“Beyant”) love filled Heart (“Hirdya”) and will make it a home for the unlimited. Having an open mind is of paramount importance in understanding these illusions, an open mind will open all your sensory channels and will help you in breaking the status quo to open up the channels of the religious and spiritual freedom, for that matter an open mind without any restrictions or ties to any man made sect of the society or the man made rules of the society will be able to understand these illusions in their right perspective, which will help in making your daily life and practice of religion and Guru’s wisdom (“Gurbani”) much more easier and rewarding.

An open mind, an innocent mind, a receptive mind, a mind with the urge and thirst to learn the eternal truth and absorb it by practicing it in daily life will succeed for sure in his pursuit to spiritual development and the spiritual progress for sure will bring in humbleness, forgiveness, kindness, devotion, love, honesty, integrity, character, sweetness, prosperity and success in all spheres of life. Such as openness of mind leads to freeness and freshness in thinking, which has lead to all the unbelievable technological innovations and made our life so easy in the modern day world of science and technology, similarly openness of mind leads to unbelievable spiritual progress and achievements.  So with an open mind and with all the channels of brain open let us look at some of these serious illusions.