Jinn Bhoots

Ghosts.  The soul which is not moving on the path to Divinity is described as a ghost in GurBani.  Such souls are drenched and buried in the scum of  mental sicknesses due to five vices  and are burning in the fire of desires for worldly things.  This has made these souls very selfish and separated them completely from the Almighty.  What can bring these souls back to achieve their real objective of salvation is the Gurparsaadi Naam – Sat Naam.  In a nutshell, those souls which are without Naam are defined as ghosts – Jinn Bhoots.   It is worth mentioning here that there are also a lot of souls wandering in the universe, which due to their misdeeds in the previous lives have been heavily punished by the Dharam Raj and are punished to remain for a long time to remain as actual ghosts – Jin Bhoots.  When their tenure of punishment finishes, which in some cases runs into thousands of years, then they are again given a chance to salvage themselves by coming back to human life.