How To Leave The Sangat

28 Jan 2011   If you lose faith in the Guru then don’t slander him for anything.  If you don’t like him anymore then don’t say anything bad and walk away silently, but never slander him.   “Braham gyani ki … Read More

Kalki Avtar

Ik Oankaar Satnaam Satgur ParsaadDhan Dhan Paar Braham Parmesar JeeDhan Dhan Gur Guru Satgur Gurbani Satsangat SatnaamDhan Dhan Sants Bhagats Braham Gyanis Satgurus Avtars of all agesDhan Dhan all those who are living in Dargah and are with us all … Read More

Questions On Doing Simran

QUESTION 1) My dearest and most precious Satguru Dassan daas jio, we wanted to ask something regarding thoughts that we encounter during bandgi. we are too lazy and mostly can’t do bandgi in amrit vela as advised, whenever we wake … Read More

Spread The Divine Message

Dearest Beti Namjeevan jee our blessings are always with you, our blessings have always been there for you, you know that you live in our hirda, you live in babaji’s hirda, you live in the dargah, you are sat roop … Read More

True Relationship Is With Naam

Guru pyare jee: everything except naam is maya, everything except naam is kood (false), everything except naam is fake, so how can you expect your untrue relationships with anybody can bring peace to you?   Confession is good but not … Read More

How Do I Control Lust?

QUESTION: My name is S Singh, about 18 years old living in U.S. I have two questions: Question1. How do i put control on Kaam. Could control other desires, but Kaam is too strong for me? Question 2. Well I try … Read More