Q&A: 23 April 2010

QUESTION 1: I received amrit dee daat from the panj piaray 2 weeks ago.  The panj piaray requested that I do swas swas simran by saying Wahe on the in breath and saying guroooo when exhaling, by vibrating the tongue … Read More

Spiritual Guidance

Spiritual Guidance Law of KarmaQUESTION: We live our life by our sanskars and karmas and in the process create new karmas, how to come out of this vicious circle while living a very active life. My second question is whether … Read More

Meditation – Naam Simran

Meditation – Naam Simran Questions Purpose of Simran (Meditation)QUESTION: What is the purpose of simran (meditation) and what is the best way to do it? ANSWER: Purpose of Naam Simran (Meditation) is to bring God inside your mind, eventually the … Read More

Gurbani Questions

Gurbani Questions True meaning of the term “Rom Rom” used in GurbaniQUESTION:  Dassan Das ji, I have read that you reached a stage where your "rom-rom" was reciting God’s Name and that made me think that perhaps thats why its … Read More

Mind and Maya

Human Mind / Maya (5 Thieves, Desires, Illusions) Questions regarding SexQUESTION: Is it bad to have sex with a girl before marriage or How bad it is to have sex with Prostitute. What i think is , its bad to … Read More