Worldly possessions, properties, money, family, infact whatever is visible to the naked eye, whatever is perceived through the senses, is Maya.  The Eternal Truth is beyond the reach of the naked eye, beyond the senses, it is beyond Maya.  Maya is the creation of Dhan-Dhan Akal Purakh Ji.  Maya will not accompany us when our soul leaves the body.  Inspite of knowing this, we are still  attached madly to all of these worldly possessions.  We are very deeply attached to this world of Maya, even though we know that all of these things have no real Eternal value.  We have to win over Maya to go beyond Maya and merge in the Almighty.   In GurBani, Maya has been called the darkness, it has also been called the scum, the mud we are living in.  It has also been called the Nagni, the cobra that is sitting on our head at all of the times ready to bite.   It has three aspects Rajo (Desires), Tamo (Panj Doots + negative qualities) and Sato (Good Deeds).  Maya is basically, “bikhi-aa janjaal” – the most poisonous web and only with GurParsaad are we able to break free.  It is a poison because it is responsible for killing us again and again until we get out of this web of Maya.  Panj Doots and desires are the poisonous elements of Maya.  The divine truth is that God is the Creator of everything including Maya.  By being the Creator of Maya, Maya is His slave and serves Him.  The ones who merge in Him are also served by Maya because they go beyond Maya as well.  In order to meet and become one with the One who is infinite and beyond Maya, we all have to go beyond Maya too.  This is where the GurParsaad of Puran Bandgi process comes into play, as this is the only way to go beyond Maya.  This means that there is Maya between us and Akal Purakh Ji which is preventing us going and meeting Him.  Obviously, we will have to win over Maya to go beyond Maya and meet Him. 

To win over Maya obviously we have to fight with Maya.  Fighting with Maya is the GurParsaad of Puran Bandgi.  This GurParsaad is contained in the souls who have already gone beyond Maya.  The ones who have already been through this fight with Maya and have won over Maya are called by any of the following synonyms:- Puran Sant, Puran Brahamgiani, SatGur, Puran Khalsa, Bhagat and so on. 

All of these souls are also served by Maya, as Maya becomes their slave as well.  This fight begins with the achievement of the GurParsaad because this is a mandatory divine law that this war with Maya can’t be won without the GurParsaad.  Like in order to win any war it is very important and mandatory to know everything in detail about our enemy.  In the same way to win this war against Maya it is very important to know and understand what this Maya is and how it operates.  This divine understanding of Maya is also GurParsaad and comes with the Sat Sangat of these victorious souls.  The ones who are fortunate and have accumulated enough Sat Karams from their previous lives are blessed with this GurParsaad of the Sat Sangat of these victorious souls.   These fortunate ones are blessed with this divine wisdom to goto the Charan Sharan of these victorious souls.