Jap Ji Verse 15


Mannai paaveh mokh du-aar.
Mannai parvaarai saadhaar.
Mannai tarai taaray gur sikh.
Mannai naanak bhaveh na bhikh.
Aisaa naam niranjan ho-ay.
Jay ko man jaanai man ko-ay. ||15||


The Jivan Mukti (deliverance from the cycle of life & death, salvation) is deliverance from Maya (the worldly temptations, all physical perceptions). Jeevan Mukti is liberation from the slavery of Maya. Jeevan Mukti is freedom from the slavery of lust, anger, greed, attachments, pride and Trishna (desires). Jeevan Mukti is freedom from the evil tendencies. Some of these utterly evil tendencies are: criticism, slander, malice, power, youth, wealth, possessions, beauty, taste, smell, speech and touch. Jeevan Mukti is freedom from vices. Those who break from the slavery of Maya transcend beyond the Trigun Maya (Maya of the three attributes that are Sato – the goodness viz. charity, compassion, contentment, Rajo – the desires viz. hopes, expectations and yearnings, and Tamo – the vices viz. lust, anger, greed, attachments and pride), achieve the Gurprasad (the Eternal Bliss and the Eternal Grace) of the Darshan (glimpse with inner or spiritual eye) of the Akal Purakh (the Timeless Being, the Immortal Being, God) who is Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar (Truth, the Transcendent Lord and Creator of the Universe), attain Puran Braham Gyan (entire divine wisdom), attain Puran Tat Gyan (the entire divine knowledge and understanding of the divine ways), attain Atam Ras Amrit (the highest form or the essence of Amrit, eternal bliss) and attain Jeevan Mukti.

Here it is very important to grasp the supreme truth and the essential fact that without Darshan of Akal Purakh one cannot attain Puran Braham Gyan and Puran Tat Gyan, neither can one accomplish one’s Bandagi (submission before God). Until one’s Bandagi is completed and is accepted at Dargah (the Divine Court), one is not bestowed with the blessing of service of Parupkars (selfless acts for benefaction of humanity) and Maha Parupkar (guiding others on the path of Bhagati and Jeevan Mukti). Therefore until one is decreed by Dargah to do seva (service) of Parupkar and Maha Parupkar, one is not ordained to perform Seva to the Sangat (congregation) or to bestow Gurprasad upon the Sangat. Parupkar and Maha Parupkar imply the divine directive to bestow the Gurprasad of Naam (the Name – representing God and all His Creation), Naam Simran (meditation upon Naam), Naam Di Kamai (Naam in practice in one’s life), Puran Bandagi (complete surrender before God) and Seva upon the Sangat. Parupkar and Maha Parupkar imply the divine directive to bestow the “Jee-a Daan” (bestowal of Puran Bandagi and Seva by a Sant Hirdha) upon the Sangat.

Only those great beings that have attained Jeevan Mukti are ordained to bestow Gurprasad, and only in Sangat of these great beings the divinely powerful craft of bestowal of Gurprasad is exercised. Only with company of such great beings can one attain Suhag (acceptance in the Divine Court as a devotee). Only by initiation of these great beings the divine force of Gurprasad manifests its wondrous miracle of carrying one to the state of “Mannay” (“Believing”). Therefore those who acquire this Gurprasad of the state of “Mannay” and serve it and care for it acquire the access to “Mokh Duaar” (“Door to Salvation”) or to the door to Dargah. Therefore those who are unified with Naam attain the powerful states of “Suni-ai” (“Listening”) and “Mannay”, perform their Bandagi and reach the gates of Dargah, accomplish their Bandagi and forever attain a place a Dargah.

Therefore it is a humble prayer to all humanity that all this is the greatness of Naam; and to understand the greatness of Naam, let’s try and understand the below mentioned some of the immense gains of Naam Simran. These are written with the Gurkirpa (divine kindness) of Gurprasad from the Agam (one who cannot be perceived by the five human sensory functions), Agochar (one that needs a divine sight to be perceived and experienced), Anant (infinite), Beant (eternal), Apram Apar (one who has no dimension or boundary), the blessed Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar; and the Gurkirpa of Gurprasad from the Guru (one who has accomplished Bandagi and attained Jeevan Mukti, and is divinely ordained to lead others on the path of Bandagi and Mukti). Let’s humbly pray at the sacred feet of Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar to grant us the divine understanding of the Braham Gyan behind Naam Simran. Let’s pray for of Gurprasad. Let’s pray always for achieving Gurprasad of eternal blessing of Naam, Naam Simran, Naam Di Kamai and Puran Bandagi. Naam is the stairs to reaching the perfect understanding of the almighty Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar. Naam is the stair that leads us:

* To realization of the eternal Sat (the Eternal Truth, God Himself);

* To Param Tat (essence of the divine);

* To Braham Tat (essence of the infinite);

* To Puran Jyot Prakash (the perfect radiance of the divine light, God Himself);

* To Nirgun Saroop (the infinite divine power that is beyond the Trigun Maya) of Akal Purakh;

* To perfect calmness of mind and souls;

* To being completely true; and

* To Sach Khand (the realm of ultimate, absolute truth).

By climbing these stairs step by step we get closer to the almighty Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar, and are gradually immersed in Him.

Naam is the ever-existent truth. By Naam Simran we can realize the eternal truth, realize the almighty Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar, realize Amrit (our essence or the life-element, soul) and realize the Atam Ras (Atam Ras Amrit – the essence of Amrit, eternal bliss).

Naam is the greatest eternal gift that one can acquire with Gurprasad.

“Jevad Aap Tevad Teree Daat”

(Sri Guru Granth Sahib 9)

By Naam Simran we can acquire this greatest gift. This gift includes: Akal Purakh Himself, His divine treasures, and all His spiritual and divine powers. Therefore why should we even ask or settle for something less? By continuously making true efforts we can acquire the greatest eternal gift. We should forget about material objects and day-after-day demand to be given this highest eternal gift of “Naam, Naam Simran, Naam Di Kamai, Puran Bandagi and Seva”, which includes everything that has Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar Himself assimilated inside. Once Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar belongs to us, and once we recognize His presence within us and we become His, everything that belongs to Him becomes ours. This is the highest and indescribable gain from Naam Simran. Although there are a number of gains from Naam Simran, only a few of them are briefly described below:

1. Naam takes you beyond description:

“Kinakaa Ek Jis Jeea Basaavai. Taa Kee Mehimaa Ganee Na Aavai”

 (Sri Guru Granth Sahib 262)

The magnificence of Naam is infinite. The magnificence of Naam is unperceivable, unbounded, infinite and eternal like Akal Purakh Himself. Naam is the basis of the origin of cosmos. It is the ever-existent, ageless name of Akal Purakh, created by Him. Even if one imbibes just a speck of Naam in one’s Hirdha, one becomes an indescribable soul. Because such a soul becomes a Sant Hirdha (saintly Hirdha); and becomes infinite as the almighty Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar. Such a soul becomes a Pargateyo Jyot (a manifested divine light, a soul that becomes the pure divine light of God Himself), a Braham Gyani (possessing divine wisdom), a Puran Sant (perfect saint), and a Puran Khalsa (a pure soul that has obtained Puran Braham Gyan). Naam Simran brings us happiness’s of the highest order. All our sorrows disappear and we forever feel the perfect joy and bliss.

2. Naam frees us from the cycle of life and death – gets us Jeevan Mukti:

The ultimate sorrow is to remain stuck in the cycle of life and death. All of us are in this cycle for ages. We have passed through births and deaths in 84 hundred thousand Juni’s (species) innumerable times. Naam Simran is the only force capable of getting us out of the sorrowful cycle of life and death. It means that we can achieve deliverance or Jeevan Mukti only through Naam Simran. Only the Gurprasad of Naam can break the ties of life and death. Only the Gurprasad of Naam can extricate us from the Vidhan (laws) of Karma (destiny determined by one’s past deeds) and break the bonds with our previous births.



 3. Naam makes us fearless of death:

The greatest fear is the fear of death. This is a completely and divinely true basic fact that cannot be refuted. This fear ends only with Naam Simran. In fact when you immerse deep in Dhyan (Naam Simran – with deep concentration, and detachment from all-else), and attain Samadhi (deep trance-like stage, where there is no thought, nothing except pure consciousness) or Sunn Samadhi (silent, deep meditation – a state free of thoughts, even free from the effects of time and space), you have the out-of-body experiences and experiences of soul travelling to the other parts of the universe. During these experiences the soul actually leaves the body, and in its spiritual state passes through different realms of the universe and observes the other higher spiritual levels. These experiences make you realize the state that your soul will attain once it leaves the body after the physical death. This is how the Sants (saints) and the Braham Gyanis are aware of their soul’s journey after their death.

4. Naam makes you triumph over Maya:

Naam Simran is immensely powerful to protect us from all our enemies – and which are those enemies? These are the Panj Dhoots (the five thieves) – lust, anger, greed, attachments and pride, who are the most serious of all mental ailments. Besides these, Naam Simran also rids us of all other evil mental perversions – hopes, desires, inclinations, criticism, slander, malice, power, youth, wealth, possessions, beauty, taste, smell, speech and touch. Naam is the prescription to safeguard our Hirdha from grave and lethal mental diseases. All these enemies of our soul are acting as the obstacles between us and the almighty Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar. Naam Simran is the biggest and the mightiest divine weapon to kill these enemies. These enemies are a big hurdle on the path to Sach Khand, and Naam Simran banishes these hurdles. Naam Simran shelters us against these enemies by alerting our mind and preventing us from acting under their influence. Our mind is kept vigilant at all times. We become capable of tackling these destructive enemies in our day-to-day activities. We thus overcome them, and whenever they try to cheat us and steal Amrit from us, we are able to thwart them.

4. Naam makes us victorious over mind:

Your mind operates your five senses, and your mind functions as per your own wisdom. Your own wisdom is subjugated under the three attributes – Sato, Rajo and Tamo – of Maya. Triumph over Maya rescues the soul from the clutches of Maya. The soul is freed of the chains of Maya, and the mind is subjected under the Braham Gyan. In fact once you attain the spiritual peaks, your own wisdom and mind are eliminated. Then all your five senses become subject to divinity and the Braham Gyan operates these five senses. These are no longer under influence of Maya. This is the victory over Maya. As you take charge of your mind, you turn it into the Param Jyot (the divine light, God Himself).

“Man Toon Jot Saroop Hai Apanaa Mool Pachhaan”

(Sri Guru Granth Sahib 441)

6. Naam removes all the illusions and confusions:

The illusions, misconceptions, divergence of opinions, doubts and prejudices – the powers that adversely influence your soul and mind are eradicated with Naam Simran. Your mind begins to stabilize, and gradually you overpower all those circumstances that affect your mind. The concentration of your mind increases with spiritual growth and as a result you are rid of all illusions and ruinous powers disturbing your mind.

7. Naam makes us Nirbhao:

Naam makes us Nirbhao (fearless) in our day-to-day activities. With Naam Simran we become a Puran Sachyara (absolutely, divinely truthful) with ourselves, with others and with the almighty Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar. We acquire the divine strength to speak Sat, hear Sat, act Sat and serve Sat. We are not afraid to speak Sat and to act Sat. We begin to see the difference between Sat and Asat (not Sat), and are able to hold us from doing Asat deeds. We are freed of the burden of Asat. We are freed of the temptations of Maya. Meaning we are freed of the worldly and familial attachments. Here it is very important to establish this supremely true basic fact that only a person who is freed of the attachments of the world and of one’s family can speak Sat, hear Sat, serve Sat and act Sat; as that person is Nirbhao. Therefore Puran Sachyari Rehat (state of complete compliance with Absolute Truth) is attained only by one who is Nirbhao, and one who acts Sat.

8. Naam ends our sorrows, distresses and diseases:

“Sarab Rog Kaa Aukhad Naam”

(Sri Guru Granth Sahib 274)

Naam Simran puts an end to all our pains and sufferings. We get mentally so strong that we can bear all kind of troubles and deadly diseases. All our mental ailments are cured. Meaning we are rid of the grave mental diseases of lust, anger, greed, attachments, pride, Trishna, power, youth, wealth, possessions, beauty, taste, smell, speech, touch, criticism, slander, malice, jealousy, attractions and spite. Our vices and sins are eradicated and the Hirdha is filled with all divine virtues.

9. Naam makes us Nirvair:

Our Hirdha is rid of the baleful perversions such as jealousy, infatuation, enmity and hatred. We can clearly see the divine power of Nirgun (God beyond the Trigun Maya, observed only through one’s spiritual eye) in action throughout the Creation. We can glimpse Nirgun in the Sargun(the divine power present in every creation and sustaining it). Nirgun and Sargun become one for us (this represents the state where we realize that all physical creations are part of Sargun, but are created and run by Nirgun – this realization is the Puran Braham Gyan and Puran Tat Gyan). Our Hirdha is suffused with immense love. There is only love there. Every creation in the universe exhibits this love. We become Ik Drisht (seeing all as equal, non-discriminatory) and feel the pure and sacred bliss – Sat Chit Anand (bliss of being in consciousness of Truth, the highest consciousness; eternal happiness) – that is the Nirgun Saroop of the Param Jyot Puran Prakash (the divine light, His aura, God Himself), the Akal Purakh.

10. Naam begets us the boundless divine treasures:

Naam Simran brings to us all the limitless divine treasures and the heavenly powers – made of 9 Ridhis and 18 Sidhis (Ridhis and Sidhis are the supernatural powers – such powers are easily attainable even at early stages of Bandagi but can result in vanity and thus hold further spiritual development) – and puts them at our service. Please bear this firmly in mind that these treasures grant us all kinds of powers – powers that can perform miracles – and these get a great number of people attracted towards us. We can employ these powers to fulfil worldly desires of the people, to earn fame, riches and all worldly delights and pleasures. But keep in mind that if we use these powers even once, our spiritual development comes to a halt, and we no longer remain worthy of the Jeevan Mukti. Those using these powers for selfish ends become a competitor to Akal Purakh. When you attain higher stages of Bandagi, these powers are used by Akal Purakh Himself to work miracles for you. These miracles were performed by Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar on several occasions at the time of the Guru Sahiban (the ten Patshahs). When a great being accomplishes one’s Bandagi and the Bandagi is acknowledged at Dargah, these powers become subjugated to these great beings, and serve these great beings under the Hukam (the Divine Order) of Akal Purakh.

11. Naam begets Puran Braham Gyan and Puran Tat Gyan:

Naam Simran brings divine wisdom and divine understanding to us. We begin listening to and getting a grasp of Gurbani. Furthermore it encourages us to exercise the teachings of Gurbani in our daily life. We come to have more and more belief and conviction in Guru, Gurbani and in Akal Purakh. Naam Simran contains every kind of worship and devotion towards the almighty Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar. It implies that Naam Simran is the service of the highest order towards the almighty Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar. Doing this service makes us realize and makes us certain that there is no one else like the almighty Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar; and He is the greatest, and He is the Creator of the universe. We develop utter confidence and belief in the almighty Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar. All our Bajjar Kapats (the divine doors that when opened, channel Amrit into the body and establish contact between the human being and Akal Purakh) are opened. Our Dasam Duaar (the tenth door – the Crown Chakra – once opened establishes a connection between the human being and the Akal Purakh) is opened. All our seven Sat Sarovars (the seven sources of Amrit, or of the spiritual energy inside the human body) are illuminated. We vanquish the Trigun Maya, achieve Darshan of Akal Purakh, and with this Darshan we come to acquire the Puran Braham Gyan and Puran Tat Gyan.

12. Naam concludes our inner Teerath (pilgrimage):

The real Teerath (pilgrimage) is the Teerath of one’s inner self, and it is achieved with Naam Simran. It implies that as we ascend the different stages of Naam Simran in Samadhi, as we ascend the different spiritual states as defined in Jap Ji (Gurbani) – the Dharam Khand (the stage of seeking divine union), the Gyan Khand (the stage of seeking divine knowledge), the Saram Khand (the stage of making efforts towards spirituality), the Karam Khand (the stage of receiving divine benignity or grace), and the Sach Khand (the realm of ultimate, absolute truth) – we experience divinity, experience Puran Prakash (the supreme light, His aura), and experience Darshan of Guru, Darshan of Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar, and Dashan of Sach Khand. Our Hirdha attains Puran Sachyari Rehat, sheds all vices and fills itself with divine virtues. The Hirdha attaining Puran Sachyari Rehat is the inner Teerath, and the true Teerath. When we pass through these various stages of spirituality and attain Samadhi and Sunn Samadhi, then we are recognized and assigned by Dargah for this highest service to the almighty Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar. We are at all times contented and satisfied, and every event around us appears to us as the Hukam of Parmatma. It means that we come to grasp the Hukam of Akal Purakh. We do not complain about our circumstances, and abide by all circumstances calmly and silently. By doing this we become capable of attaining our spiritual aspirations. When all five sensory organs and all five action organs are under Puran Hukam (absolute divine will), we attain the Param Padvi (the highest spiritual status). This utterly true divine fact is clarified in Gurbani thus:

“Hukam Boojh Param Pad Paaee”

(Sri Guru Granth Sahib 292)

Naam Simran is a priceless gift that is acquired with the blessing of Akal Purakh and this is the essence of the Gurprasad. There is no deed higher than Naam Simran. We should always bow before such great beings that are blessed with Naam Simran.

13. Naam Simran is the greatest service to the almighty Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar:

“Prabh Kaa Simaran Sabh Te Oochaa”

(Sri Guru Granth Sahib 263)

The almighty Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar has made it absolutely clear that Naam Simran is the most cherished deed in His service. Therefore nobody should be in any doubt about Naam Simran being the best service to Akal Purakh. It means that the other religious acts command lower value than Naam Simran. When we already know this divine and absolutely true fact from Sukhmani Bani (the composition by Satguru the Fifth Patshah Sri Arjun Dev Ji), why don’t we use our time in Naam Simran? When Naam Simran brings to us the sweetest fruits of the eternal divine bliss of the highest order, of perfect peace, of Darshan of Param Jyot Puran Prakash, then why don’t we centre our attention upon Naam Simran?

Mere reading of Sukhmani Bani is not enough. As Sukhmani Bani says, Naam Simran is the highest service to the almighty Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar. It (Naam Simran) is a must to attain the Puran Tat Gyan, and for Puran Bhagati (complete devotion). Those who do not practise the Puran Braham Gyan, and engage themselves in some less productive religious rites and rituals, would do well to understand this absolute truth and the divine fact. Therefore it a humble prayer to those – who believe in mere reading of Gurbani or in other religious rituals – that they should dedicate themselves in Naam Simran.

14. Naam brings utmost humility and simplicity in Hirdha:

Extreme humility is the key to Dargah. Naam Simran instils the divine virtue of humility in us. A soul immersed in Naam Simran is filled with humility and the Hirdha of such souls is wrapped in simplicity. The extreme humility and simplicity in Hirdha carries one to the peaks of spirituality.

“Braham Giaanee Sagal Kee Reenaa.

Aatam Ras Braham Giaanee Cheenaa”

  (Sri Guru Granth Sahib 272)

Those, who exercise simplicity of Hirdha and consider themselves as humble as the dust under the feet of the Creation, acquire Braham Gyan and Atam Ras Amrit. We should all bow our heads at the feet of such souls. Such humility is obtained only through Naam Simran. Such humility is the key to Dargah of Akal Purakh. Therefore the biggest treasure is the name “Ik Oangkaar Satnaam” of Akal Purakh:

“Anmrit Naam Nidhhaan Hai Mil Peevahu Bhaaee”

  (Sri Guru Granth Sahib 318)

When we do Naam Simran, we own this priceless treasure “Ik Oangkar Satnaam” of Akal Purakh. When we adorn this priceless jewel and it blends with our minds and our spiritual Hirdhas, we gain honour at Dargah of Akal Purakh. When a Sant or a Braham Gyani adorns this priceless ornament he or she is the richest soul in the universe. Nothing is beyond these treasures. Such a soul:

* Is worthy of honour;

* Is respected everywhere in the universe;

* Accomplishes one’s inner Teerath (pilgrimage);

* Is acknowledged as an accomplished soul at Dargah;

* Is at all times in higher states of spirituality;

* Doesn’t concern with any other matter;

* Attains all;

* Attains infinity;

* Reigns over the cosmos, all 14 worlds and here-afters;

* Makes words come true; one’s words are respected by the almighty Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar;

* Never dies – attains eternal pleasures and eternal peace;

* Triumphs all;

* Immerses forever in the almighty Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar.

All of us should pray to be worthy of the dust under the feet of such souls. By so praying we are blessed by Akal Purakh and are made part of His Gurprasadi game. This can happen only with His Gurkirpa. We should pray for Gurkirpa and seek the eternal treasures of Naam.

15. Naam fills Hirdha with divine virtues:

Naam Simran, with its eternal treasures, makes our Hirdha big and strong; and fills our heart and mind with the noblest virtues of selfless service, sacrifice for others, help of the needy, Parupkar and Maha Parupkar for others, consideration of others, living for others and not for one’s own self, forgiveness for every hurt and injury, complete compassion, Sat Santokh (divine contentedness, state where there is humility and an absence of desires)and large-heartedness. The mind attains perfect calm and concentration. These virtues make us more and more considerate of the society, and just imagine if everyone becomes so, this era will turn into Sat Yug (the age of Truth). These are some of the significant qualities of a Sant Hirdha and such a soul will always be admired at Dargah. These souls savour within them the highest degree of the eternal relaxation and supreme bliss. Such souls are victorious over their minds and their lives turn pure and sacred, Sachyara and worthy of honour. Such souls engrossed in Naam Simran become one with the almighty Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar and forever attain Sat Chit Anand.

16. Naam quenches Trishna and decimates worries:

A soul and mind immersed in Naam Simran feel no need to fulfil any worldly desires, thus quenching Trishna. The Hirdha attains Puran Sat Santokh (perfect divine contentedness). The soul is satiated and is always in the state of Sat Santokh. One has no more wants. One is not tempted by any worldly pleasure or convenience. One no longer worries about anything. This is because one is aware of all one’s actions and reaction, and confines them within the Hukam of Akal Purakh. In fact one’s mind and soul are in perfect stability. This is a very high spiritual state that the soul attains only in Sach Khand when one turns a perfect Sachyara and speaks Sat, hears Sat and serves Sat. Such soul is always engaged in praise of Akal Purakh and in service of Guru and Sangat. Such a soul is always steadfast and immersed in the almighty Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar. Nothing distracts such a soul which is in the state of perfect eternal peace and bliss. The Hirdha of such a soul is always in bloom like a lotus flower. Such a soul feels the beat of the eternal music in one’s body at all times and is always in the state of never-ending, eternal Sat Chit Anand. Only those blessed by Akal Purakh attain this eternal treasure of Naam Simran.

17. Naam changes our everyday life, turns it beautiful:

With Naam Simran, everything happens for you at the right place at the right time. All your troubles start disappearing, and events occur as per your desire. Your life turns clean and clear. There are no more obstacles in your way. The people around you understand you and co-operate with you. The atmosphere at work and at home turns even more pleasant. Every task seems easy and simple to you. The strife in family and other troubles gradually disappear and your surroundings turn nice and pleasing.

18. Naam leads to the peaks of spiritual world:

All the Sants and Bhagats (devotees) from all the religions became Sants and Bhagats through Naam Simran. Such souls attained the peaks of spirituality only by dipping into the eternal treasure of Naam, which they practised throughout their lives. This is how such souls became spiritually powerful and became one with the almighty Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar. There are a number of such souls whose words are recorded in Sri Guru Granth Sahib along with those of the Guru Sahiban. Some of these are: Sant Kabir Ji, Bhagat Ravi Das Ji, Bhagat Nam Dev Ji, Bhagat Baba Farid Ji, Bhagat Pipa Ji, Bhagat Sain Nai Ji, Bhagat Beni Ji, and others. All these souls attained the peaks of spirituality, were immersed in Akal Purakh, attained Param Padvi and turned Puran Braham Gyanis. Such souls are also known as the Pargateyo Jyot Puran Braham Gyani (a soul that is divinely wise, and becomes the pure divine light of God Himself). Such souls descended upon earth even after the Tenth Patshah Ji, some of which are: Sant Baba Nand Singh Ji, Sant Baba Isher Singh Ji and Sant Baba Attar Singh Ji. Some such souls are still present on earth and are engaged in the most-supreme service of the almighty Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar – Naam Simran, Parupkar and Maha Parupkar. These will continue to bestow spiritual energy and guidance upon the Sangat in ages to come, and some are present even in this current age. These are engaged in Seva of the Sangat; and more such souls will continue to arrive in this world in future eras.

“Har Jug Jug Bhagat Upaaiaa Paij Rakhdaa Aaeaa Raam Raajai”

  (Sri Guru Granth Sahib 451)

The gains from Naam Simran are indescribable. The above is just an attempt to provide you a glimpse of what happens when you perform Naam Simran. In fact to really understand these gains one needs to feel and experience them in a material form. The above descriptions are merely an essence of this eternal and divine blessing, and the Gurprasad to encourage you to get started with Naam Simran. When you begin Naam Simran you will reap its infinite benefits and make your life a success. The only condition is the complete dedication towards Gur and Guru and complete belief, love and faith in Gur, Guru and Gurbani.

Those who are immersed in Naam become a part of the glory of Naam. The glory of Naam is the glory of Akal Purakh, and the glory of a Puran Braham Gyani, a Puran Sant, a Puran Khalsa, and a Satguru. The entire Gurbani is the glory of Naam. The whole Creation has originated from Naam, is being looked after by Naam, and will be destroyed by Naam. These great beings not only themselves cross the Bhavsagar (sea of Maya’s deceptions, sea of ignorance) but, along with their own Jeevan Mukti, also obtain Jeevan Mukti for their whole clan. Not just this but they also ensure Jeevan Mukti for coming 21 generations of their clan. Also, they ensure salvation for the families in their past lives. The company of a Puran Braham Gyani is available only to those who are connected with them through their past lives. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that a Puran Braham Gyani descends on this earth only to obtain salvation for the families left behind in previous lives. Therefore a Puran Braham Gyani takes birth not only to arrange one’s own salvation, but also the salvation for the whole clan, next 21 generations of the clan, families from previous lives, and a number of other people of the world. Thus Jeevan Mukti is a great offering. Naam, Naam Simran, Naam Di Kamai, Puran Bandagi and opportunity of Maha Parupkar is a great offering.

Those who become part of the glory of Naam and part of the glory of Akal Purakh attain the status of a Puran Braham Gyani, a Puran Sant and a Satguru. Those great being in whose Hirdhas Naam has blended have Param Jyot Puran Prakash manifest in their Hirdhas; they become a Pargateyo Jyot and attain the status of a Guru. Therefore the blessed Satguru incarnate Arjun Dev Ji has made it clear in Sukhmani Bani:

“So Satgur Jis Ridhai Har Naao”

  (Sri Guru Granth Sahib 287)

Param Padvi means the status of a Guru that can be attained only after Darshan of Akal Purakh, after attaining Puran Braham Gyan and Puran Tat Gyan, after triumphing over Maya, after transcending Trigun Maya and on becoming one with Akal Purakh. Therefore a Guru is one who is one with Akal Purakh. A Guru is ordained with the service of Maha Parupkar by Akal Purakh. Only those great beings attaining this status are ordained to bestow the Gurprasad of “Jee-a Daan”. Therefore it is made clear in Gurbani:

“Aisai Gur Ko Bal Bal Jaaiai Aap Mukat Mohi Taarai”

  (Sri Guru Granth Sahib 1301)


“Aap Mukat Mukat Karai Sansaar. Naanak Tis Jan Ko Sadaa Namasakaar”

  (Sri Guru Granth Sahib 295)

Therefore only such great beings have the capacity to deliver a Sikh from the cycle of life and death, and only they thus deliver the Sikhs. Implying that, a Sikh is one who dedicates one’s body, mind and possessions with complete love, faith and belief upon these great beings. After this, no force can keep a Sikh from salvation and deliverance. Therefore a Guru is one who is Puran (perfect) and has attained Puran Awastha (a perfect spiritual state). Only a Puran has the right to give sermons and to preach. One who is not Puran, and thus is Adhura (imperfect), is not a Guru and does not have the right to preach and propagate. This is the reason why those who attend the Sangats by the Adhura’s fail to make any gains and remain trapped in illusions and confusions, simply because the Adhura’s are not ordained by Dargah to bestow Gurprasad.

 Those who become part of the glory of Naam establish direct link with the divine power of Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar. Those who determinedly put themselves in service of a Satguru are united with Naam. The service of Naam is the best service to a Sarguru. The service of Naam is the best service to Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar. Only a Satguru can bestow Gurprasad. Only a Puran Braham Gyani can bestow the Gurprasad of Naam, Naam Simran, Naam Di Kamai, Puran Bandagi and Seva. Only a Puran Sant can bestow the Char Padarath (Dharam, Moksh, Arth, Kaam – Four Commodities of divinity, salvation, means, and toil). Therefore only a Satguru, a Puran Braham Gyani or a Puran Sant can provide the way to Jeevan Mukti, and only by being in service of these beings can one attain Jeevan Mukti. Therefore those who adapt to this Puran Braham Gyan attain the supremely powerful state of “Mannay” and realize this truly essential divine fact that only the Gurprasad of Naam of Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar can grant them Jeevan Mukti. Therefore these people stop wandering around and dedicate themselves with complete faith, love and belief to the Guru. Meaning those who wander around gods and goddesses fail to receive Gurprasad and fail to find the way to Jeevan Mukti; because the gods and goddesses are not blessed with the divine power to bestow Gurprasad; because the gods and goddesses haven’t themselves attained Jeevan Mukti and are on the lookout for Gurprasad, so that they can receive Gurprasad and earn Jeevan Mukti. Bhai Lehna Ji was a goddess-worshipper. Then he became fortunate because of the deeds in previous lives. As a result he sought shelter of Satguru incarnate the blessed Nanak Patshah Ji and never looked back, and surrendered his body, mind and possessions at the feet of the Satguru. He engrossed himself in service of the Satguru. He served with such commitment that from Bhai Lehna Ji he became Satguru Angad Patshah Ji. This is the kind of service that a Jigyasoo (the curious, the seeker of divine truth) needs to perform. Only then one can receive Gurprasad and cease wandering from place to place. Even gods and goddesses seek and present themselves at the Sangat of a Puran Braham Gyani. Because only in the Sangat of a Puran Braham Gyani one can find perfect Sat and find the way to Jeevan Mukti. By the blessing of a Puran Baham Gyani these gods and goddesses can achieve birth as a human being, can find Bandagi, can find Gurprasad and put an end to their wandering. There is only one bestower of all gifts, and that is Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar; and Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar takes the form of a Puran Sant, a Puran Braham Gyani and a Satguru in this world, and those who receive Gurprasad from such souls become entitled to receive all His gifts, and their wandering comes to an end, because all divine treasures are now available to them.

Gurkirpa and Gurprasad are showered upon tens of millions. But there is only one soul in tens of millions that looks after this Gurprasad and becomes a part of the glory of Naam. A rare soul recognizes the value of the jewel that is Naam. Tens of millions join the Sangat of a Puran Sant, a Puran Braham Gyani or a Satguru, but only a rare human dedicates body, mind and possessions at the feet of the Guru. Therefore only a rare being accomplishes Bandagi and earns the right to the Darshan of Akal Purakh. Just imagine if all those who join the Sangat of a Puran Sant, a Puran Braham Gyani or a Satguru, and receive Gurprasad, were to dedicate their entire self (body, mind and possessions) completely at the feet of the Guru, wouldn’t they all become Sat Roop (Sat in a human form), and wouldn’t they all attain Jeevan Mukti? Therefore it is a humble prayer to all humanity that if you have the good fortune to join the Sangat of a Puran Sant, a Puran Braham Gyani or a Satguru, then hold this supremely essential and true fact firmly in mind and dedicate your body, mind and possessions at the feet of the Guru, receive the blessing of Gurprasad, care for the Gurprasad and attain Jeevan Mukti.

By imparting the Puran Braham Gyan about the magnificence of the divinely powerful states of “Suni-ai” and “Mannay” in these four & four (8) Pauris (verses) the blessed Satguru incarnate Nanak Patshah Ji has showered the entire humanity with the divine blessings and kindness. By bestowing the magnificence of Naam, the magnificence of Gurprasad and the magnificence of these divine blessings upon us, he has shown us the path to Puran Bandagi. Therefore it is our humble prayer at the feet of the entire mankind not to let this human life go in vain; to adorn our Hirdhas with these jewels of the Puran Braham Gyan; to achieve the Gurprasad of Naam, Naam Simran, Naam Di Kamai and Puran Bandagi; to care for this divinely potent Gurkirpa and make our human births and lives purposeful; attain Jeevan Mukti; attain salvation for ourselves and for the whole world.