Misusing Miraculous Powers

Today we will share a real life story that we have seen ourselves and happened with one of our Cousin’s son. His son was a devotee of Balak Nath. He was blessed with the power of reading the minds of the people and also know the future events that were going to happen in their lives. Due to these miraculous powers some people become his followers. For that he turned his house into Balak Nath temple. Once we went to his house and saw all this ourselves and were surprised. We were surprised more when in the evening he wanted us to have a drink with him. We however refused to do so and were surprised as to what kind of BHAGAT is he who drinks so much everyday.

Due to his misdoings and the misdoings of Balak Nath he became very sick physically and died at the age of 40 years couple years back.

After his death he was not freed and his soul got trapped and he went to live in his sister’s place. So much so he uses her body to communicate with family members even now. When he does go in her body he becomes very violent and starts to hit people around him with whatever comes in his hands.

He also talks wired things by entering her body and creates a problem for everyone in the house.

We told the family that he has not been freed after his death and that his spirit now lives in his sisters place.

After all this happened his sister came to meet us. When she came to our house she went straight to our bedroom and did MATHA TEKNA OVER there. We were sitting downstairs and didn’t know about all this. After that she came straight to us and asked us to bless her. We blessed her and told her to do SATNAAM simran. We also gave her the Japji and Sukhmani pothis. After this we haven’t heard anything bad happening with her.

But we have not freed his soul. And we don’t have the HUKAM to do so. He along with his Master Balak Nath are both in punishment for their misdoings