Jap Ji Verse 24

Ant na siftee kahan na ant.
Ant na karnai dayn na ant.
Ant na vaykhan sunan na ant.
Ant na jaapai ki-aa man mant.
Ant na jaapai keetaa aakaar.
Ant na jaapai paaraavaar.
Ant kaaran kaytay billaahe.
Taa kay ant na paa-ay jaahe.
Ayhu ant na jaanai ko-ay.
Bahutaa kahee-ai bahutaa ho-ay.
Vadaa saaheb oochaa thaa-o.
Oochay upar oochaa naa-o.
Ayvad oochaa hovai ko-ay.
Tis oochay ka-o jaanai so-ay.
Jayvad aap jaanai aap aap.
Naanak nadree karmee daat. ||24||


The blessed Satguru (Truth Guru) incarnate Nanak Patshah Ji (Guru Nanak Ji) with immense kindness bestows Puran Braham Gyan (entire divine wisdom) about the magnificence of the infiniteness and eternality of Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar (Truth, the Transcendent Lord and Creator of the Universe) upon the entire humanity. Satguru Ji states that the magnificence of the blessed Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar is Aprampaar (without dimension or boundary). Till today no Avatar (divine incarnate), Satguru, Sant (saint), Braham Gyani (possessing Braham Gyan, divinely wise), Pir (holy person with spiritual attainments) or Paigambar (prophet, seer) has been able to unravel all the mysteries of Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar; neither it is possible for anyone to ever do so. Even Brahma Ji (the divine power of creating) himself hasn’t fully comprehended Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar:

“Naal Kutanb Saathh Varadhaathaa Brahmaa Bhaalan Srisat Gaeiaa.

Aagai Anth Na Paaeiou Taa Kaa Kans Chhedh Kyaa Vaddaa Bhaeiaa. ||3||

 (Sri Guru Granth Sahib 350)

After being instated in Sunn Samadhi for 36 Yugas (at the time of when there was nothing but extreme darkness as explained in Gurparsadi discourse of Pauri 5 where this completely true fact has been illustrated from the depths of Mansarovar with Gurkirpa and Gurparsad) when the blessed Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar Ji had insight of making the Creation, then – first  of all with the blessings of Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar – Brahama Ji came into existence. Upon coming into existence, Brahma Ji – from the moment of his origin – started wondering about the supreme power that gave birth to him. Contemplating this matter, when Brahma Ji began to feel a bit proud and think to be his own creator, there was a divine revelation proclaiming that he was created from a lotus flower. Hearing this, Brahma Ji looked upon the lotus flower with great keenness, got enraged and forcefully kicked the lotus flower, declaring how a lotus flower could be so worthy as to be able to create him. Brahma Ji mused about how mighty he himself was, and how tender was the flower that he could destroy with just a kick; therefore how could this flower even compare with him, much less be able to create him. With this in view when Brahma Ji in his arrogance gave a mighty kick to the lotus flower, he was swallowed in the stem of the lotus flower. It is believed (this story is written in the Purana’s) that for thousands of years Brahma Ji ventured inside the stem of the lotus flower trying to comprehend his Creator, but just as a drop in the ocean cannot comprehend the entire ocean, in exactly the same way Brahma Ji too failed to comprehend Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar. Finally when he got tired of exploring, he had to go and seek out Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar. Thus when his anger subsided and his arrogance melted away, Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar bestowed His kindness upon him and – hearing his appeals – instantly extricated him from inside the lotus flower. Thereafter Brahma Ji sat on the same lotus flower and paid his tributes to Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar. Sitting upon the same flower he composed the four Vedas (ancient Hindu scriptures; the four Vedas are Rig Veda, Yajur Veda, Sam Veda and Athar Veda). But despite having done so much, later he acknowledged too that he knew nothing about Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar: What Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar is, He is; He alone knows what He is; I know nothing.

The blessed Satguru incarnate Gobind Singh the true Patshah Ji has also composed “Akal Ustat” (a composition of Satguru the Tenth Patshah Ji) in praise of Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar. In this supremely powerful Gurbani,he has tried to describe the supreme powers of Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwarin apt words. But while doing Sifat Salah (paying tributes to God) of Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar, when Satguru Patshah Ji realized that there were no limits or boundaries to the Sifat (praise) of Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar and neither could one ever comprehend Him, he said:

“Jathas Thuhee. Brathas Thuhee. Gathas Thuhee. Mathas Thuhee. ||18||68||”

 (Sri Dasam Granth Sahib 41)

This supreme and entirely true fact is revealed by the blessed Satguru incarnate Nanak Patshah Ji in this Pauri (verse) that Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar is eternal, infinite in Himself; the Creation too formed by Him is infinite; His magnificence too is infinite. Therefore there are no bounds to Sifat Salah of Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar; neither has anyone till date grasped the bounds of His Sifat Salah, nor will anyone ever do so. The entire Gurbani is nothing but Sifat Salah of Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar. The entire Gurbani is nothing but the magnificence and Sifat Salah of all divine Kalaa’s (crafts and competencies, divine powers) of the Naam (the Name – representing God and all His Creation), and inherent in the Naam of Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar. The entire Gurbani is nothing but Sifat Salah of the glory and the supreme powers manifested in Avatars, Satgurus, Sants, Bhagats (devotees) and Braham Gyanis. Gurbani is “Dhur Ki” (primal, originating direct from Akal Purakh) – therefore Gurbani too has no bounds. Gurbani never ends. Gurbani discourses ceaselessly and will forever continue to do so. There are no bounds to the Angs (pages) of Gurbani in Dargah (Divine Court). Those who attain such high (spiritual) states are able to hear Gurbani. When they have their Dasam Duaar (the tenth door or the Crown Chakra located at the top of the head; once opened, it establishes a connection between the human being and the Akal Purakh) opened, they forever and incessantly listen to and enjoy this divine Akhand Kirtan (divine unstuck music and chanting; also called Anhad Shabad Amrit Naad, i.e., incessant fall of Amrit at the Dasam Duaar along with Anhad Naad – the divine unstuck music of five primal sounds). Those great beings for whom Sargun and Nirgun have become one (Nirgun represents God beyond the Trigun Maya, observed only through one’s spiritual eye, and Sargunis the divine power present in every creation and sustaining it. Nirgun Sargun becoming one describes the state where one realizes that all physical creations are part of Sargun, but are created and run by Nirgun – this realization is the Puran Braham Gyan and Puran Tat Gyan) are able to constantly hear this Anhad Shabad. This Anhad Shabad – without ends or bounds and playing ceaselessly – is the Akhand Kirtan.

Those who attain the state of Sunn Samadhi are able to clearly perceive the whole picture of the immensity of the Creation. Those who attain the state of Sunn (complete, utter peace and calmness) and venture across the Creation in Suksham Roop (Astral form; Suksham is part of the human souls that is the source of all energy running the senses and the physical functions of the body. This spiritual energy comes from the Sat Sarovars) are able to clearly experience the infiniteness of the Creation. But by attaining such high spiritual states and by seeing and hearing with our Suksham Roop in this fashion we can neither learn and appreciate all of the Kalaa’s and divine virtues of Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar, nor we can entirely discover all of the supreme powers of Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar, or even be able to describe them. Even the Kirat (vocation) of Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar is eternal and infinite. Creating the entire Creation, running and administering the entire Creation, looking after the entire Creation – all this is the Kirat of Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar and it is impossible to fully comprehend this Kirat. Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar gives effect to all this Kirat through His infinite, eternal Kalaa’s.

Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar – caring for and nurturing the entire Creation – also possesses infinite capacity of giving. Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar alone is the provider of all boons. Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar never demurs in endlessly providing from His infinite treasures every boon for all creatures in accordance with the Vidhan (constitution, laws) of Karma (destiny determined by one’s good and bad deeds). Our Punn Karams (virtuous deeds) beget us the worldly pleasures and wealth. Our sinful deeds beget us worldly pains and distresses and penury. Our Punn Karams beget us success in life and other worldly accomplishments. Our sinful deeds result in our facing disappointments in life and other worldly hardships. Only by Punn Karams one can have one’s life filled with prosperity in coming times. The charity of a single grain of food at the present time will be returned to you thousands and millions of times over in future. It means that the Dasvandh (10% of the earnings for charity) donated from your earnings at the present time is entered as exactly hundred (100) times in your account, and in future this same Dasvandh returns to you with interest a hundred thousand times over. When we remit Dasvandh, the balance of 90% is remitted by Guru (teacher and mentor – one who has accomplished Bandagi and attained Jeevan Mukti and is divinely ordained to lead others on the path of Bandagi and Mukti) and deposited in our account. Therefore when we remit Dasvandh, we do not remit it to anyone else but deposit it in our own account, which comes back to us with interest a multiple times over. Therefore remitting Dasvandh is not a losing proposition. There is no other transaction as profitable as remitting Dasvandh. Therefore one shouldn’t refrain from remitting Dasvandh. Instead one should remit Dasvandh with happiness and generosity.

One cannot describe the colours, i.e., moods of Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar. It means that no one can fully comprehend the colours of Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar. It is impossible to say when or in what form His will shall transpire in this world. There are events taking place in this world that are impossible to presage by any available means. No power (of today’s science and technology) can completely figure out future global calamities, catastrophes or providential events. As an example no one can fully envisage when and where an earthquake or a tsunami will strike in the world, and the extent of the devastation that will be caused by it. No one can accurately predict when or where in the world a drought, a flood or another natural scourge will occur. No one can say when and with what ferocity a dangerous epidemic will afflict the humanity. Similarly it is impossible to make any guess about where the natural forces will act benevolently and bring prosperity with a good harvest. That is to say, no one has ever been able to define when and in what way the will of Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar’s shall prevail in the Creation; neither can anyone ever do so.

No one has ever been able to fully comprehend the Creation created by Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar; neither anyone ever will be able to do so. If we take a closer look at every creation of the nature, we will clearly realize that no one can fully comprehend the nature. As an example why does a mango tree yield only mangoes, and not guavas? The design, taste, colour and shape of a mango are so very different from those of the guava. Why is it so? What supreme power is at work imparting colours upon a rose? What supreme power has fashioned the wonderful form and the beautiful look of a rose? What supreme power has endowed the beautiful rose with the miracle of fragrance? What is the secret behind the formation of the peaks of the insurmountable mountains? What are the sources of all things cultivated or extracted from the earth? What is the mystery behind the fascinating creation of the world? What is the purpose of creation of the forms of 8.4 million species dwelling in all four Khani’s (the source of birth – there are 4 Khani’s: Andaj – the egg, Jeraj – the womb, Setaj – the sweat, and Ootatbhuj – the earth)? What is the mystery behind creation of water? Apparently as per today’s science water is two parts hydrogen gas and one part oxygen gas. According to the physical properties of the oxygen gas and the hydrogen gas, these two elements are mutually antagonistic. Hydrogen is an extremely inflammable gas, and oxygen gas complements it in its burning process. Then what supreme power has merged these two mutually opposite elements together and given it the form of water that extinguishes fire and provides life to all the creatures and the vegetation in the entire Creation? Today’s science has no answer for this miraculous constitution of water. The scientific logic ends when it comes to these miracles of nature. Where logic ends, the evidence of the immensity of Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar in these miracles of nature clearly manifests itself. All one needs is to have belief in these natural miracles of Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar. When one’s Hirdha (literally meaning heart, Hirdha or Hirdha Kamal denotes one of the seven Sat Sarovars located near heart, and is a part of one’s spiritual being)is suffused with belief, one can clearly perceive the supreme power of Nirgun Saroop in action in the entire Sargun Saroop.

Therefore as far as it is a matter of exploration of the infiniteness, eternality of Sat Par Brahm, there is an existence of logic. As far as there is an existence of logic, there is science. Where logic ends, Braham Gyan (divine wisdom) reveals itself. Let’s try and dwell further upon this entirely true basic fact of the limits of science, and the limitlessness of Braham Gyan. In today’s world science and technology have made several advancements in all fields. There is no aspect of human life where the scientists of today have lacked in making new inventions. Because of these accomplishments of science human life has acquired many conveniences in the present age. The quest of scientific exploration is making further and further progress. There are separate and specialist doctors available to treat every part of the human body. But still have the medical sciences overcome every disease? Are today’s medical sciences capable of preventing a human death from cancer or other similar diseases? Are today’s medical sciences aware of what power works behind the human breath? Do today’s medical sciences know what power makes a human heart beat? Is today’s science cognizant of what supreme power is behind the genesis of electrons, neutrons and protons? Has today’s science learnt what supreme power keeps the earth and all other planets in their positions in space? Has today’s science found out the source of the gravitational force? No scientist of today has the answers founded on pure logic to these questions. It is completely true that the human brain has limitless capabilities and with these capabilities humans have succeeded in making a whole lot of amazing inventions, and will continue to make many more. But will the humans, with all the force of their intellect, be able to discover the expanse and the bounds of infiniteness, eternality of Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar? The great beings, Satgurus, Avatars, Sants and Bhagats who have become one with Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar and have experienced the infiniteness, eternality of Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar have all averred that nobody can ever fathom the bounds of Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar.

Similarly many people since the beginning of time have tried to find the limits and bounds of Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar,and many are still trying in the present age. But Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar is eternal, infinite; so how can one apprehend his limits and bounds? Therefore the toil of all these people has proved in vain, and continues to be in vain. In the same way that Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar is eternal and infinite, His virtues and His supreme powers also know no limits. His supreme virtues alone are His supreme powers. And these supreme powers alone are His Kalaa’s that He uses in creation, caretaking and destruction of the Creation. Every creation of Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar has within it some or the other virtue. And there are endless creations of Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar. Thus these virtues too are endless. These virtues alone present within every creation of the cosmos maintain the balance in the universe, and aid in running and administering the affairs of the Creation. Today’s sciences are engaged in the discovery of these virtues. But the creations of Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar are endless; and thus making comprehension of these virtues is an impossible task. As the human brain accomplishes these discoveries, it becomes aware of more and newer facts which are – in terms of spirituality and Puran Braham Gyan – endless. In this fashion as one appreciates the greatness of Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar, it becomes more and more clear that there are no limits to the greatness of Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar. A human brain with an activity level of mere 6-9% is engaged in these discoveries. But a Puran Braham Gyani whose brain is 100% active – because of the attainment of Puran Braham Gyan and with the realization that Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar is eternal, infinite, and that the supreme powers of His virtues and His Kalaa’s are eternal, infinite – becomes one with the magnificence of eternality, infiniteness of Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar and is absorbed in avowing and singing of the magnificence of Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar.

Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar is accomplished in all Kalaa’s. Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar is the knower of all Kalaa’s. Gurbani reveals this supremely true fact in many Salok’s (verses):

“Sarab Kalaa Bharpoor Prabh Birthhaa Jaananhaar.

Jaa Kai Simaran Oudhhareeai Naanak Tis Balihaar. ||1||”

 (Sri Guru Granth Sahib 282)

“Ham Moorakh Tum Chatur Siaanae Tu Sarab Kalaa Kaa Giaataa. ||1||”

 (Sri Guru Granth Sahib 613)

“Safal Moorat Gurdeo Suaamee Sarab Kalaa Bharpoorae.”

 (Sri Guru Granth Sahib 802)

All His Kalaa’s alone are the supreme powers of Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar. These supreme powers are eternal, infinite. Their complete mystery has never been unravelled by anyone; neither will anyone ever do so. Therefore the blessed Satguru incarnate Arjun Dev Ji has divulged the Puran Braham Gyan that for a Jigyasoo (seeker of divine truth) it is futile to try and understand the eternality, infiniteness and the supreme powers of Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar. Therefore we must engage ourselves in practising Naam Simran (meditation upon Naam – or the Name representing God and all His Creation) alone in our lives. Only by Naam Simran we can achieve salvation, i.e. freedom from the cycle of life & death. Only with Naam Simran we can attain the immense, eternal pleasures of Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar and of the blessed Satguru Sahiban (the ten Satguru Patshah Ji’s), and the supreme joy – Sat Chit Anand (bliss of being in consciousness of Truth, the highest consciousness; eternal happiness). Only with Naam Simran we can acquire the Puran Braham Gyan of the eternal, infinite powers of Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar and of the eternality of the Creation. By discarding the Manmat(own wisdom as opposed to Gurmat or God’s wisdom), Sansarik Mat (worldly wisdom, materialism) and Durmat (ill-judgement) and being absorbed in Naam Simran we can attain Puran Braham Gyan of the eternality, infiniteness of Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar. Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar is all-accomplished and therefore greatest of all. None other is as great as Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar. Therefore none has ever grasped how mighty Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar is; and none will ever be able to grasp this. Only if one is as-immense-and-as-great as Him can one fully realize Him. But there is no other force to equal Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar, and thus it is impossible to fully comprehend Him.

As much immense, eternal and infiniteSat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar is, exactly as immense, eternal and infinite is His name “Sat Naam” (“Truth as a manifestation of the Name of God”). The basis of all Creation is Sat Naam. All Creation originated from Sat, and continues to originate from Sat. The blessed Satguru incarnate Arjun Dev Patshah Ji has revealed this Puran Braham Gyan in Sukhmani Bani (the composition by Satguru the Fifth Patshah Arjun Dev Ji, comprising of 24 Astpadis):

“Mool Sat Sat Utpat.”

 (Sri Guru Granth Sahib 284)

The womb of all Kalaa’s, all virtues is nothing but Sat (Eternal Truth, God Himself). Sat alone is the basis of all organisms, living beings, Khands and Brahamands (the inner spiritual realms and the outer physical worlds). Sat alone is the supreme power. This is why Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar ‘s name is “Sat Naam”. The basis and the womb of all Creation is “Sat Naam” alone. This absolute truth is unfolded in the following Salok by Satguru incarnate the blessed Arjun Dev Patshah Ji:

“Naam Kae Dhhaarae Saglae Jant.

Naam Kae Dhhaarae Khand Brehamand.

Naam Kae Dhhaarae Simrit Baedh Puraan.

Naam Kae Dhhaarae Sunan Giaan Dhhiaan.

Naam Kae Dhhaarae Aagaas Paataal.

Naam Kae Dhhaarae Sagal Aakaar.

Naam Kae Dhhaarae Pureeaa Sabh Bhavan.

Naam Kai Sang Oudhharae Sun Sravan.

Kar Kirpaa Jis Aapnai Naam Laaeae.

Naanak Chouthhae Padh Meh So Jan Gat Paaeae. ||5||”

 (Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ang 284)

Consider this great Salok of Puran Braham Gyan – it is believable. It is utterly astonishing and awe inspiring. The blessed Fifth Patshah Ji (Arjun Dev Ji) tells us more about the magnificence of Akaal Purakh (Timeless Being; Immortal Being; God); which we have already established as being boundless.

Naam is the foundation of all creations. Naam is the basis of everything. Naam is the origin of everything. Everything has its genesis in Naam. All living beings are created from Naam. All vegetation, the sun, stars and everything present in Khand and Brahamand, i.e. every entity in the Creation is driven by Naam. The basis of all religious texts – written by Yogi’s (practitioners of Yoga) and Rishis & Muni’s (saints and sages) – is Naam. Everything in Lok-Parloks (this world and hereafters, physical and metaphysical worlds) has originated from Naam. The basis of establishment of everything in Lok-Parloks is Naam. Doubtlessly, only Naam can lead us to Akal Purakh. The entire Braham Gyan is a bestowal from Naam.

Those who in their personal capacity dedicate themselves in Naam, Naam Simran, Naam Di Kamai (Naam in practice in one’s life), Puran Bandagi (complete surrender before God) and Seva (humble and selfless service to others) attain a state in their Bandagi when Naam casts its illumination in all their Sat Sarovars (the seven sources of Amrit, or of the spiritual energy inside the human body). Parmatma (the supreme soul, God) Himself installs all eternal treasures in our Hirdhas. Sat Sarovars – the inseparable parts of our soul – are the founts of these eternal treasures. When these Sat Sarovars are illuminated, our Kundalini (Kundalini or Kundalini Shakti is the divine energy said to reside at the base of the spine, spreading into the entire body through the three energy-channels of Ida, Pingla and Sushmana, and making the corrections and purification throughout the body) is awakened and we are blessed with Naam Simran abiding in every pore of the body. Opening of all Bajjar Kapats (divine doors that once opened channel Amrit into the body and establish connection between human being and Akal Purakh) results in direct contact being established between Dasam Duaar and Naam Saroop (the embodiment of Naam, God Himself), and in Hirdha being illuminated with Param Jyot Puran Prakash (the perfect radiance of divine light, His aura, God Himself).

One of the Sarovars among these Sat Sarovars carries the heavenly powers of Braham Gyan; and when these Sat Sarovars are suffused with Naam, we achieve the rewards of Puran Braham Gyan and Puran Tat Gyan (the entire divine knowledge, understanding of the divine ways). This is the highest stage of Braham Gyan, and is not achieved with mere reading and Jaap (recitation) of Gurbani. This is not achieved by number of books or by study of any writings. This will not be achieved even by reading this very writing. This will be achieved when, and only when, all of the Sat Sarovars are satiated with Naam. That’s when one achieves the Gurprasad (Eternal Bliss and the Eternal Grace) of Puran Braham Gyan, and the Gurprasad of Puran Tat Gyan. Those who are absorbed in Puran Dhyan (complete concentration upon Naam Simran with detachment from all-else) – meaning thereby that those who receive Gurprasad and then dedicate their entire selves including body, mind and worldly possessions before Gur (God) and Guru, and do so with complete faith, devotion and love towards Gur and Guru. That’s when Braham Gyan bursts forth from Naam; and in a similar way Dhyan too originates from Naam. Those who are absorbed in Dhyan have Naam permeate every pore of their bodies; and have Puran Braham Gyan reveal itself within them.

It implies that at the starting stage of Bandagi (submission before God) one attains Samadhi  and Sunn Samadhi. Thereafter with Puran Bandagi one attains the Gurprasad of Atal Awastha (the stage of unshakable faith), Param Padvi (the highest spiritual status) or Sehaj Samadhi (continual state of Samadhi – awake or asleep); the Samadhi that arises 24 hours, uninterruptedly and continually from Naam. One achieves Panch Shabad Anhad Naad (incessant fall of Amrit at the Dasam Duaar, along with Anhad Naad, the divine music of five primal sounds); which is a divine music played continually at Dasam Duaar; and which is a supremely divine power. Dasam Duaar too gets illuminated with Naam when Anhad Shabad appears at Dasam Duaar. This divine music is the Gurprasad of a very high order and is bestowed upon us when our Dasam Duaar opens. This Akhand Kirtan of divine music remains lit up continuously, day and night and forever. Naam is a Gurprasad that is available only to those who have transcended beyond Maya (the worldly temptations; all physical perceptions are nothing but illusions created by Maya) or have vanquished Maya, and are assimilated in Parmatma. Such souls are called as a Puran Sant (perfect saint), a Satguru, and a Puran Braham Gyani who is also a Puran Khalas (pure soul that possesses Puran Braham Gyan).

Since Maya has three attributes (the three attributes are Sato – the goodness viz. charity, compassion, contentment; Rajo – the desires viz. hopes, expectations and yearnings; and Tamo – the vices viz. the lust, anger, greed, attachments and pride), a person who is under the influence of any of these three attributes is ruled over by Maya. As such, those who are fortunate and receive the blessing of Gurprasad and pass through the process of Puran Bandagi are the ones that transcend beyond Maya; the state of transcursion beyond Maya is called as “Chautha Pad” (the fourth state). Maya is of three forms, and “Chautha Pad”  beyond Maya is Jeevan Mukti (deliverance from the cycle of life & death, salvation). When we vanquish Maya, we attain “Chautha Pad” where we are blessed with Jeevan Mukti. This is the foundation state of Puran Padvi, and Naam carries us from Maya till “Chautha Pad”, which is Jeevan Mukti. This is why Naam is a boundless power. Those who achieve the blessing of Naam shouldn’t take it lightly; it is a divine gift. It is a Gurprasad of limitless value and it will lead us to Chautha Pad.

Those who have not been able to receive the blessing of Naam are advised to perform Simran of Sat Naam, centre their attention upon doing Sat Karams (the deeds of Sat, truthful deeds), and by doing so definitely one day they will be rewarded with the blessing of Gurprasad.

Those who receive the grace and Nadar (kind gaze) of Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar are the only ones who receive the Gurprasad of Naam, Naam Simran, Naam Di Kamai, Puran Bandagi and Seva. Only by receiving this supremely powerful Gurprasad from Sat Par Brahm Pita Parmeshwar one attains Param Awastha (Param Padvi – the highest spiritual state). Attainment of Param Padvi in itself is the attainment of Puran Braham Gyan, Puran Tat Gyan, and Atam Ras Amrit (the highest form or the essence of Amrit, eternal bliss).