Family and/or selfish attachment.  Atttachment causes fear in us of losing our worldly comforts, possessions, relationships and anything that physically belongs to us in the world.  But, we have to realize that our attachment is to things that are going to perish one day, the things which we can lose any time in our lifetime.  Please always and forever keep in mind that whatever has been created in time and space will come to an end one day.  Such things which are constantly changing and slowly moving towards meeting their end can and do slip away from us at any point in time and space.  Attachment is the false feeling that things belong to us along with the fear of losing them.  This attachment is called Moh in GurBani.  Moh is part of the Tamo attribute of Maya and is one of the Panj Doots.  Realize that everything we are attached to is actually just attached to our physical body.  When there is no body left then how is this attachment going to last?  The element that prevails is the soul.  The soul is a part of the Infinite, Formless Dhan-Dhan Paar Braham Pita Parmeshwar Ji.   So attachment to the infinite divine power prevails and attachment to the worldly possessions, comforts, relations is false and doesn’t prevail.  Realization of this divine truth is the key to spiritual success.  Therefore, living for worldly possessions, comforts and relationships is false and untruthful act, but living for the infinite divine power – soul is the Truthful act.  This bears unimaginable eternal happiness and super divine powers in the life time when we realize this Eternal Truth.  Therefore, the real divine purpose of this human life is to live for the infinite super divine power and not attachment to the falseness of the worldly comforts, possessions and relationships.