Mind and Maya

Human Mind / Maya (5 Thieves, Desires, Illusions)

Questions regarding Sex
QUESTION: Is it bad to have sex with a girl before marriage or How bad it is to have sex with Prostitute. What i think is , its bad to break the heart of any one. But with Prostitute i think everyone is happy or if i am wrong , how much is the punishment for doing sex with girl.

ANSWER: Living under the doot of Kaam, Kaam becomes your guru, living under the doot of anger makes anger your guru because that is what you are following and so is true with desires and other doots – five vices, so the choice is yours – What do you want to choose as your guru? Panj doots and desires or Gurmat? Also please keep in mind naam, naam simran, naam ki kamai, puran bandgi and seva is the gurprasad. Also keep in mind living under the panj doots and performance of daily deeds under the panj doots are all asat karams and your future destiny will depend upon what you do today, so be careful indulging in asat karams under the guruship of panj doots and desires is not going to make things better, it will make the future worster. There is no end to the desires – panj doots and desires are the web of maya and you are getting more and more entangled in to this web of maya under the guruship of panj doots and maya and there is no way out if you stay like this. So focusing on sat karams is the only and only way to help you out of this kind of situtation. The punishment for these kinds of deeds – will never be able to get out of the web of maya and will continue to cycle through the death and birth for an undefined period of time and who knows what you will be in the next janam – a prostitute or an insect or what not. So please dont waste your energy and divine power given to you by God and focus on sat karams. Focusing on satnaam simran will help you

How to overcome Ego
QUESTION: I don’t know who can help me so I will post to whoever. I have done many ardaas’, I have recieved Naam in my dreams, done simran non-stop, done simran in my dreams, but still Im in this horrible net of Maya and the 5 thieves. I have all the knowledge I could ever need, I have tried getting rid of "I", I have prayed that He gets rid of it for me, im still falling everyday. I want the Gurparsaad, Bless me if it is in my destiny, if it is not to be in this life time, then… Tera Kiya Meeta Lagey.

ANSWER: Guru Pyare Jee you are not lost anymore, you have already been blessed with the divine wisdom to be free of the shackles of Maya, you have already been trying to focus on Naam Simran and watching the Maya’s play around and with you, so that is a realization that doesn’t come to every person, only the blessed ones get to this stage of divine wisdom when one realizes that this human life is not for wasting drinking the poison of Maya – Panj Doots and Trishna. But please be persistant and focus on Satnaam Simran. Complete surrender to your Guru is the way to spiritual success. So please focus on Satnaam Simran and prepare yourself for the Gurparsaad. Do Jodyan Di Seva for 21 days and also Langar Ki Seva – cleaning utensils and whatever else you can think you can do. Start focusing on Satnaam Simran in the early hours of the morning, starting right after midnight to really reap the divine rewards. Please keep in mind Bandgi is a fight against Maya – Panj Doots and desires and you are bound to encounter Maya on every step you take towards the Guru and until you completely surrender yoursele with trust, devotion and love at the Sat Charans of your Guru with tunn munn and dhan. So please focus on Satnaam Simran and God will bless you with the Gurparsaad of Naam, Naam Simran, Naam KI Kamai, Puran Bandgi and Seva.

No Importance of 5 K’s in spirituality
QUESTION: How important are 5 K’s in relation to spirituality, do you think individuals have to have these kakkars to progress into spirituality? Why did Guru Gobind Singh ji created this 5 K’s and how important is it that we follow this concept?

ANSWER: 5 K’s were blessed by Guru Gobind Singh Ji to bring the sikh masses in discipline and prepare them for fighting to protect the innocent and he did so by virtue of his direct fights with various criminal rules of the time along with the sikhs. If you are following the hukam of the Guru and applying it in your daily life, if you have given your body, mind and wealth in service of the truth, then you should be dhan dhan – you should be a khalsa – with a puran jyot parkash in your hirda, with all your bajjat kappars open, with rom rom simran, and if that is the true then where are these questions and confusions coming from? All we are trying to tell you is that the internal compliance is the real divine compliance, the compliance of winning over panj doots and desires is the real compliance, the real divine pilgrimage is the internal pilgrimage, God lives inside you, you have to find it inside you, winning over the maya is the real internal compliance, compliance of atam rus is the real divine compliance, the obvious mistake people make is putting all the efforts to earn the outside compliance and do nothing to achieve the internal compliance, so your commitment is in earning the internal compliance, your love towards the guru is to follow his words with body, mind and wealth by practicing his words in the daily life, The guru wants you to transform yourself from inside, The guru wants you to earn the internal compliance, The guru wants you to bring all the divine qualities in your hirda and make it a infinite hirda, make it a khalsa hirda, make it a sant hirda so that he can appear in your hirda in all the sense. Maya  vich udaasi doesn’t mean attachment to maya – it means a detachment from maya and go beyond maya. When you become a khalsa hirda, a sant hirda and you earn the braham gyan amrit, atam rus amrit then what is the value of anything else around you and that is what is required to be done, that is what you are born for – reach param padvi. So in divine sense, someone could be a shaved bald head  and doesnt keep 5ks but if he has earned the true rehat of internal compliance, if he has followed the word of the guru and surrender with body, mind and wealth to the truth then is considered a khalsa on the other hand if someone has kept the 5 K’s but has the earned the internal divine compliance, has not earned gurbani then is considered a true pakhandi.

Maya and Health
QUESTION: I am living in canada ,i have got some health problems, i am trying naam simran i feel i am little bit sucessful . i am feeling difficulty in recitation becoz i got tired but some time i feel better. i think i am under the influence of maya which create obstruction for me. plz tell me how to break this barrier of maya. although i am medical student here. but gurbani is 100 % true. i feel that maya influence our body in a pleasant way but gives pain and sorrow. maya spoils our mind fisrt then our body. so i am trying to make myself pure to get rid of maya by naam simran and listening gurbani. plz help me how to focus my mind. becoz running thoughts makes me crazy.

ANSWER: You are absolutely right, this is the Maya – Panj Doots and desires that is the only obstackle in this divine path, winning Maya is the name of the Puran Bandgi, winning over Panj Doots – Kaam Krodh Lobh Moh Ahankaar and Trishna is Puran Bandgi, winning over your own mind is Puran Bandgi, complete silence of mind – thoughtlessness is the Bandgi, bringing your mind in to complete rest is the Bandgi, and it is all Gurparsaad. The Gurparsaad is achieved by complete surrender at the Sat Charans of the Guru, surrender with tunn munn and dhan at the Sat Charans of the Guru is the complete surrender, the Gurparsaad will pave your way to Puran Bandgi. So please focus yourself on Satnaam Simran and this Simran along with complete surrender at the Sat Charans of your Guru will pave your way to Gurparsaad for you.

QUESTION: I do not understand this. Baba Ji and Dassan Das Ji has love for entire creation, yet you get some people who have no idea on the truth whatsoever slandering them?

ANSWER: Slandering is a part of the Bandgi process, it is really a divine gift, it is free bandgi – free naam dhan without doing anything, when anybody slanders a saint then it is very simple, he loses all his devotional worship and that goes and gets deposited into the account of the person that is being slandered. Eternal truth is very bitter to bear because it uncovers the untruth prevailing in the society which hurts who are in control of religion, the people who claim to be preacher but have no idea on what they are preaching as they have not tasted the truth so they dont know what the truth is.

QUESTION: Dearest Dassan Das Ji, we tend to get angry often and during these outbursts of anger, we do stupid things that otherwise we should not have done, please tell us how to gain some control over anger?

ANSWER: These are the tests of Maya, Anger comes when ego gets hurt, so ego has to leave your soul and body, it lives in your head, so watch out for it on a constant basis, but again it is God’s grace that will take your ego out and this gurprasaad will come when a complete surrender is accepted by God. Until that happens, maya will keep on attacking, that is why we all now need to start moving towards more and more naam simran seva, so please focus on satnaam simran and seva (service of others).

Giving Daswandh (10% of time and earnings to the Guru)
QUESTION: Do we have to give daswandh? Is it mandatory? I find it hard to do so, please give some advice.

ANSWER: Giving Daswandh is a Gur Parsaad and there are few fortunates one who are blessed with this Gur Parsaad. By now you understand fully how difficult is it to give 10% of their earnings for someone who is living in the world of Maya – the basic mechanism on which most of the world is running upon in desires. Kaamna – Kaam means lust but if you take a deeper dive into its divine means – it means a never ending streams of desires and your mind is nothing but a never ending stream of desires which wants to acquire but not to give. When a desire is fulfilled, you recieve a momentary peace and happiness but when the desire process starts again, you are left in same miserable state, unhappy and not content. So until you go and merge into the Nirgun Saroop – Gur Sagar – Mansarovar your stream of desires do not end and contentment does not come.

Killing means killing in consciousness, killing for pleasure or killing for revenge is regardered as untruthful deed. However, you do kill millions of bacteria everyday as a part of your normal living process which is not untruthful. At the same time half of the creation is dependent upon the remaining half for food, so it is very difficult to make this subjective free of controversial thoughts. For that matter there is life in plants and trees as well, and the plants form a good part of our daily food as well, that is why Guru Nanak Dev Ji said “Fools argue about flesh and meat, but they know nothing about spiritual wisdom and meditation”

What are Panj Indrees (Five Human Senses)?
QUESTION: Thank you for giving us your true wisdom. Could you kindly explain what the “Panj Indrees” are?

ANSWER: Panj Karam Indrees are parts of your physical body with you that are used to perform your deeds and these are: Two arms/hands, Two legs/feet, Toungue/Mouth, Anus and sex organ. The creation of a human being is the most beautiful creation of the almighty. Look at these five super divine powers given to you to make use of your physical body and be part of the creation and participate in the process of creation. At the same time there are Panj Gyan Indrees (Five senses) which a human body is blessed with to interact with the rest of the creation and enjoy the creation. These are Eyes – seeing, Ears – hearing, Nose – Smelling, Skin – feeling and tongue – tasting. Infact these divine powers that are given to us by Akal Purakh Ji is to live this life and enjoy the nature in its correct perspective and in accordance with the Divine Wisdom – Gurmat. However, at the same time there are five thieves/demons as well, lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego and the sixth one is desires which make your usage of these panj karam and gyan indrees very complex, infact these demons and desires prompt you to misuse these super divine gifts and that is where you get trapped in by misusing them and this is where Gur Parsaad helps.

Supernatural Powers (Riddhis and Siddhis)
QUESTION: I don’t know how I got it but I know I have the ability to see into the past, present and future of any person. Also, a lot of things that I say tend to come true in the future, I didnt believe it at first, but most of the say I say tends to come true, How have i got these powers and what shall i do?

ANSWER: These are super natural divine powers that are used by God in running his creation. If you start mis-using these powers for example, when you start telling people about their past and future then they will start coming to you and you will become a astrologer and not a Jivan Mukt. This is all due to your bandgi in your previous lives that you are experiencing these super natural powers, but using them for fun, business or to gain attention will close doors for spiritual advancement and Jivan Mukti which is the purpose of this human life of yours. For making spiritual progress and for reaching the higher consciousness stages, Gur Parsaad of Naam Simran, Naam Ki Kamai and puran bandgi are the Gur Parsaad. Jivan Mukti (freedom from reincarnations) is the objective of this human life.

Self-Wisdom (Munmatt)
QUESTION: What is Munmatt or Self-wisdom?

ANSWER: Munmatt means your own wisdom, the wisdom that is other than the divine wisdom (Gurmat). It doesnt mean wisdom of Mun. To be more in depth – the wisdom is stored in the brain. Mind is the thoughts based on the stored wisdom in the brain. The thoughts is processing the information stored in the brain. Munn doesn’t store wisdom, it is just a thought mechanism. Maya becomes the servant when the soul that runs the body goes beyond Maya, so body becomes a servant of the soul and soul is not the mind or the body, soul is the Jyot

QUESTION: What is duality? This word is often used in Gurbani, could you kindly explain the meaning of this world.

ANSWER: Duality simply means seperation from God. Majority of the world is living in seperation from God due to haumai so they are living in maya. Where there is no duality, there is God, only one khand is sach khand, everything else is in Duality, Only a Puran Brahm Gyani is single vision and beyond duality but everything else is in duality, coming out of Duality is the name of Bandgi and winning over Maya is Bangi. Duality is nothing but Maya. When Maya is defeated, you become one with God and come out of Duality.

Winning over the mind is Bandgi
QUESTION: How do we win over the mind?

ANSWER: A complete control of mind is not in your hands, this is all Gurparsaad, this happens by Gurparsaad when the infinite divine power takes ovr you complete, which is called complete self-realization. Winning over the mind is what bandgi is all about. Winning over the mind, and replacing it with Param Jyot Puran Parkash is the whole game. Mind is responsible for distracting you from achieving this divine stagfe where there remains no mind and there remains only infinite divine power. A complete surrender at the Sat Charans of the Guru is the key to this GurParsaad. Giving your body, mind and wealth to the Guru with trust, devotion and love is the key to Dargah. So please focused on Satnaam Simran and slowly your mind will stop to wonder in negative thoughts, then it will change to all positive thoughts and then eventually it will be be replaced by Satnaam Simran on a continous basis.

Suicidal Thoughts
QUESTION: I am suffering so much, that at times i question what is the point of my existence? i have had suicidal tendencies and have thought many a times to end my life.

ANSWER: Suicide is not a solution to any problems, suicide in this life will end the pains and sufferings, there will be more lives like this filled with even more pains and sorrows, based on your deeds in the past lives and this life as well. So, sucidal thoughts are more hurting and not soothing at all, this is the worst thing a man can attempt or do. This is not a solution by any means. Your life is very precious, there is a divine objective of your life, you have been born to grow yourself above all these pains and sorrows, you have to get yourself to a much higher real of the divine truth, you are a wonderful soul but trapped in the web of Maya. All these negativities that you are facing is as a result of your own deeds as said earlier, but it is a divine blessing as it is turning you around to realise your real divine objective of your this human life. God is not any far from you, your breath is being run by his infinite divine power, the blood in your veins is being run by this infinite divine power, your heart is pumping due to this infinite divine power, therefore, God is right there inside you and not anywhere outside, all you need to do is focus on your ownself and things will start to turn around for you by themselves. We will advise you to focus yourself on Satnaam Simran, dedicate yourself to the Guru with body, mind and wealth, complete surrender at the charans of the Guru with trust, devotion and love will bring you the Gurparsaad. When you do so and focus on Satnaam Simran, then things will start to fall in place for you, your mind will go into peace and you will be charged by this infinite divine power to face all these challenges of the life without any problem. You will be blessed with the divine strength to cope up with all the adversities in your life.

Will Power
QUESTION: I feel I don’t have a strong willpower to stand against Maya. There is not one day where I get confused or upset. I dont seem to understand Gurbani properly or ability to make regular decisions in life. How can i get rid of this confusion and ego?

ANSWER: Just give all to Gur and Guru and do seva day and night. Its easy to say “Everything belongs to God” but if we still haven’t dedicated ourselves with body, mind and wealth then we haven’t applied the Guru’s wisdom. When we give all, we will get all. So, we better give your mind to Akal Purakh Ji and he will give you will power and take you away from Maya. We can do bhagti but we cannot make deal with God so do seva and ask nothing. Gur and Guru will do Kirpa on you and give you more will power and keep you away from Maya. If you surrender yourself then you won’t get any attachment with anything then you won’t get upset.

Bandgi is Gurparsaad (Divine Grace)
QUESTION: How do I enter Smadhee and Sunn Smadhee? How do i won over my mind and realise God? What meditation techniques do I use?

ANSWER: God is beyond techniques, this path is known as Gurprasaadi Khel so it is all Gur Parsaad.Smadhee, Sunn Smadhee, Ajapa Jaap Naam Simran is a Gurparsaad and not any technique. It doesn’t come by reading books or practising any of these techniques, it is only and only Gur Parsaad. Naam is Gurparsaad, Naam Simran is Gurprasaad, Naam Ki Kamai and Puran Bandgi is Gur Parsaad, winning over the Maya is Gurparsaad. Those who dedicate themselves with body, mind and wealth to the Guru and achieve the Gurparsaad are blessed with the Gurparsaad of Smadhee, Sunn Smadhee and Ajapa Jaap.

Benefits of Self-Criticizm
QUESTION: In Gurbani, many times bhagats and even Gurus are self-criticizing which puts me in confusion. Please tell me, why such souls are slandering their ownself?

ANSWER: Self criticizm is the best thing that one can do to reach higher realms of the eternal truth, where self praise does the opposite. Self Ki Nindya is the only Nindya we should be doing, pointing finger to our ownself is the key to success on the spiritual path, it brings Garibi in Hirda and whichever Hirda has Garibi, the almighty lives in there. Garibi ves Hirda is utmost humbleness which makes us see everyone else above us. When we become lowest of the low, slave of the slaves, the foot dust of the entire creation, this is where there is death of Ego and death of Ego means Jivan Mukti, death of ego means winning over Maya. The death of ego means the entire creation is revealed as the Sargun saroop of God, death of ego means the achievement of Dib Drish, the divine eye opens and everything becomes Sargun Saroop around you.