"Munn" means your own mind. The mind is an invisible part of your body, which is controlled by your own Mat meaning wisdom.  Self-made wisdom is called the Munn Mat . It is based on your own education and also … Read More

Mool Manter

1) The very first Shalok of GurBani is called the Mool Manter.  The one who understands the Mool Manter will understand the entire GurBani.  Mool Manter gives an excellent and complete definition of Dhan-Dhan Paar Braham Pita Parmeshwar Ji.  Therefore, … Read More


Origin.  God first created Himself and then created His Naam, which became the Mool (Origin).  Naam forms the basis of the Creation.  Everything has originated from Naam.   


The person who is sitting in complete silence of mind, there are no thoughts in the mind, thoughtless status of mind, this is also called Sunn Samadhi, and is a very high stage in the spirituality.