Naam Simran Technique

Some people preach various techniques of Naam Simran, which is absolutely wrong.  There is no technique for Naam Simran, this is Gur Parsaad and when we are blessed with the Gur Parsaad then we sit down in silence and focus on Sat Naam in our mind and we will find that our mind is reciting Sat Naam.  That our Surat is reciting Sat Naam in silence. 

Naam Simran is trust, devotion and love and there is no technique for trust, devotion and love for the Guru, it is all Gur Parsaad.  We just sit down when we feel the urge to do so and we find Naam Simran going inside us.  Just stay focused on this internal Naam Simran and start to go into Smaadhi and then Sunn Samaadhi.  The key is the Gur Parsaad, the Mehramat, the Karam – the Kirpa, the Gur Kirpa which will put us internally into Sat Naam Simran.  This way our inside will continue to be cleansed as our Simran goes higher and higher.