Kalki Avtar

Ik Oankaar Satnaam Satgur Parsaad
Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Parmesar Jee
Dhan Dhan Gur Guru Satgur Gurbani Satsangat Satnaam
Dhan Dhan Sants Bhagats Braham Gyanis Satgurus Avtars of all ages
Dhan Dhan all those who are living in Dargah and are with us all all the times
Kottan Kot Dandaut to all the above and the entire creation
Kottan Kot Dandaut to the Satnaam Parivaar
Please enjoy the subject gurparsaadi writing written with the infinite gurkirpa and gurparsaad of Dhan Dhan Baba Jee and the entire Dargah Jee:


The deep divine meaning, the dargahi essence of the Kalki Avtar, the dargahi eternal truth that has emanated from the infinite divine power, (which has no depth, however, just to understand we do say deep divine meaning and as we take a deep dive in to it, it becomes deeper and more deeper, the more deep we go with the Gurparsaad and Gurkirpa, the more and more deeper it becomes with no end in site – infinite depth !), but the divine eternal dargahi truth is that which has no depth and dimensions, which is boundary less, which is formless by virtue of being so this infinite divine power is omnipresent, present in every creation, which creates and runs every creation, be it anything anywhere in the universe which is of infinite proportions, is ONLY AND ONLY SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT  . . . . . .  TO INFINITY.

For the sake of saying it is only a word or Shabad, but in the real divine sense it is not only a word or a Shabad, this Shabad in all its divine senses by all means is infinite divine power itself, or this Shabad is so powerful that its divine power is infinite, or the infinite divine power is contained within this Shabad, this Shabad SAT is THE WOMB OF THE ENTIRE CREATION – THE ENTIRE CREATION IS BORN FROM THIS SHABAD “SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT”.  EK NOOR – is the WOMB of the entire creation and this EK-NOOR is Shabad SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT (Ek Noor Tey Sabh Jag Upjeyaa). This Shabad SAT gives birth to infinite divine love, which is the basis on which the entire creation comes in to being, flourishes and blossoms. This Shabad SAT also gives birth to all of the infinite divine qualities such as DEVOTION, TRUST, KINDNESS, HUMBLENESS, HUMILITY, FORGIVENESS, FEARLESSNESS etc in the HIRDA and makes the HIRDA A BEYANT (Infinite) HIRDA and fills the HIRDA with all these infinite divine powers and makes the soul – IK DRISHT – WITHOUT ANY ANIMOSITY – NIRVAIR and fills it with Amrit, the divine ELEXIR, the divine NECTAR.  The Shabad SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT is the AMRIT – THE DIVINE NECTAR THE DIVINE ELEXIR. Therefore, according to the Puran Braham Gyan this Shabad SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT is the KALKI, and when a soul mind and body gets saturated with this Shabad SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT SATSAT and becomes SAT ROOP  Sat Paar Braham Roop and the PARAM JYOT PURAN PARKASH appears in this soul and this soul becomes A PARGATEYO JYOT PURAN BRAHAM GYANI, then this soul appears as an AVTAR. When such a soul appears on this earth in the form of a SAT ROOP PARGATYEO JYOT PURAN BRAHAM GYANI, it is called KALKI AVTAR – THE AVTAR THAT HAS APPEARED IN THE KAL YUG IS THE KALKI AVTAR, the Shabad Kal+Ki = Kal means Kalyug and Ki means In – it means in Kalyug. Kalki Avtar is the one Who unites the masses with SAT PAAR BRAHAM, and when His disciple is merged in Sat Paar Braham Parmesar, then the disciple becomes like Him, at this time under the Dargahi Hukam the disciple then becomes like Him and then serves and delivers PURAN SAT to the masses.

A Kalki Avtar is Apras Aparus, who makes His disciple same as Him and then He becomes the disciple of His disciple – Aapey Guru Chela as Dhan Dhan Satguru Nanak Patshah Jee did to Bhai Lehna Jee and made Him Satguru Angad Dev Jee and bowed at His Charans and left Him to spread this message of Kalki – SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT to the masses. Same divine process was served and delivered by all the other KALKI AVTARS – Sikh Satguru Sahibans. The Kalki Avtar is an apostle of utmost humility and humbleness, His humility and humbleness has no boundaries, no dimensions, no depth, these divine qualities make Him a Garibi Ves Hirda and by virtue of this infinite divine Gurparsaad He calls Himself as Sagal Kee Reena – the Charan Dhool of the entire creation. With Garibi Ves Hirda He calls Himself as Dassan Dass – the slave of entire creation. The Kalki Avtar is an Avtar of SAT PAAR BRAHAM PARMESAR JEE and is not a Avtar of anybody else, NOT OF BRAHAMA, VISHNU OR MAHESH.

Kalki is the source of all three divine powers that are contained in Brahama – the divine power of creation, Vishnu – the divine power of feeding the creation and Mahesh – the divine power of destruction. Only the one who contains all three divine powers can give salvation to the human beings and none of these three divine powers individually can give salvation to human beings. None of the Devi & Devtas have the divine power to bless the human beings with the Gurparsaad of Naam, Naam Simran, Naam Di Kamai, Puran Bandgi and Seva. Only Kalki Avtar has the divine power to bless the human beings with the Gurparsaad of Naam, Naam Simran, Naam Di Kamai, Puran Bandgi and seva.  

Kalki Avtar doesn’t belong to a particular sect of the society and has no affiliation to any cast, creed or man made religions prevalent in today’s world. Kalki Avtar belongs to the entire creation and appears to serve the entire creation. A Kalki Avtar serves the entire human race as the entire world is His family. Weather He appears as Jesus Christ Jee, Mohammed Sahib Jee or Guru Nanak Patshah Jee or Guru Gobind Singh Patshah Jee, is one and the same thing. There is no difference in JESUS CHRIST’S   WORD “TRUTH” , MOHAMMED SAHIB’S  “HAQUE” OR GURU NANAK PATSHAH JEE’S “SHABAD SAT”, they are all one and same and this Divine Shabad is the KALKI. There is no difference between Jesus Christ Sahib Jee, Mohammed Sahib Jee and Satguru Nanak Patshah Jee.

There is no place for any kind of symbolism, ritualism, idolism, self glory, worship of any other kind or anything else in the life and service done by a Kalki Avtar. A Kalki Avtar appears to crush all the prevailing wrong preaching and worshipping practices and break and destroy all the illusions and delusions created by those who promote symbolism, ritualism, idolism and self glory. A Kalki Avtar preaches, serves, and delivers ONLY AND ONLY PURAN SAT to the masses. His every action and deed is drenched in infinite divine love (ILAHI ISHQ), all of His Karam Indrees are forever under the direct control of the Param Jyot Puran Parlash and all of his actions are conducted in Puran Hukam of Akal Purakh and are for the betterment of the masses and the entire universe. Everything He says is nothing but Puran Braham Gyan. His entire life is nothing but Hukam.

The Kalki Avtar can either appear at the time of His birth on this earth, or otherwise can also appear at anytime on this earth. The one who appears at the time of birth is a Mukt Atma that has been living in Dargah for a long time, and have appeared on the earth many a times in the past, and is sent again by Alal Purakh Jee to eradicate kood from this earth. Such a soul is a divine boon with infinite divine powers for the entire humanity and the world.  The one that appears otherwise on this earth by way of His previous or and current Bandgi in the form of a SAT ROOP PURAN SANT SATGURU PURAN BRAHAM GYANI is also a Kalki Avtar, such a soul gets elevated to this level by virtue of His Service of the SAT, the one who delivers PURAN SAT to the masses.  This way the one who keeps on serving and delivering PURAN SAT to the masses and follows the HUKAM, no matter what, also appears as a KALKI AVTAR. The one who appears as a KALKI AVTAR from His birth, is deemed more powerful with all infinite divine powers at His disposal right from birth. The key to success of such a highly elevated spiritual soul is living in dargahi hukam, whatever it may be. There are some excellent examples that we can quote here from the history of Sikh Satguru Sahibans: Dhan Dhan Pancham Patshah jee’s martyrdom (Shaheedi); Dhan Dhan Satguru Gobind Singh Jee’s Sarbans Daan. He gave everything he had, his father, four sons and Himself for the sake of serving and delivering the PURAN SAT; so much so Dhan Dhan Satguru Tegh Bahadur Sahib Jee had to give His life for the sake of serving and delivering the PURAN SAT to the masses. Same way Jesus Christ had to accept GOD’S COMMAND to get crucified on a CROSS. Those souls who are blessed with the infinite divine powers ONLY can follow such HUKAMS, when they do so they are honored in the DARGAH to the highest level, their sacrifice brings peace and harmony on earth, their sacrifice brings spirituality and divinity on earth, their sacrifice brings a unmatched transformation amongst the masses, their sacrifice makes this earth a livable place for the masses. For those who are on this Bandgi Marg at the present time it is very important for them to understand that this Hukam can be to do anything, to make any kind of a sacrifice to become capable to serve and deliver the truth, the hukam may look to be absurd and if followed may bring a lot of slandering all over the world for you and may upset everything around you and isolate you completely from the society in which you are living, but for such souls who are dedicated 100% to the service of the PURAN SAT never look back and burn themselves and diminish themselves to ashes in the ILAHI ISHQ – infinite divine love of Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Pita Parmesar Jee.

Sometimes such a HUKAM is delivered to you to prove your love for Paar Braham Pita Parmesar Jee, but in all cases the HUKAM is delivered to serve the PURAN SAT and the ones who follow the HUKAM THEY SERVE AND DELIVER PURAN SAT TO THE MASSES without caring for anything else that may happen to them or around them. The ones who serve and deliver the PURAN SAT are deemed capable of bringing these kinds of KALKI AVTARS in to the world to help the entire humanity, to reform and transform the entire human race as well as the entire nature around them and the universe. The bottom line is that is why Gurbani says: Braham Gyani Aap Nirankaraa; Braham Gyani Aap Parmesar; Braham Gyani Mukt Jugt Jea Kaa Dataa, Braham Gyani Puran Purakh Vidhataa, which means such a soul is a living God on earth.

In the modern day preaching a lot of Sants (in India) have massive gatherings and address these gatherings with Shaster Gyan. People around the globe get moved by looking at the massive gatherings around them, there by more and more people joining the gathering with a hope that they will be blessed by these Sants. But these Sants either have not achieved the Puran Awastha, Param Padvi and Puran Braham Gyan and Puran Tatt Gyan, that is why their focus Is on Shasteri Gyan and not Puran Braham Gyan and this way they don’t serve and deliver the Puran Sat to the masses, instead their focus is on Shasteri Gyan, which is not bringing about a transformation in the masses the way it is supposed to happen In the Sangat of a Puran Braham Gyani. The challenge to these Sants all over the globe is not to focus on getting large gatherings and feel happy about it, but to earn the Puran Braham Gyan, Puran Tatt Gyan and then serve and deliver Puran Sat to the Masses, only then the transformation is possible. Otherwise with so many of them around and having  followings of millions of people with them, they should be able to transform the entire society but unfortunately there are no signs of any significant transformation happening in the society.

The reason is crystal clear – no Puran Braham Gyan or Puran Tatt Gyan achieved – no Puran Sat served and delivered – no transformation happening. Under such circumstances the appearance of a Kalki Avtar on this earth becomes very important. The one who can show the right path to the masses all over the globe, the one who can serve the Puran Sat to the masses, the one who can deliver the Puran Sat to the Masses, the one who can transform every Hirda and fill it with the infinite divine powers of Kalki, the one who can fill every Hirda with the infinite divine love, the one who can eradicate all hatred and discrimination from the society, the one who can remove all the animosity from the society, the one who can bring an end to the corruption and bribery in the society, the one who can bring to an end all the Asat Karams in the complete human race all over the world, the one who can transform every person on this earth to be a truthful person inside out, the one WHO CAN BRING BACK THE SATYUG ON THIS EARTH.
Dassan Dass